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Monday, September 25, 2000

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In helping us find what we want, search engines are
by Roli
VEN if you are searching for a giant Titanic-like object in a vast ocean, donít you think that without proper navigation and a lot of relevant information, you will be totally lost?


Japan in a mood to overtake USA
BLUE-ribbon panel, that wants Japan to overtake the USA as high-speed information technology (IT) giant by 2005, approved the outline of a bill aimed at achieving that ambitious target, recently.

Techno-bullying worries parents
HRISTOPHER FLETCHER was amazed when he came down to breakfast one morning to find his 14-year-old son Mark in floods of tears, begging not to be sent to school that day. His amazement turned to shock and rage when he found out that some of his sonís classmates had set up a Web page devoted to Mark. Posted on the site were a variety of abuse and taunts. 

Olympic "Web police" sits idle
IRATE broadcasters using the Internet to distribute unlicensed video footage seem to be staying away from the Olympics, a senior International Olympic Committee official said.

From Waqt to Godzilla, special effects have  come a long way
by Sumesh Raizada

PECIAL effects, nowadays, play a vital role in the success of any movie, commercial or music videos, utilising both sound and visual techniques. One can very well notice the impact of special effects on the viewers, whether it is a daring action, horror sequence or a science fiction.

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by S.R.

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