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Monday, January 29, 2001

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Hunting on the Wild Wild Web

by Naveen S. Garewal

THE growth of the Internet has led to a very paradoxical situation. While on the one hand there is a huge amount of information available on the Internet, on the other sheer volume of information makes it tough to seek relevant information from the Net in a fast, efficient and reliable manner. Every additional bit of information makes chances of finding appropriate information quickly very difficult. 

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Tips & Tricks for Windows
HE world of computers is vast and what we know about it is just a small part. If you explore more, then you will find that it has much more to offer and actually a person does not even utilise one-fourth of its total capacity. Some of the new tips and tricks are mentioned hereunder.

Mobile messaging takes off
by John Cassy
UF2T? AFAIK IL BL8, PCM. The language may look like gobbledegook but it is fuelling business worth nearly 4 billion pounds sterling a year in profits to Europe’s mobile phone operators.

W(R)AP the future around mobile phones
by Sumesh Raizada
ODAY, with a handheld, wireless device, one can access or be accessed anywhere in the world. With the advancement in wireless communication technology, you can immediately connect yourself to the cinema hall site, book tickets and even get it on your handheld device within a few minutes.

Net gets the blame for blackout
by Melinda Wittstock
power struggle is raging in California where there is not enough electricity to keep the lights on, but more than enough blame to go around — even if a bickering array of politicians, financiers, environmentalists, consumers and technology moguls cannot agree on who or what sparked the energy crisis that has plunged large areas of the state into darkness.

Harnessing womanpower
HDFC Standard Life, one of the first companies to get its licence for life insurance, plans to harness womanpower to get agents. The company plans to sell insurance policies through housewives and the company held a seminar with redforwomen.com, one of the career and business site for women, last week at New Delhi.

India may be frontrunner in bioinformatics 
race, predict IT analysts

by Radhakrishna Rao
HE mid-2000 announcement of the first rough draft of the human genome — involving the sequences of the entire 3-billion letter human genetic structure — has provided researchers a veritable peep into the "book of life". In fact, the human genome project (HGP), which enabled this scientific breakthrough par excellence was given a big push by the enormous computing power and innovative software skill.

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