Monday, January 1, 2001,
Chandigarh, India
C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


City rocks its way into the new millennium
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, Dec 31 — Come and trip it as yea go, on the light fantastic toe — Living up to what Milton said, city residents danced their way into the first year of the new millennium. The year dawned in style, just as it should have under the sky of the City Beautiful. And as the town rose to the welcome of a fresh year, it was revelry which ruled the roost through and through ......from pavement to pavement, from disc to disc, from club to club and from home to home.

The work of capturing moods of revellers at the various hangouts proved a little tough on the mind, but an overview of the venues which provided the much-needed dance floor tonight, was quite refreshing at the end of the day.

As compared to the last year, this year’s celebrations were bolder, louder and crazier. The music that played was primarily Punjabi, and also a blend of funk and techno. Discotheques were packed to capacity, so were the dance floors of the Golf Club, Mountview, and Shivalikview.

Here are snippets on how the energy flowed at various venues last night and how it matched the subtle drizzle that poured right at 10 p.m. The discotheques were the most happening places as they reflected a clear shift from the touch-me-not jiving.

Aerizzona: DJ Tushqa played a set of fabulous techno music. He judged the pulse right and also did a little Punjabi music to avoid antagonism from the so-Punjabi crowd.

Las Vegas: It was the DJ duo, Montu and Rishi, which played fresh music to host a fresh welcome to the New Year. The jiving was all great, with snacks and soft, light drinks to provide the energy.

The Chandigarh Club: Here the show was different. Instead of DJs, the club had invited “pop star” Malkit Singh to perform live. The ground was transformed into an impressive open air discotheque as he picked up the microphone to croon some of the “hot favourites”. A yell of excitement rose from the crowd as Malkit, in black suit with glittering golden stars, sang “Gur nalo ishq mittha”. Pushing aside the chairs, they waived with “real enthusiasm” as he continued with “Bhangra paun nu ji karda”.

The Golf Club: Everyone must have envied those who were inside the Golf Club tonight. Everything inside was almost perfect — from the decor all done up with red balloons to the dance floor bursting with music. Dinner and dance went hand in hand as the people got rocking with a great mix of Western and Punjabi numbers. It was the spirit of endless partying that marked the ambience at the Golf Club.

Chandigarh Press Club: The rising pop star from Mohali, Karan Jasbir, held the fort here and sung boisterous Punjabi music to suit the moods of the gathering. To punctuate the performance by singers, there was the tambola which the members and guests played very enthusiastically. Disciplined crowd, subdued dancing and decent gathering were the hallmarks of the Chandigarh Press Club which welcomed the New Year with a bang.

Hotels were all about soft peaceful music, and homely crowd.

Mountview: The part was waived off by playback singer Neelam Sharma who sang the evergreen Umrao Jaan number — In aankhon ki masti ke and then went on to sing another Waqt song Aage bhi jane na tu. Gradually came the performers who danced to her songs. The performance by the group Rhythm Divine was very well received.

Then came the turn of Bejan, the hot DJ of Jail House Rock which played wonderful mixes from pre- recorded CDs. Punjab Governor and UT Administrator Lt-Gen JFR Jacob (retd) arrived a little late but enjoyed every bit of music. Not to miss the decked up dance floor and the dancing shoes.


New Year celebrated at old-age home
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Dec 31 — Students and faculty members of I.S. Dev Samaj Secondary School, Sector 21, celebrated New Year’s eve with the inmates of the Old Age Home, Sector 15, here today.

The aim of the function was to initiate concern in the young minds towards old and destitute. The oldest inmate of the home, Ms Kiran Bhai who is 90 years old, said: ‘‘These children remind me of my childhood and the love and affection which they have given me is remarkable.’’

Another inmate, Dhani Ram Choudhary, who started his career as a journalist, said, ‘‘I am 78 but still I want to write about my experiences. I wish prosperity for everybody and for me there is nothing left in life to see.’’ He is in bed due to bad health but talked about his future dreams.

The students, accompanied by the Principal and other members of the faculty, spent over two hours at the Home . The highlight of the event were the cultural programmes presented by students.

