Saturday, January 20, 2001
W O R D  P O W E R

(rayz) Demolish completely.

Synonyms — destroy, annihilate, pull down, dismantle.

Antonyms — construct, repair, create, restore.

— The entire village was razed to the ground by the terrorists.

Covet: (kuv’et) Desire to possess something, especially that which belongs to someone else.

Synonyms — desire, yearn.

Antonyms — reject, shun, spurn.

— The players put in their best to win the coveted trophy.

Abjure: (ab-joor) To give up one’s claim, opinion or belief.

Synonyms — surrender, renounce, relinquish, forsake.


Antonyms — acknowledge, advocate, assert, claim, uphold, maintain, defend.

— Nothing can make him abjure his faith in God.

Acclaim : (ak’klaym) To welcome or approve immensely.

Synonyms — applause, laud, praise.

Antonyms — ridicule, scorn, derision.

— Her dance performance was widely acclaimed.

Engender: (en-jen’der) Bring forth, give birth to a situation.

Synonyms — beget, create, produce, generate.

Antonyms — eradicate, destroy, exterminate.

— I feel a strong desire for wealth can engender crime.

Entice: (en-tice) To attract by arousing hope of profit or pleasure.

Synonyms — allure, draw, charm, tempt.

Antonyms — deter, scare (off), repel.

— The unique advertisement enticed the children into the amusement park.


Using the letters in the phrase — Brave warriors — find four-letter words that mean the following (no other letter must be added and no letter must be used more than once in one word).

1. To speak or write about something with enthusiasm or admiration.

2. Big battles using military force.

3. To remove covering from something.

4. The male parent of an animal, especially a horse or pig.

5. Thin flexible metallic thread.

6. A container for holding flowers.

7. Rise high in the air.

8. Deep sound made by a lion.

Look back

Mumbo Jumbo was a grotesque idol said to have been worshipped by certain Negro tribes in Africa. It is believed that it was used by husbands to terrify their wives and keep them in order. The term is used in English to signify an object to unintelligent veneration and the ceremonies connected with it.


Mine honour is my life: both grow in one; take honour from me and my life is done — Shakespeare.

Score card

1. rave 2. wars, 3. bare 4. sire 5. wire 6. vase 7. soar 8. roar.

— Illa Vij