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Monday, August 28, 2000

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You can really change the way you do business and interact. The Internet is full of opportunities and there are tonnes of material, which could be very precious for you, says Vipul Verma.

It's the law of nature that best things in life come free. Be it air, water, sun, or anything under the sun that is crucial to life, all is offered free by nature. This principal finds its universal application for everybody in the real world. In the virtual world, too, this law is applicable, but in a different way.


Web site’s ‘threat’ to Chinese authorities
he Chinese government should not have felt threatened by the New Culture Forum web site — shut down earlier this month by State Security for its "reactionary content."

Skip queue to get recruited online
Sumesh Raizada.
here was a time when people did not have to run around searching either for jobs, or for skilled personnel for their enterprise. The manpower requirement was not much and was usually available near the place of work. The Industrial Revolution in late 18th century opened up new opportunities for people as several factories and organisations were established.

Plagiarism on Web hits needle workers
t could be dubbed the Napster of Needlepoint. The apparently genteel world of cross-stitching has become the latest victim of the dot.com revolution as bands of Internet-literate seamstress are uploading their favourite cross-stitch and knitting patterns for others to copy, use and forward.

On hardware
The chip responsible for revolution in computers
by Vipul Verma

Kids Chat
Jackhammer to break the online queue

Cyber kids 
Become a James Bond

Learning Computers
Trouble-shooting in Outlook Express

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