Saturday, September 23, 2000

Thereís more to life

BESIDES groaning
Besides mourning
Besides dwelling in sorrow
Besides feeling low
Besides crying
Besides giving up trying
Besides apathy
Besides agony
Besides fears
Besides tears
Thereís more to life...
Life will never be always sweet
But can one enjoy success without knowing defeat
Life will never be always in full bloom
It is up to you to choose exuberance or gloom
If in life you miss a chance
That does not mean youíll never advance
A failure is in a deed it is not in you
For if you really want thereís nothing that you cannot do


Life is movement it isnít stagnation
For its zeal lies in journey not in destination
Keep yourself alive and your spirits high
Donít give up before you try
So what if everything has been going dead wrong
The span of miseries has been awfully long
For lifeís melody often lies in your unheard songs
Remember it is the tough times that make you strong
So what if in some ways you are imperfect
For life is learning it is not a test
But you must endeavour to be your best
For life is momentum not rest
If today you are feeling low
The reality is harsh to know
Donít let the situation remain the same
It is time for the priorities to be changed
Everything is tough until you try
For you need to learn to walk before you dream to fly
Emotions are meaningless till they are expressed
Life is terrible only when you feel distressed
If your life has lost its glory
Make efforts to start a brand new story
Donít just sit and curse fate
For a new beginning itís never too late
Gather the strength
Determine to persist
For thereís more to life
Than to just exist....

ó Nidhi Arora, B.A. I, SRCC, Delhi.


I love cartoons
But when I watch them my mother showers me with harpoons.
Oh! what a bad time I have
Then, I have to save myself in a little cave.
But when I come out
T.V is still out of bounds.
As the showering of harpoons starts again
It is boring
So I feel like howling
I feel I am in a cage
And in a rage
I want cartoons
Not harpoons.

ó Priyanka Mehtani, VIA, Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh.