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Sunday, October 29, 2000

Today, a new generation of educated, articulate and independent women has emerged. These women not only make their career choices but parenthood choices too. There are many couples that prefer to let the biological clock tick away as they make a conscious decision to be without children. Yet even though the choice may be of the couple, it is the woman who faces the flak. Motherhood is a role expectation and to be without children is taken as some sort of an oddity, observes Aradhika Sekhon

Week Specials

Rebellion as a dance form,
Vikalp Sharma 

Cat capers,
Sansar Chandra

Simplicity is his metier,
by M.L. Dhawan

DREAM THEME: Cow & bull story,
Vinaya Katoch Manhas

Giving a facelift to Gateway of India,
by Ratan Patel

Ageless Ayurveda,
by R. Vatsyayan

  Week Specials

TELEVISION: A tale of two sisters,
Mukesh Khosla

TRAVEL: A saga of sacrifices & victories,
Kamaljit Singh

SCENE STEALERS:  Silent crusader,
Belu Maheshwari

LIFE TIES: The triumph of spirit,
Taru Bahl

WIDE ANGLE:A treat of action, suspense & drama,
Ervell E. Menezes

NATURE: These birds chime,
Nutan Shukla

WHAT'S COOKING: Get creative with cauliflower,
 by Geetu

FEEDBACK: Plight of women in India


Book Reviews

A Utopian poet of reforms
Review by Jaspal Singh

Hitler: why he dominated?
Review by V.N.Datta

A Buddhist tale retold
Review by
Jaswant Kaur

When politicos are witty
Review by Kuldip Kalia

From herbs to healthy living
Review by Uma Vasudeva

Of heart, soul and money matters
Review by Randeep Wadehra

Widows: the price of singlehood
Review by Ashu Pasricha

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