EDUCATION TRIBUNE Tuesday, January 16, 2001, Chandigarh, India
Humanities take a backseat
From Kulwinder Sandhu
CHOOL time is one to be cherished and not frittered away in short-term pursuits. Nor is it wholly meant for churning out either ‘scholars’ or ‘men of the world’, nor even, as present trends ominously display, for "enriching the prudent rather than reward the ingenious".



Why do we say that?
At sixes and sevens



Humanities take a backseat
From Kulwinder Sandhu

SCHOOL time is one to be cherished and not frittered away in short-term pursuits. Nor is it wholly meant for churning out either ‘scholars’ or ‘men of the world’, nor even, as present trends ominously display, for "enriching the prudent rather than reward the ingenious".

Steadily declining to lower priorities and precariously clinging on to the approved school curriculum as elements of a ‘necessary evil’ instead of as subjects for assimilation with undiluted gusto, history, languages, geography and even natural sciences have been overshadowed by the sheer pressure of the swelling status of physical sciences.

Learning at school is, thus, increasingly oriented to employment possibilities and this concept makes related subjects take the prime place.

Making a good citizen can only be the next objective. Then would follow other aims like development of the faculty of analytical thinking, and the ability to perform competently. Where else can parents expect their wards to obtain all these at one place, except in school?

Perhaps, the maxim expounded in Bhartihari’s Neetishataka that "all fine qualities are attributed to one having wealth, that he alone is noble, he alone worthy to be heard and seen", has prompted ideas on attaining wealth. For, all interests are directed towards the professions that would automatically ensure a better headstart. With such an attitude gaining ground and growing into an obsession, only subjects that lead to engineering, medicine, accountancy or business administration get preference and a special status.

In this misguided urge for a lucrative placement for their children later, parents begin building castles in the mind almost when their young are still in the primary classes. The goal is always I.I.T.-J.E.E. entrance exams, medical colleges, or the prestigious M.B.A.’s of reputed institutions — all lofty targets that set them to concentrate on Physical Sciences mainly.

It is a misfortune that this lop-sided preference has pushed humanities to the background with little or no attention to its constituent subjects. The consequent modification in the scope and function of the school in order to adapt to an ambitious professional orientation would amount to interference with the rhythm of school life and the educational system itself.

No school of any standing can think of abdicating its role in society and bowing before the demands of short-sighted versions in place of a comprehensive programme. History books are not chronicles of palace intrigues, wars, annexations, or political philosophies but true lessons in life. Geography, too, is not mere bookish information on the continents, mountains, rivers and seas, but is a cassette providing in concise form a glimpse of the world, its wealth, its flora and fauna, and of the wonderful, planet of ours. Casting aside such educational profundity available, is like throwing away diamonds mistaking them for stones!Top




I am appearing for the GRE exam. However, I am keen on applying for a government or private scholarship. Should I apply for it before or after the exam? Also where can I get information about the agencies that offer scholarships?

Sachin, Amritsar

You have to score really well in GRE to get sufficient financial aid. There is no easy, way.If you are lucky in selecting and seeking admission into the right college, you may end up with something like $9,000 as annual assistantship for a $11,000 pa college. These figures are typical of an average student with 60% scores in Engineering and a 2,200 plus score in the GRE and 623 in TOEFL.

Outright grants and scholarships are offered to students who are not only above average but also truly exceptional in terms of their records at the undergraduate or school level. These scholarships or grants are non-returnable and may well cover the complete tuition fees and also provide sufficient money to help cover the total cost of living expenses. These grants require no obligation from the student except for maintaining a good track record. Rarely, very rarely, however, do universities give you an outright non-repayable scholarship upon enrolment.

In the US, the largest part of the funding will come from the very department that offers you admission. However, offers of admission and financial aid together are becoming increasingly rare. You may not receive an assistantship - either teaching or research assistantship while still in India. However, as soon as you land in the US, you may get your lucky break in the tests that are offered on a competitive basis for these much-in-demand assistantships. These tests are offered along with the placement tests right at the beginning of the session.

The department you are applying to may have projects where you can contribute, if not by direct research, then by helping some senior professor in his research. Awarding the research assistantship is solely in the hands of the professor who also controls the budget.

You could contact the United States Educational Foundation in India (USEFI) or browse the net for further information.