Priyanka, Gagan, Manpreet, Parol etc were the students who danced on the tunes of ‘‘peppy’’ numbers.

Mrs Sumati Kanwar , Principal of the school said, ‘‘More institutions should come out and spend some time with these people so that they could come out of their solitude and share their feelings with other members of society.’’

Mr Jagdish Rai Gaba from Delhi presented 10 blankets to the home.


City’s millennium baby
Tribune News Service 

CHANDIGARH, Dec 31 — The first baby of the new millennium in the city was born in the PGI at exactly one minute past midnight to Ms Nishi Shyla. Ms Shyla, when contacted on telephone, said that she was very happy to receive this lovely gift. Mr Salim Masih is the proud father of this 2.7-kg male child. Incidentally, the mother of the baby is working as a staff nurse in the PGI. According to Ms Neelam Mughal, staff nurse on duty, the delivery was a normal one. 


‘Let us make Chandigarh a model city’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, Dec 31 — As the last year of this century draws to an end city residents are already looking forward to what they would want more from the city which is fast becoming a “micropolitan”.

The roads are getting congested. The infrastructure is under strain. Migrants are putting pressure on the resources besides allegedly adding to the crime graph. On the other hand, the Chandigarh Administration is all set to create an information technology park and a ‘‘wired city”, the one of its kind in the country. There is also talk that residents should be prepared to pay for what they enjoy.

Lieut-Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd): “Residents should develop a sense of community participation while displaying compassion for the under privileged and work for their welfare. Chandigarh will become the information technology hub of the future,” visualises the General.

“The wired city project is expected to be complete in the next six months. The Administration is creating the infrastructure for an IT park to come up near Kishangarh village. Rapid strides have been made in e- governance with the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Microsoft.

Mr Pawan Bansal: A Mayor-in—Council system with the Mayor having executive powers and decision making council is the need of the hour to run the city says the local MP.

The Congress party politician wants to spend his MP local area development fund in cleaning up the rubbish (malba) lying in various markets and alongside roads, starting with Sector 14. This will be his contribution in maintaining the City Beautiful’s basic character. The city needs a software technology park and educational avenues need to be expanded by creating a centre for excellence. Chandigarh must be promoted as a major tourist destination. The administration needs to be sensitised about the needs of the city residents, he says.

Mr Raj Kumar Goyal : The newly elected Mayor of the Municipal Corporation claims he wants to change the face of the city. He is looking for cleaner road berms in the entire city. Traffic problems in Mani Majra , Sector 22 and Sector 17 are on his mind. Broken roads will be repaired and new sewerage systems will be laid in villages and colonies.


Prof S.K. Sharma: What worries him most is the alarming increase in drug abuse by youngsters. The Chandigarh Administration should seriously start paying attention to this problem, says the Director of PGI.

“Governments of both Punjab and Haryana should upgrade their health facilities so that they can share the burden of the PGI. Make people aware about sanitation and maintain the status of the City Beautiful. The police should be more strict with the people who violate traffic rules”, he says.

Mr Rakesh Singh: “The focus of the Chandigarh Administration this year will be on infrastructure development. Chandigarh has to emerge as a major zonal centre of north-western India and a strong foundation needs to be laid for this”.

He pointed out that cinema multiplexes had been permitted, building by-laws had been amended and major changes were on the anvil in the information technology sector. This will help create top of the line jobs as well as middle and lower level jobs in the city. In the previous year greater stress has been laid on re-laying of roads.

Mr Bhim Sain Bassi: A more secure Chandigarh with the help of the residents is how Inspector General of Chandigarh Police perceives the new year for the city Mr Bassi hopes for a decline in the crime graph through active interaction between the police and the residents.

Opinion leaders, according to him, will persuade residents to take security steps like putting an additional lock to their cars. He also believes that the new designs will be in such a manner that the thief can not just drive away in a stolen car. Gates will also be installed by the residents on the intra sector roads leading to their houses.

Mr R.K. Saboo: Learn to pay for the services one enjoys advises this Rotarian. Community participation is must and people must become partners in keeping up the cleanliness and healthy environment of the city besides inculcating a sense of sensitivity towards the community.

