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Monday, September 11, 2000

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The Internet is one of the biggest
money-spinners for
many computer users, says Vipul Verma


‘Houses will change colour with sunshine in the 21st century’
The pace of technological development continues to accelerate. With the blistering pace of change caused by e-business, the following inevitable questions arise:

Programmers decide what computer should do
ost of those who are new to the world of computers might wonder how an electronic device, which can understand only two digital codes of 0 and 1, perform complex tasks like controlling space missions, designing machines, surgeries and data transfer. They might also be inquisitive about those who actually make this happen.

Indian stars in IT galaxy
ajority of us are busy on a wrong track, in a rat race. Evading law is our status symbol. We can do anything wrong and everything illegal is legal for us if we have a political Godfather or money to bribe.

Restoring the registry
egistry in Windows is referred to the place in the hard disk where all critical information about the computers, such as hardware components attached to the computer, system options selected by the computer, how memory of the computer is set up, and what application programs are to be present when the operating system is started, is stored. 

When with geeks do as geeks do
THE weeds have to be righteous (remember the Webbie culture grew up in a basement along side super skunk culture). Anything Maharishi (preferably those early hemp clothing samples) or Mandarina Duck (designer Anorak 'n' Velcro chic); otherwise you are safe with Carhart combat pants (say you got them in Walmart, San Fran), garish Hawaiian shirt or customised T-shirts (suggestion: a screen-grab from Saphire and Steel, Planet of the Apes or a photo of your PC with some ironical witticism such as "every day computers are making people easier to use" or "our Website is now WAP enabled!").

On hardware
Everything you wanted to know about a modem

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Help Laloo milk cows at www.indiagames.com

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Eudora Pro has integrated voice e-mail feature