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I have heard that essay questions in GMAT will now be graded by machines. Is this true?

Priya Chauhan, Batala

Well yes and no. The two essay questions in the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) will now be scored by an examiner as well as an electronic robot called the E-rater. The essay scoring system was devised by the Educational Testing Service of Princeton, New Jersey, USA after more than five years of research and experiments. Until now, two experts would read each essay, assigning a grade ranging from 0-6. If the readers differed by more than a point, the essay went to a third expert who assigned a final score. Now, the E-rater will serve as a second reader. If the electronic score differs from the expertís score by more than a point, the essay will be judged by a second expert before going to a final referee if the readers still disagree. Since over 2,00,000 business school applicants take this test every year, the new system should help simplify the process and bring in a greater degree of fairness and objectivity.

I want to do BPharma. Could you tell me about the job prospects and also if Iíll be eligible to take the IAS exam with the BPharm degree?

Ritesh Suri, Amritsar

Pharmaceutical science deals with the development and preparation of drugs. A pharmacist works in research laboratories to develop new drugs from natural and synthetic sources, reduce the side-effects of the drugs sold in the market and ensure the quality of existing formulations.

A degree in Pharmacy (B Pharma) is a 4-year course which is open to students who have passed Class XII or equivalent examination with physics, chemistry and biology or maths. Eligibility for the M Pharma programme is a B Pharma degree. However, diploma courses in Pharmacy that are usually of 2-year duration may be taken up after completing Class X.

While a diploma-holder can work as a pharmacist in hospitals or as a pharmacy technician, B Pharma or M Pharma degree-holders can apply for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry. Although there are not too many research openings in India, those with doctoral and post-doctoral qualifications in pharmacy find challenging avenues in R & D labs abroad. Apart from the drug manufacturing industry, pharmacists are also employed in the chemical industry and food and drug control organisations as well. Teaching could be another option after a Masterís degree. Pharmacy graduates are also appointed as drug inspectors and government analysts. A large number of those who do pharmacy go on to become medical sales representatives. Of course if you are enterprising, you can open your own chemist shop or even go into manufacture of drugs.

Yes, after doing B Pharma, you can sit for the IAS exam as the minimum eligibility for this exam is graduation in any discipline.

I am a commerce student. What future do I have as compared to engineering students in the field of computers?

Sahil Mehta, Khanna

Despite private institutions offering all kinds of courses in computer software to all-comers, when it comes to hiring software professionals, it is a different story altogether. The vast majority of those recruited for software development assignments are more-often-than-not BTechs, MTechs, and MCAs or those who have a couple of years of solid project work behind them. Most of the leading software development firms like TCS, Wipro, Hughes Software, etc source professionals from IITs, RECs and leading engineering colleges.

This doesnít mean that a commerce or humanities student cannot or should not go in for computer training. What you have to be prepared for, however, is that it may take a while to land your first assignment, subsequent placement will be easier once youíve notched the requisite work-ex.

Thereís one area, however, which you could specifically look at and that is the hot new field of e-commerce, web page designing and content development for the internet, none of which requires a hardcore engineering background. While this field too needs specific skills but for developing these, you are at no particular disadvantage as a commerce graduate.

Moreover, today anyone (in any career) who is not computer savvy is at a disadvantage. Almost every business and industry requires basic computer and Internet skills that are quite different from those taught in a software programming or engineering course. For these, you donít need to learn any specific language but familiarity and working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, accounting, web browsing, downloading, printing, and incorporating simple graphics for livening up a report or presentation would serve you well. You could also look at the emerging IT-enabled fields like medical transcription, customer relations at call centres, back-end processing of accounts, etc.

I am interested in taking up mathematics as a profession. Please describe the prospects in this field?

Preeti Verma, Jalandhar Cantt

Career opportunities are wide and varied for those specialising in Mathematics. Moreover, the skills you develop while studying for a maths degree - such as the ability to think logically and plan methodically ó are always in demand in any profession.

The careers where a mathematical background is especially valued are:

Accountancy, actuarial work (insurance), taxation, management, computer programming, finance, operations research, market research, and media planning.

Those specialising in mathematics also work as members of research teams in industry, weather forecasting, information technology, and financial services. A recent growth area is with banks and stockbrokers, where the work centres on portfolio management, finance control methods and forecasting.

Of course there is always the academics and competitive exams option to consider.

Please tell me about the scope of psychology as a career, clinical psychology in particular.

Rashi Marwah, Gurdaspur

Depending on their area of specialisation, psychologists work in hospitals, health clinics, prisons, correctional homes, educational institutions, NGOs, as social workers or as private consultants. Others opt for teaching or research.

Clinical psychologists in particular apply the findings of psychology to assess and treat patients and clients in hospitals and clinics. They also conduct research in mental and physical illnesses in children and adults.