Citizen’s participation in crime prevention is also a must. The police must be friendly rather than just an enforcement body. The residents also need to change their perception about the police, says Mr Saboo, while adding that his desire was to see Chandigarh develop as a model city.

Prof B. K. Sharma: The former Director of PGI, (now residing in Panchkula) says there is a need for developing the township as a social and economic hub in addition to providing a platform for intellectual exchanges. The dependence on Chandigarh must go. There are no worthwhile educational institutes or hospitals there though there is tremendous scope for these.

“We have the advantage of learning from the mistakes of Chandigarh. Essentially, there is need to check the jhuggis and make cheap housing accommodation available for them. More roads to Chandigarh must come through to ease the chaotic traffic conditions and make Panchkula a slick satellite town of Chandigarh,” he says.


Army teams for N-war fallout
By Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 31 — Gearing up to meet future threat perceptions, the Western Command has formed Medical Quick Reaction Teams (QRTs) to deal with the fallout of mass destruction weapons, including nuclear strikes.

This development comes close on the heels of the Chief of Army Staff, Gen S Padmanabhan, stating on his takeover as chief in October, that the Army would focus on nuclear warfare.

According to sources, Medical QRTs have been based at three locations within the Command theatre. Each team comprises one medical officer and 14 other ranks, and are reported to be equipped with NBC suits and related paraphernalia to operate in radioactive areas.

The armed forces are also engaged in the research and development of preventive medicines for use in an NBC environment. The Army has also placed orders for “several thousand” NBC protective suits with ordnance factories located at Kanpur and Avadi. These suits are made of special, chemically treated material and include facemasks, air filters gloves and overboots, which prevents exposure to radiation and chemical agents.

Medical QRTs will move and operate along with QRTs formed by the Corps of Engineers for dealing with a nuclear strike. The basic purpose of the Medical QRTs would be to provide immediate decontamination of individuals exposed to radiation as well as chemical or biological agents and render all possible first aid before the casualties are transported to rear echelons for treatment.

The Corps of Engineers, or Sappers as they are called, are already known to have established QRTs, consisting of up to 30 members to contain the immediate fallout of nuclear blasts. The Corps of Engineer is the Army’s nodal arm as far as NBC warfare is concerned.

Besides measuring radiation levels, Sappers may also have to carry out routine operations like mine clearing, obstacle clearing and bridge laying in a nuclear environment, for which training is reported to be under way.

The Army Medical Corps has, for some time, training its officers and para-medical staff to deal with the after effects of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. The training programme includes with immediate after-effects of high intensity blasts as well as the long time effects of radiation.

Indian Army officers, according to sources, have undergone training in India as well as abroad on NBC warfare. The training of medical staff is conducted in coordination with the Pune-based College of Military Engineering and the Department of Science and Technology. The College of Military Engineering has a full-fledged wing on NBC Warfare.

Indian officers have also been reported to have undergone training stints on NBC warfare in the USA as well as Russia, where emphasis was laid on the fallout and containment of the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident. The USA has also expressed keen interest in Indian high-altitude medicine.

It may be recalled that a 12-day national-level training programme on the role of a nurse in NBC war had been organised at the Western Command Hospital, Chandiman-dir last month.


Rain in city 
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 31 — The city and its surrounding areas received the first rain of this winter today. Meteorological offices said that this was due to a system which had approached from the Arabian sea.

The cloud formation since this morning had resulted in a slight drizzle in some areas leading to a drop in temperature. Around 10.30 p.m. the drizzle had started. But this did not prove to be a dampener on the spirits of the New Year revellers.

Rain was also reported at Kalka, Parwanoo, Jabli, Solan and Baddi.



IRONY marks the beginning of the new millennium with all the euphoria and the ecstasy missing in the celebrations this time. It seems that the city residents here had little time, energy or inclination for the festivities as all this had been ruthlessly spent last year.

Most of the city residents chose to be at home or freak out at small private gettogethers rather than spend outrageously at one of the many parties thrown in the city. In fact, though there was a lot of confusion about the beginning of the new millennium even last year, most of the denizens of the City Beautiful had joined the bandwagon and the party mood had caught up with them.

