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Sunday, October 15, 2000

Peace that surpasseth understanding
By A.N. Aggarwal

Baba Gurinder Singh, 46, the spiritual head of Radha Soami Satsang, Beas, has a magnetic and radiant personality. Educated at Sanawar and Panjab University, Baba believes that God is one, and that our soul is a particle of His divine essence. This divine essence is the spiritual vibration, the creative energy, the life-stream by which the creation took place and which energises and sustains all life and links us with our Creator. The soul has descended from its original Home of Bliss and has become a captive in the prison-house of mind and body.

Human life is a rare privilege. It provides the only opportunity to attain God-realisation. The God dwells in the human body and we should seek Him there. He is not to be found outside in forests, hills, holy river waters, temples and mosques. He has never been realised and will never be realised through external rites and rituals. It is not necessary to renounce the world and wander about to attain Him.


Baba Gurinder SinghThe main obstacle between us and the Lord is our mind. This obstacle can be removed only by means of joining our soul with His True Name, also called the Divine Melody, the Sound Current, Shabd, Word or Logos. This True Name cannot be written, read or spoken. It is beyond all sensory knowledge. It can be realised only by direct perception of the soul. It is ringing all the 24 hours at the third eye in the forehead between and slightly above the two eyebrows.

The Baba also describes this True Name as "Inverted Name" (Ulta Naam) since by repeating this one retraces one's attention, now scattered in the whole world, to the eye centre and from there embarks on the real spiritual journey through the inner regions or planes. (One school of thought belives that Valmiki had practised this Ulta Naam and transformed himself into a saint from a dacoit.)

This spiritual journey is marked by various sounds and lights that guide the soul back to its Home of Bliss. The journey is to be completed while still living in the body, here and now. This is a "cash transaction" and not an account of the future. For, one who is wicked and depraved during his lifetime cannot become a saint after death.

This path is natural and inherent in man not designed by any human being. Since it is the design of the Creator, none can alter, amend or add to it. Only a perfect living Master is needed to teach the method. The method taught by a Master can be practised by anyone, while still remaining an adherent follower of any religion,or a citizen of any country.

This Baba of Beas is not only venerated throughout India but also throughout the world for his noble and benign human qualities and his abundant spiritual powers.