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Monday, October 16, 2000

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Linux: The Cool Alternative
by Vipul Verma

Even a school-going kid knows who Bill Gates is but very few know about Linus Torvalds. It won’t be surprising, if even a geek was unable to tell who he is. He is the man who created Linux operating system at the University of Helsinki in Finland, which is now becoming a preferred operating system in the world as is seen as a cool alternative to Windows operating system.


Web ready to hit middlemen
Sumesh Raizada
The advent of the Internet has changed the complexion of the business operations, altogether. The conventional method of performing a business transaction, wherein a buyer places an order to the prospective supplier, gets delivery of material and makes payment at mutually agreed terms, takes considerable time and effort

2 men hope to beat telecom giants
Using an aerial, a lightning conductor, a floppy disk and a microwave transceiver little bigger than a credit card, a pair of techies are hoping to beat the world’s big telecommunication companies and launch the first broadband wireless Internet in the UK.

Europe future online marketplace, says Amazon’s founder
Amazon.com’s founder, Jeff Bezos, says Europe could overtake the USA as the world’s most important online marketplace as it is regarded as a largely untapped audience by the American firms, according to Net retailer

Look out! It's better and cheaper!
There is good news and there's bad news. Computer buffs are delighted over the launch of a P III - 1000 MHz (1 GHz) processor in this part of the country. But the euphoria is accompanied by news that has dampened spirits. The bad news is that the Intel has priced its P III 1GHz higher than it next generation Pentium 4 processor scheduled for launch later this month.

Bracing for the next Indian exodus to USA
The great Indian phenomenon is sweeping the world of information technology. Producing a rich resource of 68,000 computer software professionals every year, India has turned into a virtual incubator of info-tech talents being wooed by the West. The country is touted as the next IT superpower in the making.

Get ready for e-kiss
For those who have a heart pierced by Cupid’s arrow, be prepared to exchange virtual kiss. Luvstation.com is a site that can compose mail in a variety of exciting romantic backgrounds, add love quotes from a choice of 336 quotes and compose music from 69 tunes, besides offering winks, roses, teddies and hugs, along with the text.

Diary of co-founders of Rools.com
The thing about running a dotcom is keeping your mind on the job. Our sole aim is to get our service up and running. As former management consultants, we have seen lots of businesses struggle to change, grow or deliver because they are actually trying to do too much.

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