In fact, many of the city residents had travelled abroad, gone on sea cruises and Goa, one of the rendezvous points marked for the millennium celebrations, too, had remained a favourite spot. The others had gone to Simla and Delhi or caught on with the festivities in the City Beautiful itself.

Strangely, while this year marked the actual beginning of the new century, the excitement and the fizz was somehow lacking. While many tipplers had a good time uphill — in Kasauli or Simla, most city residents had a quite celebration at home with friends and family.

Even the various card galleries in the city did not display the millennium cards and the cards with the New Year 2001 written on them remained a hot favourite. The proprietor of a well-known card gallery and fun shop in Sector 11 when asked the reason for this, said that the customers felt cheated that they were made to buy the millennium cards last year and again this year, so they had removed all such cards from display.

A guessing game

A search has begun in Punjab for a successor to Mr R.S. Mann, who is due to retire on January 31, 2001 on attaining the age of superannuation. The Chief Minister, Mr Parkash Singh Badal was said to be keen on retaining his service even beyond January 31, but the Union Government has made it clear that that would not be possible.

The seniormost IAS officer in Punjab after Mr Mann is Mr V.K. Khanna who is at present serving with the Government of India. He is not on the best of terms with the Badal government. In any case, Mr Khanna is due to retire on April 30, 2001. Therefore, it is unlikely that he would be considered for appointment to the post for just three months.

When Mr Mann was appointed the Chief Secretary with effect from February 14, 1997, he superseded as many 10 officers. These included, besides Mr Khanna, Mr Ajit Kumar, Mr Swarn Singh Boparai, Dr Dinesh Chandra, Mr Kamal Nain Singh, Mrs Shyama Mann, Mr N.K. Arora, Mr Rajan Kashyap, Mr Gurpartap Singh Sahi and Mr Kuldip Singh Janjua. It seems that his successor too is set to supersede many of colleagues.

With assembly elections in Punjab just a year away, the Badal government has already gone into an election mode. The Chief Minister is, therefore, said to be keen on sending out just the right message to the people at this crucial stage by avoiding any officer who may have the image of a hardliner. This rules out a few officers.

According to informed sources, Mr N.K. Arora, Principal Secretary, Local Government and Mr C.L. Bains, Financial Commissioner, have emerged as the front runners. But the problem in the case of Mr Bains is that if he is appointed, he will supersede as many as 16 officers whereas in the case of Mr Arora, the number of officers superseded is just six who were in any case superseded when Mr Mann was appointed.

When Mr Mann became the Chief Secretary in 1997, he did not convene a meeting of the secretaries for nearly eight months because he was reportedly not sure how the superseded officers would react. The government is said to be keen on avoiding a similar situation this time.

PGI travel agency

The premier medical institution of the North, PGI now also has a travel agency. The agency, a member of IATA, started operating from December 20. It will not only look after ticketing for different airlines for destinations in India and abroad but will also look after railway reservations in the Shatabdi.

Besides, the agency will also provide visa guidance and information about the star cruise packages. The tender for a travel agency in the institute was floated some time in March 1999, following a great demand for the facility amongst the doctors. PGI is possibly the only health institution in the country, which now boasts of its very own travel agency. Something from which even the patients too can hope to benefit.

Secret of success

The other day, Mr Ujjal Dosanjh, British Columbia Premier and Mr Prakash Singh Badal, Punjab Chief Minister, exchanged notes on the secret of their success in political life. To their mutual glee, it turned out to be the same in both cases. Answering Mr Badal’s poser, the premier of British Columbia, said he never quit his party in his adopted country which drove him to the pinnacle of glory in an alien land.

Mr Badal gushed in response that he too was successful because he was never a party hopper. He said he had finished his graduation in 1947, the year Mr Dosanjh was born. The Punjab Chief Minister recalled his moment of glory when he was elected the youngest sarpanch of his village.” Ostensibly, I kept on telling them to chose somebody else, but within, I could hardly contain my joy”, he said .

