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Sunday, October 15, 2000
Dream theme

Clothes maketh a man
By Vinaya Katoch Manhas

"CLOTHES maketh a man" may be a proverb, but to see them even in a dream, carries a lot of significance and speaks about the manís inner self. They depict the persona, or facade that we create for other people. To see clothes soiled and torn denotes that you shall be deceived. So beware of friends who could turn into foes.

When a woman sees her clothes soiled and torn, it is a warning to be careful of her associates or she shall be dragged in the mire, if she is not careful. Clean, new clothes denote prosperity. To dream of having plenty of clothes denotes dissatisfaction in the person.

As per the Ratnachur Kathas, to see yourself dressed in white clothes brings forth prosperity. To see oneself dressed in yellow clothes, could be a forewarning of violent acts on your part while seeing oneself dressed in black clothes brings forth ill health. To see yourself or other people dressed in underclothes is also not a lucky omen. To close the buttons on your clothes denotes fulfillment of desires, but to open them is unlucky. To stitch buttons on your clothes shall bring you a lot of success. To wear rich and flambyont clothes with golden threads symbolise acquiring respectable positions. However, if clothes even have silver threads in them, beware of being cheated of your wealth.


Psychoanalytically, clothes in our dreams serve to conceal our perceived imperfections and disguise our sexuality. Getting undressed could stand for shedding off certain beliefs and inhibitions. Losing your clothes show your vulnerability.

To see yourself being dressed inappropriately, not as per the occasion, is an indication that you are a misfit and do not seem to be able to get along with the type of people or the situation. It could also indicate your protest against a particular thought or social norm.

Clothes also depict the role your character has to carry. To see yourself wearing clothes of the opposite sex makes you conscious of your feminine or masculine aspect ó as the case might be. Being adorned in pretty clothes could point out to the frivolous side to your nature. To see yourself wear a veil or a hat which hides most of your face potrays your attempt to hide a part of yourself from others, or even not accepting certain knowledge of yourself which does not meet with your approval.

In fact, the interpretation of a dream of clothes can be quite confusing. Take a dream for example.

I am a 55-year-old man, who has recently retired from the defence forces. In my dream, I often see myself dressed in my uniform. A senior officer comes and orders me to undress in front of other people. I refuse and walk off. Then I see myself walking in civil clothes but wearing my army beret.

This dream portrays the inability of the person to adjust to civil life. The uniform carries its own value and those values are missing in the post army life. The order by the senior officer to undress is his conscience prompting him to accept the reality that he is no longer in the defence services. The beret is the most potent symbol of all in this dream. It portrays the desire for the honour and respect that goes along with the uniform as well as the personís non-conformity with what he believes and knows to be right. It portrays all his insecurities and fears.

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