For a Free Guide to the Latest US Government Financial Aid, write to: Federal Student Aid Information Centre, Post Box 84, Washington DC 200044-0084

The book Funding for US Study: A Guide for Foreign Nationals, published by the Institute of International Education (IIE) can be requested from: IIE, 809, United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA.

The book How to Study in America on a Shoestring Budget details profiles of 400 top-ranking colleges offering financial aid to Asian students. Published by CARING, 24, Feroze Gandhi Rd, Lajpat Nagar 3, New Delhi 110024.

I am running a medium-sized poultry farm. I feel I need to acquire some professional know-how but cannot spare much time away from home. Could you please suggest some short-term course in Poultry Management in my region?

Niki Chawla,

Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar 125004 offers a short-term training course in Poultry Management.

Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Krishi Nagar, Adhartal Jabalpur 482004 (MP) offers a 1-year Diploma in Poultry Production to BVSc & AH degree holders.

Central Avian Research Institute (ICAR), Izatnagar 243122, Bareilly (UP), a research and training institute in Poultry Science offers the following short-term courses:

* Poultry Nutrition & Feeding.

* Modern Layer Farm Management.

* Modern Broiler Farm Management.

* Modern Quail/ Turkey Production Management.

* Poultry Processing & Production Management.

* Poultry Disease Control & Bio-security.

* Modern Poultry Hatchery Management.

The eligibility for these 10-day courses is a Bachelors degree in Veterinary Sc/ Agriculture/ AS/ Biology with practical experience in poultry.

For further details, contact The Head, PG Education & Training Section of the Institute.

What is Graphic Designing and how should I prepare for a career in this field?

Alisha Verma, Ludhiana

Graphic designing is a key component of commercial art which involves several related disciplines such as typography, illustration, photography, painting, etc. Graphic designers work with print, film, pictures and patterns. They layout text and pictures for books and magazines, advertisements, posters, greeting cards, calendars, stationery, sales brochures, product packaging, POPs (point of purchase material), credit and title sequences of films, outdoor media like hoardings and kiosks, TV and internet.

A graphic designer is a commercial artist who provides creative solutions to communication problems for promotion of products, services or ideas enhanced through visual communication. Although the traditional skills of the hand still remain prized, the computer has become an indispensable tool for today’s graphic designer. Anyone who wishes to make a career in this field of art must possess a keen sense of aesthetics combined with loads of creativity and imagination. An eye for colour and the ability to sketch is equally essential.

Graphic designers typically work in advertising agencies, newspapers, publishing houses, film and TV production units, design studios, dotcoms and art schools. In an ad agency you will design advertisement layouts, brochures, labels, posters, storyboards, websites etc.

Once you’ve mastered the techniques, you can go on to become a visualiser and then an art director in the art department of the agency or in an independent design studio. You can work as a cartoonist or an illustrator for newspapers, magazines, children’s books, diaries, calendars, greeting cards, CDs, etc.

On the Internet, your work will involve designing interactive, user-friendly web pages and banner ads. In a TV software house you will create special effects using 2D and 3D animation and advanced morphing techniques.

After gaining sufficient experience, you also have the option of freelancing and eventually setting up your own design studio.

With computers having virtually taken over and revolutionised the world of design, a short-term course in computer graphics and multimedia would come in very handy. Look for the best training package from a reputed institute though increasingly some of the better art colleges do incorporate the basics of computer graphics and animation in their courses. But also remember, technology in graphics requires constant upgradation, so make sure you are being trained to work with the latest software.

Premier institutes specialising in Graphic Design are the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, IIT Mumbai and IIT Guwahati.

Graphic Design is a specialisation offered in the Bachelor of Fine/Applied/Visual Art/Design courses at all leading art colleges such as Sir J J Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai; College of Art, Chandigarh, Delhi and Lucknow; Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi; The M S University, Vadodara, Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan (WB); Govt. College of Arts & Crafts, Calcutta; Banaras Hindu University, etc. Most of these institutions including the IITs also offer courses at the Masters level.