Second doctorate

Dr S.S. Bhatti, former principal Chandigarh College of Architecture, was awarded Ph.D degree at the Panjab University convocation last week. This is his second doctorate in nine years on the subject: “Creative Mysticism — A study of Guru Nanak’s Bani with special reference to Japuji”.

Essentially an architect’s point of view of the scripture, it is unique in that it establishes that Japuji is neither mythology nor metaphysics nor the muse, not even mysticism. Thus Sikhism is a revealed religion, and not a syncretism of Hinduism and Islam or another major religion of the world.

A close encounter

Media encounters with the Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Om Parkash Chautala, are few and far between. That is one reason why it is looked forward to by the big Press corp of Chandigarh.

The Press meet hosted by the Chief Minister on Thursday was a mixture of formal as well as informal. The members of the Fourth Estate turned up in strength to listen to the Chief Minister who utilised the opportunity to list the achievements of his government during the year just gone by.

There were not many questions from media persons with the result that the Chief Minister took his time in listing the achievements of the government and criticising the Opposition for opposing reforms and other government policies just for the sake of opposing them. “I want them to play a constructive role”, he said. A couple of inconvenient questions were deftly handled by the Chief Minister.

The absence of rainfall so far also came in for a mention by the Chief Minister who noted that lack of moisture in the atmosphere as also a warm winter had begun to affect wheat crop in the state. The water level in the Yamuna too had gone down.

The Chief Minister also exhibited his phenomenal memory. He recalled a hilarious episode during the heady days in the immediate aftermath of the Emergency when a Janata Government headed by his father, Ch Devi Lal, was formed. Mr Chautala was interviewed by a correspondent of The Tribune as a part of series on “Sons of Ch Devi Lal”. Mr Chautala was a smoker but he did so on the sly. “But the correspondent wrote in his story that Mr Chautala is a chain smoker of ‘Biri no 22’ for the whole wide world to read. I had to give up smoking shortly after that”, recalled Mr Chautala with a laugh.

AAOA newsletter

The Army Aviation Officers Association (AAOA) has launched its own newsletter to keep its members abreast of happenings concerning aviation officers. The first issue was launched by the Additional Director General Army Aviation, Maj Gen S J S Saighal, who is also the ex-officio president of the association’s executive committee.

The AAOA has 211 members, including officers from the Army Aviation Corps, as well as those who have served with the Air Observation Post. The association also includes one IAF officer. When the association was launched in December, 1998, it had just eight members.

New commanders

The New Year will see two new commanders at the IAF establishments in the city taking over the same day, that is on January 4. Not only that, they are both coming here from the same place, the National Defence College, New Delhi, after completing the prestigious defence course.

Air Commodore Govindarajan, an AN-32 pilot and ex-Commandant, Paratroop Training School, will take over as Air Officer Commanding, 12 Wing, from Air Cmde S K Banerjee, while Air Cmde Ambrish Kumar, an electronics engineer and missile specialist, will take over as AOC, 3 Base Repair Depot, from Air Cmde Arvinda Agrawal.

Air Cmde Banerjee has been posted as Director, Transport and Helicopters at Air Headquarters, New Delhi, while Air Cmde Agrawal will take up his new assignment as Deputy Senior Air Staff Officer at Headquarters Maintenance Command, Nagpur.

Mayoral surprise

It was almost certain that Ms Ranjana Shahi, the attractive young woman fielded by the BJP, will be chosen as the next Mayor, keeping in view the 3/4th majority of the ruling BJP-Akali Dal alliance has in the House. But all political calculations went haywire and the city was taken by surprise when the mayoral candidate, Mr Raj Kumar Goel, from the minority opposition made it, defeating his rival by three votes.

The polling process, which finished in less than an hour on December 23 finally showed the exit door to the BJP as both Mayor and Senior Deputy Mayor were from the Congress. This came as a shock to many that the BJP party candidate lost on the floor of the house despite the majority, just because her own people were instrumental in letting her down. Attired in a lovely saree, Ms Shahi had come prepared to become the Mayor, but her own colleagues did not let her dream come true.

