Saturday, October 21, 2000
W O R D  P O W E R

(e-lusi-date): Make clear, explain.

Synonyms: Illustrate, define, explicate, unravel, unfold.

Antonyms: Confound, confuse, distort,

He asked her to elucidate her problem.

Sporadic (spo-rad-dik): Scattered, seen occasionally.

Synonyms: Occasional, irregular.

Antonyms: Invariable, regular.

Rains are quite sporadic in this region.

The sporadic gunshots kept us on the alert.


Chicanery (shi-kaneri): Trickery, misleading talk.

Synonyms: Cheating, deception, falsehood,

Antonyms: Truth, simplicity, sincerity.

Chicanery and deceit made him a despised man in his family.

Prolific (pro-lific): Fertile.

Synonyms: Fruitful, productive, spawning.

Antonym: Barren, unproductive.

He is probably the most prolific writer of his generation.

Contemporary (kon-tem-po-rari): Living at the same time, of same epoch.

Synonyms: Modern, up-to-date, fashionable.

Antonyms: Antecedent, succeeding

They intend decorating their home in a contemporary style.

She is a contemporary writer and has adopted a new style of writing.

Facsimile (fak-simi-li): Exact reproduction (usually on paper).

Synonyms: Copy, replica

Antonyms: Original, prototype

I saw a facsimile of this painting in my uncle’s house.

He gave them a facsimile of his will.

(This led to the word fax)


Pair the words:

Some words are generally spoken together. e.g. ding-dong.

Below you will find the words which have lost their partners.

Pair them together.

flip, hocus, weeny, slip, zig, skelter, pocus, patter, flop, zag, tell, song, tale, slop, helter, raff, riff, teeny, pitter, sing.

Looking back

Pan, the God of shepherds and huntsmen, was represented as a monster, with two small horns on his head, flat nose, ruddy complexion, and legs and feet of a goat.

Panic Fear is the fear that seizes people without obvious cause: Pan was thought to be responsible for alarms felt by people, especially travellers in remote and desolate places.


If you are pleased at finding faults, you are displeased at finding perfections — Lavater.

Score card

Hocus-pocus, pitter-patter, flip-flop, slip-slop, helter-skelter, riff-raff, teeny-weeny, sing-song, zig-zag, tell-tale.

—Illa Vij