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Monday, January 15, 2001

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The way to learning in the new millennium
by D S Jaspal

Smart SCHOOLSSMART schools will be the institutions of the new millennium where the entire process, content and technique of education will be Web-enabled, where students will not just simply study IT or computers as a subject but actually work and operate in a LIVE InfoTech environment.


Tips & Tricks for Windows

ven those persons who do not use a computer are aware of Microsoft Windows. However, despite awareness about the Windows, a majority of computers users cannot claim that they know everything about it. This is primarily because most of the persons use it only to the extent they require it and hardly try to explore other features. But if you explore Windows more you will find lots of new features and uses.

EDI for commercial activities
by Sumesh Raizada
UCH before commercial transactions became common on the Internet, when e-commerce was perhaps in its infant state, one electronic trade-related term was already in existence in the USA, UK, and some other countries. This was the EDI or Electronic Data Interchange, which referred to business and trade activities that are performed electronically through computers.

Apple decides to start 2001 with bang
by Peter Henderson

Computer Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs unveiled in San Francisco his vision to make the company’s Mac line up the hub of an emerging "digital lifestyle" that he predicted would usher in a renaissance for the personal computer industry.

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