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Monday, September 18, 2000

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Networking to make the Net workNetworking to make the Net work
For individuals, networking means sharing of information with another computer, sharing of the Internet with another PC and remote-controlling another PC, says Roli


IOC creates hurdles for Olympic Web sites
HE first record to be broken at this years Olympics is unlikely to be on the track or field. A vast audience logged on to Olympics.com on Friday. The official Olympics site is likely to go down as the recipient of the largest number of hits ever sustained by a single Web site in one day, despite FBI-sanctioned warnings of hacker attacks.

These fellows can make dinosaur move
by Sumesh Raizada
HOSE who have seen movies like Jurassic Park, may have wondered how a dinosaur that got extinct millions of years ago, can appear virtually in motion or how could a mouse talk in Stuart Little. All this could be made possible through computer animation.

Men at work in Silicon Valley
TS a typical slice of daily life at the palm-fringed hub of the new economy: a workplace, undoubtedly, but one where an unusual definition of "work" holds sway. Engineers are chasing each other down the hallways, firing soft-tipped darts though Nerf-guns. Their programmer colleagues are busy playing table football, or hunched over video games. And when real work begins, it is as likely to take the form of a "bug bash" where programmers stay in the office long in the night until they have fixed a certain number of glitches in the system as it is a conventional meeting.

Mind your own business at marketplace
T the end of 1998, two FT.com executives were having a drink at the bar of the Pudong Shangri-La hotel in Shanghai, lamenting the difficulties of doing business far from home. Almost two years later, Donal Smith and Jonathan Schmidt are about to launch eCountries, an Internet business designed to address those complaints.

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Branded computers more cost effective than assembled ones
by Vipul Verma

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