Courses in graphic design are also offered at the diploma level at various polytechnics and private institutions.Top




Armed Forces

Jan 31 Indian Air Force, Post Bag No. 001, DHQ Post Office, New Delhi 110001

Recruitment of Male Officers in Permanent Commission & Female Officers in Short Service Commission for Ground Duty Officer’s Course. Administrative Logistics

Elig: (1): Bachelor’s degree (60%) OR PG/MBA/PGDBA (50%) OR LLB (50%) (3/5 yrs).

(2): Bachelor’s dgree (60%) OR PG/MBA/PGDBA (50%)

Age: Bachelors Degree: Below 22 yrs

PG/MBA/PGDBA: Below 24 yrs

LLB 5 yrs: Below 24 yrs, LLB: 3 yrs: Below 25 yrs.

Details & Appln F: Employment News 6-12 Jan or website.

Feb 13 Indian Air Force, Post Bag No. 001, DHQ Post Office, New Delhi 110011.

Recruitment of Women Pilots in Short Service Commission

Elig: BSc (Phy/Maths)/BE, Indian, unmarried females/ widows of Service personnel killed on duty.

Age: Below 22 yrs

Details & Appln F: See leading newspapers or website.

Coast Guard

Feb 03 Indian Coast Guard, Recruitment Cell, Coast Guard HQ, National Stadium Complex, Near Patiala House Courts, New Delhi 110001.

Recruitment of Matriculates as Naviks (General Duty)

Elig: 10+2 (55%) (SC/ST: 45%).

Age: Below 22 yrs (27 yrs for SC/ST, 25 yrs for OBC).

Appln F: Employment News 6-12 January.


Apr 9 Indian Instt. of Information Technology (IIIT), Nehru Science Centre, Kamla Nehru Rd, Allahabad 211002. /

BTech Information Technology

Elig: 10+2 with PCM, born on or after 1 Oct 76 (SC/ST/PH: 1 Oct 71).

Exam: May 30 at 28 centres including B’lore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Delhi, Guwahati, Jammu & Thiruvananthapuram.

Appln Form: Send Rs. 600/- (SC/ST: Rs. 300/-) by crossed DD favouring "IIIT, Allahabad" payable at Allahabad to the Coordinator (Admission) at the above address or Project Manager (IIIT-A), Educational Consultants India Ltd., Ed. CIL House, 18A, Sector 16A, Noida 201301.

Forms also available at designated Vijaya Bank branches: Rs. 560/- (SC/ST: 280/-).


Feb 15 Instt. of Town Planners, 4-A, Ring Rd, IP Estate, New Delhi 110002. Ph: 3318571, 3355722

Associateship Exam, 2001.

Elig: BArch, BE/BTech (Civil), B Planning, MSc/MA in Geology/Sociology/Economics or Post Dip in Town Planning (55%) or engaged in town planning work.

Appln F: Send Rs. 120/- by DD favouring "Instt. of Town Planners, India, New Delhi" along with a self-addressed, stamped (Rs. 34/-). envelope (9" x 11").

Apr 25 Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad-826004.


Fuel Engg, Mineral Engg, Mine Planning & Design, Opencast Mining, Rock Excavation Engg, Longwall Mine Mechanisation, Industrial Engg & Mgt, Petroleum Engg, Mining Geophysics, Mineral Exploration, Engineering Geology, Petroleum Exploration, Environmental Sc & Engg, Computer Appln, Maintenance Engg & Tribology, Mining Machinery.


Applied Physics/ Chemistry/ Maths

Selction: 55% (agg) in qualifying exam and merit in GATE/NET, followed by interview. Reservation for SC/ST.

Appln F: Send Rs. 300/- DD favouring "Registrar, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad," payable at SBI (Code No. 1641), ISM Campus Branch, to the Asst. Registrar (Academic), marked "Request for PG Admission Form" at the above address along with a self-addressed envelope (23 x 15 cms).

Elig & Details: Employment News 6-12 January

Hotel Mgt

Feb 15 National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Library Avenue, Pusa Complex, New Delhi-110 012. Ph: 5782799, 2782744. E-mail:

Joint Entrance Exam-2001

Diploma in Hotel Management (3 yrs) at 21 GoI sponsored & 4 state sponsored institutes.

Elig: 10+2 with English as compulsory subj.

Age: Below 22 yrs (SC/ST: 25 yrs) as on 1 July 2001.