While it will do some good to the Congress, keeping in view the elections to the House next year, for the BJP it signals bad days ahead. Even the common man seems to have no sympathy for the BJP after its humiliating defeat. They are of the view that both the factions of BJP were using the House to settle their differences and the defeat is only due to internal rivalry.

Soon after the election results were declared one of the nominated councillors also said that BJP has lost because in the last four years it had become too big for its boots. Some of the councillors had in fact become bigger than the party and efforts were always on to run each other down.

Working day

Even though it was a holiday on X-Mas, when the government offices, including the Municipal Corporation were to be closed, but the new Mayor, Mr Raj Kumar Goel, reached his office.

Besides getting some insight into the working of various departments from his PA, he also issued some instructions regarding sprucing up the office. This includes putting up the picture of former PM, Mrs Indira Gandhi, besides those of Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel and Subhas Chandra Bose.

— Sentinel


A week of fun, excitement in hills
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 31 — Tom Sawyers running free in the wilds probing and discovering joys of nature might seem a little out of context in today’s world. But a group of 30 students from different schools of the city were out to prove just the opposite as they crossed brooks, tramped on forgotten paths, climbed mountains and even flew as part of the Winter School of adventure organised by the Durga Das Foundation.

The spirited bundles of energy aged between 6 and 13 had a week full of fun and excitement, thrill and adventure from December 26 to 31. Activities included trekking, night camping, traversing, and gliding. Many of them were out on their own for the first time. The school began by introducing children to gliding at the Civil Aviation Club, Pinjore. Some of them were reluctant to board initially. But once they discovered the glory of soaring in the clouds and landed, they wanted it once more.

But on the second day the inter-school barriers broke and the group became more homogeneous. They went out for a night camp in the Siswan forests. Traversing, campfire and games were some of the activities the children undertook. Trekking in the Sabathu hills was the highlight for the next day. The children were comfortable to be in their informal dresses sans “the heavy bags of books”. It was a treat to watch them explore nature in its unexploited form.

The bumpy drive to the Seonkh Forest reserve on the fourth day did not dampen their spirits from organising a barbecue. Enthusiasm was at its all-time high as children trekked into the thorny, weedy wilds, chose a clearing and got their chullahs going for cooking in the open. Fortunately, the day being sunny, woods and twigs were dry and easy to come by. Using wooden sticks the kids barbecued their marinated meats and cottage cheese. Parting is always sad but to make it exciting children were taken to a Country Club near Kharar today for assorted games and play.

Camps like this not only break the monotony of regular school life, they also offer scope for personal growth, knowledge dissemination, interaction and stimulation. Exploring wonders of nature enables them to put their minds and bodies to optimum use. As a child put it at the end of the camp: Why can’t our schools be winter schools?”


Plea to help leprosy patients
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 31 — The president of the Indian Leprosy Foundation, Dr A.R.K. Pillai, has urged all to donate generously for the cause of the leprosy patients.

Leprosy patients, due to the stigma attached with the disease, are driven by society to a life of loneliness and misery. But with the modern facilities and medicines, the disease is now fully curable within just six to 12 weeks of treatment. The number of leprosy patients, which was reported to be touching somewhere around 40 lakh a few years ago has now come down to 4.5 lakh cases.

The donations to the Indian Leprosy Foundation can be sent through a demand draft, cheque or a money order to post box 7477, 11 Hardevi Society, Mumbai, 400 060. The donations are exempted from income tax under Section 80 G. 


Deejaying their way from Gurgaon to Swiss Alps
By Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 31 — Tushqa and Rush — the names might sound strange to those of us who dot the music circuit this side of Delhi. But for those in Delhi, Mumbai and some other metros, the two names are really happening in the world of music. Tushqa and Rush are the business names of DJ couple Munish and Rashmi who were today in town to create music for disco buffs of the city and as they performed to an overflowing dance hall at Aerizzona in Sector 9, one knew why they were much-in-demand DJs all over the country.

The Tribune got a chance to interact with DJ Tushqa who has unleashed an altogether different breed of music makers, all on his own. He happens to be the only DJ in the country who uses no pre-recorded compact discs to mix music in the DJ closet. He does something common to the European concept of remixing and creates music in real, passing time, just as you watch him.