As a subject, psychology can be studied right from the undergraduate degree followed by a postgraduate degree, followed by postgraduate diplomas and research up to the PhD level in the various areas of specialisation, e.g. clinical psychology, educational psychology, occupational psychology, forensic psychology (legal & criminal psychology), health psychology, counselling psychology, sports psychology, psychotherapy, etc.

What is fashion accessory designing? Where do these designers work?

Eva Sharma, Takhatgarh

Designers of fashion accessories such as belts, buckles, buttons, handbags, gloves, scarves, etc. work for the fashion industry, as freelance designers or as craftspersons who design and make these accessories.

Large firms may employ staff designers or more frequently, commission freelance designers. Small workshops and firms usually work for orders from fashion houses or for particular wholesalers and retail outlets.

Fabricators working on their own may design and make up a limited range of special orders or produce a range of accessories to try and find an interested buyer.

Whatever the method, a flair for anticipating what is going to be popular combined with some luck in making contact with a firm or outlet at the right time, is essential for success. Courses in accessory designing are offered by most of the good schools of fashion designing in the country including NIFT.




Armed Forces

Nov 20 Union Public Service Commission, Dholpur House, New Delhi 110011.

National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination, 2000.

Exam: 22 April, 2001, at 40 centres including Bílore, Chandi, Chennai, Delhi, Jammu, Shimla, Srinagar.

Elig: Unmarried males born bet 2 Jan, Ď83-1 July, Ď85.

For Army Wing at NDA: 10+2 (Pass).

For Air Force & Naval Wings of NDA and for 10+2 (Exec Branch) course at Naval Academy: 10+2 with Phy & Maths.

Details: Designated Head POs/POs all over India on payment of Rs. 20/-. See Website or Employment News/Rozgar Yojana Oct 21.

Dec 04 Indian Navy, Diving School, INS Venduruthy Naval Base, Kochi 682004.

Commercial Diving Course (10 weeks)


  • Males 18-28 yrs of age on 1 Jan 2001.

  • Class X (50%) or subsequent higher exam.

  • Fluency in Hindi/English.

  • Good swimming skills.

Appln F: See notifications in leading national dailies.


Nov 20 Jorhat Engineering College (JEC), Go/o Assam, Jorhat 785007 & North Eastern Regional Institute of Mgt (NERIM), Guwahati..


Elig: Bachelorís degree (Maths in 10+2).

Test: Dec 17 at JEC Jorhat & NERIM, Guwahati.

Appln F: Send Rs. 250/- by DD favouring "Principal, JEC, Jorhat 785007" with self-add, stamped (Rs. 17/-), envelope (25 x 12 cm) to JEC or NERIM.


Nov 10 Life Insurance Corporation of India, "Yogakshema", Jeevan Bima Marg, Mumbai 400021.

Acturial Apprentices (200)

Elig: Bachelorís/PG degree with Maths/Stats as main subj (60%); OR Commerce with Stats/Acturial Sc as major subj (60%) (SC/ST: 10% relaxation). Age: 18-25 yrs (SC/ST: 30 yrs, OBC 28 yrs)

Stipend: Rs. 5,500/- (1st yr); Rs. 5750 (2nd yr); Rs. 6,000/- (3rd yr).

Selectn: Written test at 7 centres including Delhi, Híbad, Chennai, & Interview

Appln F: See Employment News 14-20 Oct.


Dec 11 The Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS), Post Box No. 6075, 30, Kothari Rd, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600034. Ph: 044-8238767

AIMS Test for Management Admissions - ATMA (Scores accepted at 55 institutes)

Elig: Bachelorís degree in any discipline (50% agg).

Test: 21 Jan, at 21 centres including Bílore, Chandi, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Mangalore.

Appln F: Send Rs. 600/- by DD favouring "Association of Indian Management Schools" payable at Chennai or in cash/DD at following Centres:

The Dean, Xavier Instt. of Management & Entrepreneurship, Seva Sadan Campus, III Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034. Ph: 080-5522787

The Registrar, FORE School of Management, "Adhyatma Kendra - The Centre for Self Growth", B-18, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi 110016. Ph: 011-6524013.

Last date for obtaining forms & Appln Kit: 31 Dec.

Dec 22 Gitam Instt. of Foreign Trade, Gandhi Nagar Campus, Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam 530045.

Masterís Programme in International Bus (2-yr)

Elig: Bachelorís Degree (50%). NRIs/Sponsd/Foreigners: Scores in GMAT.

Test: Written test at 3 centres including New Delhi, followed by GD & Interview.

A Format: See leading newspapers.

Nov 30 Birla Institute of Management Technology, Sector-IV, Pushpa Vihar, New Delhi 110017


PG Dip in Business Mgt (2 yr F/T)

Elig: Bachelorís degree.

Test: Dec 23 at 8 centres including Delhi, Hyíbad.

Appln F: Send Rs. 550/- by DD favouring "Birla Institute of Management Technology" payable at New Delhi to the above add.

Caring (Career Information & Guidance), New Delhi.