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Sunday, August 27, 2000

After killing 2000 elephants and murdering 119 people, this dreaded brigand is now
Holding the State to Ransom
By M.G.Devasahayam

VeerappanAT a time when l’affaire Rajkumar vs Veerappan is getting more and more complicated with cacophonies and cassettes floating all over the place, in comes a thunderbolt from Jayalalitha, the beleaguered former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, calling for the "deployment of commando forces to shoot down the abductor, Veerappan, and free the actor". Jayalalitha is fond of issuing statements and what she says normally is usually taken with several pinches of salt. 

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Barsaat mein hum se mile tum...,
by A.C. Tuli

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Mohinder Singh

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Atul Yadav

Sanskrit: Gods’ own language,
Sansar Chandra

DREAM THEME: Water as a symbol,
Vinaya Katoch Manhas

  Week Specials

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B.N. Goswamy

GARDEN LIFE:  Drape your garden in a riot of colour,
Satish Narula

KEEPING FIT:  Beware of the silent killer,
B.K. Sharma

TELEVISION: Papa don’t compete!
Mukesh Khosla

BOLLYWOOD BHELPURI: Will Abhishek’s jadoo work?
Madhur Mittal

SCENE STEALERS: Different strokes,
Belu Maheshwari

TRAVEL: Marathas’ magnificent citadel,
M.P. Nathanael

LIFE TIES: In trying to change, we destroy,
Taru Bahl

FEEDBACK: An occasion for introspection

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P.D. Shastri

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Off the shelf by
V. N. Datta

Nibbling at Europe as culture centre
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Rumina Sethi

Hungary: from socialism to rampant capitalism
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Cookie Maini

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