Saturday, September 23, 2000
M A I L  B O X

Development without damnation

THIS refers to the article: "Development without damnation" by Jeet Malhotra (September 9). The industry needs to be dispersed over a large area to prevent pollution. It, however, requires advance planning. Other states must learn a lesson from the crisis which the Delhi Government is currently facing in this area. There is not much progress in the Delhi Government’s plan to shift out 5,280-odd dairies which have mushroomed in almost every corner of the city, giving rise to traffic hazards and filthy surroundings.A major demolition drive of unauthorised buildings by the DDA in various parts of the Capital is being carried out. It is difficult to imagine how the authorities allowed the affairs to come to such a sorry state in the first place.

In order to provide a healthy environment for our future generations, we should develop more towns like Chandigarh. The situation in Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Amritsar is no different than in Delhi as far as pollution and traffic congestion are concerned. The story in the rest of the country is much the same. Fertile land is gradually being taken over by industrial settlements. The suggestion of the author that we should identify various areas of infertile land which are still underdeveloped and develop them into industrial/non-industrial centres, merits serious consideration.

New Delhi


Corrupt politicians

This refers to "The above all" by Khushwant (September 2). It is unfortunate for India that criminals like Phoolan Devi have such become Members of Parliament. Phoolan Devi has not been elected on account of her capability or intelligence but because of the foolishness of the people who voted her to power. The people of the region who voted for Phoolan Devi are illiterate or unaware of the drawbacks of electing a person like Phoolan Devi or any other person having a criminal record.

There is a need for better parliamentarians to be elected to the Parliament.And it is only possible if some strict measures are taken. For example, the Supreme Court of India should decide that a person who has a criminal record cannot contest elections for any public office. This deterrent is a must to save our democracy. Our present CVC, N. Vittal, has taken right steps in this direction but it is difficult for him to be successful unless people support him. The time has come when all right-thinking persons should demonstrate the will to oppose any move which can destabilise our country’s democratic system.