JEE: April 15

Appln F: Send Rs. 85/- by DD favouring "National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology" payable at Delhi to the above add before Feb 12. Also available at Hotel Mgt/Food Craft Instts or designated Syndicate Bank branches at Delhi, Ch’garh, Haryana, J & K, Kerala, Karnataka & TN for Rs. 40/- (cash).


Mar 12 Army Instt. of Law, Sangrur Road, Patiala. Ph: (0175) 208281, 208279.

BA LLB (5 yrs)

Elig: 10+2 (50%) (SC/ST: 45%). Age: Below 21 yrs (on 1 July).

Test: Apr 30

Appln F: Send 175/- by DD favouring "AIL, Patiala" before Feb 28.


Feb 21 K. J. Somaiya Instt. of Management Studies & Research, Vidyanagar, Vidyavihar, Mumbai 400077.

Email: /

PG Programme in Management Studies & Research (2-yr F/T)

Elig: Bachelor’s deg (50%).

Test: 24 Feb at Delhi, B’lore, Ch’garh, Chennai, Kochi followed by GD/interview.

Appln F: Send Rs. 850/- by DD favouring "The Director, KJ Somaiya Instt. of Management Studies & Research" payable at Mumbai before Feb 17.

Mar 07 Lal Bahadur Shastri Instt of Management, Shastri Sadan, Venkateshwara Mandir Marg, Sector-III, R. K. Puram, New Delhi 110022.

PG Programme in Management for Working Execs (3-yr, even)

Elig: Bachelor’s degree, preferably with 2-yr work ex at executive level.

Selction: GD, Interview and evaluation of academic record and work ex.

Appln F: Send Rs. 850/- by DD favouring "LBS Instt. of Management" payable at New Delhi, to the Admission Co-ordinator at the above add, or Rs. 800/- in cash or DD at counter till Feb 28

Jan 27 Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra 136119.

Entrance Exam For admission to BDS at MM College of Dental Sciences & Research, Mullana (Ambala).

Entrance Exam: 31 Jan

Elig, Appln F: Send Rs. 525/- (SC/ST: 275/-) by crossed DD favouring the "Registrar, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra payable at Kurukshetra/ Thanesar to the Manager, Printing & Publications, at the above add. Also at counter: Rs. 500/- (SC/ST: 250/-) from MM College of Dental Sc & Res, Mullana (Ambala). Also collect roll numbers personally from this college before Jan 31.


Mar 07 Instt. of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 221005.


Admission to: MBBS, B.Pharma, BAMS.

Elig: (1-3): 10+2 (PCMB & Eng) (50%) (SC/ST: 40%)

Age: (1 & 3): Below 25 yrs as on 31 Dec 2001.

(2): Not born earlier than 1 Oct 76 for general category candidates (SC/ST: 1 Oct 71).

Selection: Combined written test (PMT/PAT): Jun 4 at Varnasi, Delhi, Calcutta & Chennai.

Appln F: Send Rs. 500/- by crossed DD favouring "The Director, Instt. of Medical Sciences, BHU" payable at SBI (Code 0211) Varanasi with 2 self-addressed slips (10 x 6 cm). Superscribe envelope: "Request for Appln for PMT/PAT-2001, BHU" before Feb 21. Also for Rs. 500/- (cash) from Benares State Bank Ltd., CP & Daryaganj Branch.


Apr 27 The International Biomedical Programme (SRF), The Wellcome Trust, 183, Euston Rd, London, NW1 2BE UK.

International Senior Research Fellowships in Biomedical Science Australia/ India/New Zealand/ South Africa

Elig: Outstanding researchers: either medically qualified or science grads with 5-10 yrs of research at postdoctoral level with record of publications in chosen area of research.

Appln F: Can be downloaded from website.

CARING (Career Information & Guidance), New Delhi.Top



Why do we say that?
At sixes and sevens

A person is said to be ‘all at sixes and sevens’ when he is faced with a difficult problem and just does not know what to do.

The phrase comes from a dispute in the middle age between two of the craftsmen’s guilds in London. The Merchant Tailors and the Skinners were both founded within a few days of each other in 1327, five other guilds having already been chartered. For nearly fifty years they argued about which was to go sixth and seventh in processions. Finally, in 1484, the Lord Mayor of London ruled they should take it in turns — whoever was sixth one year, would be seventh the next... and so on.