“This is the music of the future when you will not see five people in a music band. There will be one person doing the job of the other 10. I have started what is very common in the West. I use different effect machines to generate music while on the turn table,” informed the young DJ who was the only Indian DJ to perform at Swiss Alps in the much-coveted show titled ‘Visions’.

“That was in August last year. Now again this year, I am hopeful to head for the same destination,” said Tushqa who has a full-fledged workstation of his own which he uses to make a track. “I am even making 16 to 32 tracks at a time,” he added.

As for learning, Munish was always on his own. He bought books, surfed the Internet and did all the self-study. “It took me a year to actually realise that I was on the right track. It was then that I started freelancing for major clubs like the Taj, Delhi and even Tantra in Calcutta. After I got going I involved my wife Rashmi who managed entire music for India Fashion Week held some time back.”

In fact now Tushqa also runs a school at Delhi where he teaches creation of dance music and all about sound technology in a studio. “I have many learners in children. Also there are many established DJs who want to mature to a greater level,” said the man from Gurgaon.

Munish plays techno while Rashmi is into deep house music which is soft and subtle. “So you see it is a perfect mix for a perfect couple. It takes music to bind us together,” laughed Tushqa, as he proceeded to the dais to mix music for the craving crowd.


Protest by Sector 17 traders
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, Dec 31 — In the peak season of celebrations and amidst decorations, traders of the Sector 17 market today covered the entire sector market with a broad band of black cloth to protest against the building bylaws, saying that the amendments have been inadequate.

The running strip of black cloth was hung across pillars at a height of about 9 feet and black banners were put up to display anger against the Chandigarh Administration. Later while addressing a press conference, Capt Mohanbir Singh, president of the Traders Association, Sector 17-D, said that even if compounding fee has to be levied to regularise violations it should be within reasonable limits and not on market value as is being done.

Another member of the association, Mr Kirpal Singh, said that the traders were generating employment, and by evicting them the government will ruin the livelihood of thousands of families.


Traders’ plea for power connections
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Dec 31 — The Traders Association, 36 Anand Complex, Sector 17, has urged the Administrator of Chandigarh to grant individual electricity connections to their establishment. There are about 45 shops in the complex.

The association has alleged that their establishment has not been given the electricity connection on the pretext of the building bylaws. They allege that over 50 per cent of the commercial establishments are either resumed or have been proceeded against under one or the other building bylaws.

Mr Kawaljit Singh Panchhi, president of the association in a press note, said now all establishments in the complex were tenants of the Government.

All occupants are prepared to give indemnity bond required for the grant of the electricity connection and abide by the rules and regulations of the Electricity Department. 


Nagar kirtan
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 31 — A nagar kirtan procession to mark the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh will be taken out here tomorrow from the Sector 34 Gurdwara at 12.30 p.m.

The procession will move through Sectors 33, 32, 20, 21, 22, 23, 36 and 37 before terminating at the Sector 37 Gurdwara. The main feature of the procession will be recitation of gurbani by Bhai Nirmal Singh Bhaur (Sultanpuri). Besides, Panj Pyaras will lead the procession which will include school children, parbhat pheris from various sectors, villages and colonies of the city, Istri Sat Sangh Sabhas, religious organisations and others.


Low water pressure likely
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 31 — On account of urgent repair in the third phase of the Kajauli water works, the water pressure will be low in the city for the next 48 hours.

According to Mr Manmohanjit Singh, Superintending Engineer of the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh (MCC), the water supply will be affected tomorrow and on Tuesday morning.


Yuvsatta function
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Dec 31 — Social organisation Yuvsatta will organise a tree plantation function at Gandhi Smarak Bhavan in Sector 16 here followed by a cycle rally led by Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, Member Parliament and Dr Inderjit Kaur, Director, All India Pingalwara Society, Amritsar on January 1, 2001, at 10.30 a.m.

The rally will culminate at the catholic Church, Sector 19A, Chandigarh, where a public function will be held at 11.30 a.m to stress the need for greater awareness about the use of cycles and plantation of trees.


NSS camp concludes 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, Dec 31 — The valedictory function of the 10-day NSS camp, organised by the volunteers of Government College Sector 46, was held here today.

