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Monday, November 20, 2000

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Virus attack: you could be next


Vipul Verma

IT is a universal truth that good and evil co-exist. The same applies to the world of computers. There is an immense productive power in computer software, while the evil software program called virus has devastating capabilities. 


Explore the Net with Internet Explorer
by Vishal Verma
Web browser is software to surf the Internet. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) enables a surfer to gain access to vast storehouse of information on the Net globally. Besides browsing, the IE can perform other activities, viz. organise a videoconference, browse through the folders, e-mail, post messages on newsgroups, publish a Web page and use a Web page as a background in a folder. The IE can even download your favourite Web sites while you’re doing something else.

M-commerce: counting chickens before
they hatch?
by Peeyush Agnihotri
N this region, where e-commerce is in diapers and m-commerce has just been conceived, computer educational institutes are already basking in the latter’s glory and are busy introducing m-commerce courses.

Demand for Web administrators on the rise
by Sumesh Raizada
ISE in the Internet, Intranet or Extranet-related applications has created new means for data communication and information sharing. Due to extremely useful innovation in the IT, several new career opportunities have sprung up, some of which are purely administrative in nature.

Elderly citizens are Netizens, too!
by Naveen S. Garewal
HO said computing was the bastion of the young? Going by the growing numbers of elderly taking to the PC, its only a matter of time before software like Net Nanny and Cyber Patrol would become redundant as parents and grandparents would then be able to effectively monitor the computing habits of their offsprings themselves.

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