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Monday, February 5, 2001

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Want to download your e-textbooks?

ILLUSTRATION BY RAJIV KAUL What is an e-book? Basically, it is a book that has been converted into digital format and can be read on a computer or such-like machine. With built-in dictionaries, search, bookmarking, highlighting, annotating capabilities and multimedia enhancements, e-books promise many features that leave traditional books behind, says Roopinder Singh

Tips & Tricks – boosting the computer’s performance
T is common to see that most of the computer-users aspire for high performance computers that is the latest in the market. However, the urge for best performance in computer is not matched by the urge for the high-performing operating system.

Luring NRI’s with attractive packages
by Naveen S.Garewal
HE dot.com bubble might have burst, but it has not brought bad news for all. Barely four months into the market, makemytrip.com, Indian first travel portal, already has its revenues curve on the rise. The portal has placed itself in the niche market of luring the NRI’s back to their motherland in the form of "attractive and affordable packages". The success of the portal lies in the ability to operate in real time.

Global positioning system could have  saved Titanic
by Sumesh Raizada
NGLISH flicks with unbelievable stunts and actions, performed through hi-tech cars, aircraft or boats were earlier thought to be a simple work of fiction. Now many of the actions that were conceptualised in movies or books earlier have become a reality, mainly due to GPS or Global positioning system.

Gates’ gesture
by Anthony Browne
E is already the world’s most generous individual benefactor, giving more to charitable causes than the US government. Now Bill Gates has given the largest single boost to the worldwide search for an AIDS vaccine.

Reprint of Web book released
HE first online reprint (second issue) of a Web book by an Indian "Towards a Perfect Democracy – Alternatives" was released last week.

95: Devil’s number for STD-PCO operators
Panchkula may go to Haryana circle
by Peeyush Agnihotri
NE man’s meat is another man’s poison, as they say. While the business community and subscribers in general are ecstatic over the BSNL’s connecting areas within the radius of 200 km with its prefix-95 facility, STD-PCO owners are fuming.

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A ‘supercomputer’ for designers

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