The theme of the camp was “Youth for healthy society”. The function was presided over by Mr G.S. Bhatti, assistant programme advisor, NSS regional centre, Chandigarh. Speaking on the occasion, he appreciated the role of the NSS volunteers who had made themselves available voluntarily for the uplift of weaker sections of society. He also gave details of various projects and youth programmes for which the energies of the youth may be channelised.

Mr D.P. Singh, Principal, welcomed the chief guest and asked the students to adopt social service as a way of life.

Prof Hans Raj who was commanding the camp along with Prof Narinder Kaur and Prof Sahib Singh presented the camp report.


3 cops booked
From Our Correspondent

DERA BASSI, Dec 31 — Three Punjab Police cops, involved in a brawl with some passengers last night here, have been booked by the police.

According to police sources, constable Amarjit Singh and Home Guards with Punjab Police — Bahadur Singh and Gurnam Singh — were deployed on the Chandigarh-Ambala highway at the local bus stand to divert the traffic coming from the Ambala side towards Issanpur road. The cops had a tiff with five persons travelling in a car, Amit Gupta, Dharmendra Kumar, Sameer Aggarwal, Sanjeev Goel and Darshan Singh, all residents of Chandigarh.

Sources said the passengers were on their way to Chandigarh from Hisar and were stopped by the cops, directing them to follow the Issanpur link road which rejoins the highway at Bhankharpur village. The passengers thought that they have been given wrong direction and returned from near a level crossing near Issanpur village.

As they came back to ask about the route, the cops exchanged heated arguments with them, resulting in a brawl.

In a complaint to the Dera Bassi police, Amit Kumar alleged that the cops were drunk and instead of showing them the right way they engaged in a scuffle, and thrashed them.

The police arrested the cops and a case under Sections 323, 341 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code was registered against the accused. 


3 assault cases registered
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Dec 31 — During the past 24 hours, the police received three cases of alleged assaults, including two from Colony No 4. In the three FIRs, a total of 12 persons have been named. According to police sources, no arrests have been made so far.

Mr Vishnu Kumar of Colony No. 4 in his complaint alleged that he was assaulted by a group of six persons of the same colony. He also said that he was threatened by them. Mr Kumar reportedly received injuries and he was treated at the General Hospital, Sector 16. A case under the Sections 147, 148, 323 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered against Amlesh Kumar, Subash, Sonu, Uma Shankar, Mahinder and Rakesh.

In another incident of violence in the colony, four persons Vishnu Kumar, Pappu, Rinku and Santosh, reportedly assaulted another resident of the colony, Mr Vishnu Kumar, who in his complaint said the four also threatened him. In the brawl, Mr Vishnu reportedly sustained injuries and was treated at the General Hospital, Sector 16.

A case under the Sections 323, 506 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered in the police station of Industrial Area.

In the third case of reported assault, Mr Sanjay Singh of Hallomajra village alleged that he was assaulted by Dalip, Ganeshwar Singh and Raju of his own village. According to police sources, the incident happened near the Panchyat Gahat of the village, late in the evening.

The victim reportedly suffered injuries in his chest and stomach. He was admitted to the General Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, where his condition was reported to be stable. A case under the Sections 324 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered.

Meanwhile, the police arrested Vinod Kumar of Devi Nagar, Panchkula from the Housing Board light points under the Excise Act, here yesterday afternoon. The accused was reportedly carrying 150 pouches of whisky. 


Two cars stolen
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 31 — Two Maruti cars and a stereo were stolen from different parts of the city during the past 24 hours. In his complaint before the police, Sector 39 resident B.K. Chopra alleged that his car, bearing registration number CH-01-J-1227, was picked up while it was parked at Kisan Mandi in Sector 37.

In the other complaint, Ajmer Singh of Panchkula alleged that his car was stolen while it was parked at CMC parking in Sector 17. The theft of the car stereo was reported to the police by Dhruv Pal of Sector 9. He alleged that the stereo was pulled out when the car was parked at his residence. Cases of theft have been registered under Section 379 of the IPC.

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