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Monday, December 25, 2000

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Though the purpose of overclocking could vary from having fun to getting more performance from your computer, it must be remembered that overclocking is not an easy task and requires a good knowledge about the working of a computer and technicalities about the processors, motherboard etc. Amateurs should not try overclocking as this could result in serious damage to your processor, says Vipul Verma


Boot out your booting hassles

VERYTHING in this world has two facets — one good and the other bad. Normally we take note of the bad aspect first and the good aspect is either ignored or taken note of without importance. This holds true even in the world of computers. There is one common observation, which frustrates almost all computer users. 

"IT in Punjab needs nurturing"
by Naveen S. Garewal
HE Punjab Government is very enthusiastic about making its Information Technology (IT) policy a success. The policy intent of the Punjab Government is a red carpet treatment for the prospective investor in this sector, but lack of awareness, attitude and skill set at the operational level about the state’s policies are creating bottlenecks, thereby slowing down the IT revolution in the state. 

Arz kiya hai...
IT profession and poetry do not go hand in hand. Yet a few of our online readers, who are info-tech professionals settled abroad, like to dabble in their subject-related ghazals.

Writing text for sites
by Sumesh Raizada

N today’s fast changing technological scenario, it would not be wrong if the Internet Technology rather than Information Technology is abbreviated as "IT". The obvious reason for this being that the revolution in the field of computing has found most application in the World Wide Web. 

Vodafone buys stake in Japanese Telecom
by Mark Milner
HE British mobile phone giant Vodafone’s global ambitions took a US dollars 2 billion step forward this week when the group bought a 15 per cent stake in Japan Telecom.

Pakistan’s Web site hacked
war is on between software professionals of India and Pakistan. Though actual wars have been fought and skirmishes are a daily routine offline, this one is strictly online.

Greet the e-way
by Peeyush Agnihotri
T'S Christmas today and the year 2K will be buried in the annals of history after the next weekend. The millennium’s first New Year is round the corner. Thanks to the just-concluded postal strike, most of the snail mail die-hards are discovering the Net.

Hate Web sites on the rise
by Ian Black
ACISM and anti-semitism has proliferated on the Internet, spawning more than 2,100 Web sites, the European Union’s racism monitoring unit has reported.

Kriz — the Xmas virus
may not be fun always, particularly this time around, when there is a virus on the prowl that would come alive on December 25.

Spiritualism online
by Gaurav Sood
HE lost tribes in Biblical times, wandering in the Sinai saw God as a column of smoke or a pillar of fire. When emperors and kingdoms appeared, some imagined God as a king on a distant throne. As we travel through an era of dot.coms and e-mails, certain cutting–edge religious scholars are likening the Internet to an emerging metaphor for e-god.

On hardware
Data storage — it’s the reliability that matters

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Visit Santa this Christmas

Track down college buddies

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