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Monday, January 22, 2001

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Baraat on the Web
by Vipul Verma

ILLUSTRATION BY SANDEEP JOSHITHE Net has come a long way in the past few years. Over the years, the Internet usage has grown from merely sending e-mails and surfing the Net to a perfect medium for live broadcast (Or more precisely, "Netcast") Earlier, broadcast used to be a domain of large media companies, who used do it through the satellite. However now, "Netcast" is a household affair.


Tips & Tricks for Windows

IPS and tricks in Windows play a major role in helping you use computer optimally in terms of performance, and utility. Normally we do not try and explore either the computer or the operating system for boosting the over all performance. Tips and tricks related to Windows can give improve the performance of the computer.

China’s IT strategies
Launches Web site on Tibet; develops bilingual browser
HINA has opened an English-language Web site on Tibet to reinforce its effort to counter unfavourable publicity abroad. It offers 220 megabytes of information about religion, culture, tourism, business — and the blessings of being part of China.

Data warehousing in nascent stage
by Sumesh Raizada
T would not be wrong if we describe IT as Internet and Telecommunication. These two words, in recent years, have contributed to the phenomenal growth of many organisations and have also affected the lifestyle. Today there is a need to remain competitive and profitable.

Former IAF officer eyes Hollywood
by Peeyush Agnihotri

ortitude and perseverance. These two words aptly describe the career trajectory of 33-year-old former Flying Officer Navdeep Malhotra. Eight-years ago when this sortie-happy officer with the Indian Air Force was "yanked off the air" after he lost his left eye in a car crash, his world came hurtling down. 

Forget the real girlfriend, virtual one is here
by Jonathan Watts
andai, the Japanese firm, that gave the world the Tamagotchi electronic pet, has come up with a different breed of cyber-chick — the virtual girlfriend.

On hardware
DVD ROM scores over CD ROM

Kids Chat
Confidence soars with Math Flight

We’re going to "Islandia"

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