Wednesday, February 7, 2001,
Chandigarh, India
L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


As the moon wanes, police steps up vigil
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, Feb 6 — 'Worried about robberies or thefts? Be vigilant on dark nights.’ This message has been given to the public by the district police, with display of special calendars based on the waxing and waning of the moon in the current year.

Under this measure, known as ‘Operation Dark Night’ in police circles, the district police has prepared special calendars, in which dark nights are earmarked month-wise. These calendars have been displayed at all police stations of the district, especially of the city, with a clear direction to police officers concerned to step up vigil in their respective areas during ‘sensitive’ nights.

Interestingly, according to informed sources, though the idea of preparing the calendar is a novel one, the knowledge that rise in crime during darker nights is not recent has been known since time immemorial. Yet, it is only now that a concerted effort to curb crime during such nights has been initiated. What goes in favour of the district police is that they are the first one in the state to prepare such calendars.

According to Mr Pramod Ban, SP city-II, due to the sudden incidence of robbery, theft and even some blind murders in the last few months, the district police officials, in a meeting headed by SSP Kuldip Singh, recently decided to increase vigil during the dark nights as about 90 per cent of criminal incidents had taken place during these nights.

A perusal of crime incidents of January also corroborates the police ‘theory’. Barring the robbery at Khanna, almost all the incidents of theft, robbery in this city took place from January 10 to 24, the period earmarked as that of darker nights. Even the sensational case of sodomy of children took place during this period.

Mr Ban said in order to help the police in controlling crime, residents could also remain more vigilant on these nights. Adding a word of caution, he said that the preparation of the chart does not mean that the police would relax during the rest of the period.


3 members of jebkatri gang arrested
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, Feb 6 — The police has arrested three women members of the infamous jebkatri gang for their alleged involvement in a number of chain-snatching incidents in the city, especially along the Jalandhar byepass road.

The Jodewal police station SHO, Mr Balwinder Singh, while confirming the arrest said that the three women were active on the Ludhiana-Amritsar highway, besides other places in the state.

The jebkatri gang had hit headlines a few years ago when the police had arrested them in connection with theft incidents. However, the police was later in trouble as it etched the words jebkatri in the Punjabi language on their foreheads. The issue was taken to the Punjab and Haryana High Court by a human rights organisation leading to a compensation for the women.

According to Mr Balwinder Singh, SHO, the three women belong to the same gang but it not known yet if they were the same women. He said a number of chain-snatching incidents had taken place during the past few months in the area and the police had got specific clues to the activities of one such gang of women.

The latest complaint lodged with the police by Ms Krishna Devi stated that she was travelling in an autorickshaw when three women co-travellers snatched her gold chain and fled by boarding a car which was following the three-wheeler.

Interestingly, the police was extremely cautious in handling the case as policemen were fearful of taking action against the women.


Kisan mela dates finalised
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, Feb 6 — The Punjab Agricultural University has finalised the dates of kisan melas held every year to spread awareness about the scientific methods of growing kharif crops in the state. This decision was taken at the two-day conference on kharif crops held at Pal Auditorium, PAU, here today.

It was decided at the meeting of various farm experts coming from all over the state that kisan melas would be organised at the Kandi Research Area, Ballowal Saukhri, near Balachaur, on March 1, at the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Rauni in Patiala, on March 5, on the PAU campus on March 15 and 16, at the Regional Research Centre, Bathinda, on March 21 and at the Regional Research Centre, Gurdaspur, on March 27.

Mr Jaspinder Singh Kollar, Director, Extension Education, said that the university would make available improved variety seeds of kharif crops, literature published by the university and fruit plants at the melas. He said that experts would also make the farmers aware of the problems to be faced by them and their solutions. He said that the emphasis of the melas would be on the maximum yield produced by scientific methods with least possible expenditure. 


When parents become their kids’ enemies
By Shivani Bhakoo

LUDHIANA, Feb 6 — Gone are the days when children and youngsters used to play hopscotch, marbles, rope skipping, kite flying, hide and seek and other games like carrom, ludo and so on. Nowadays, children in the city are more interested in net chatting, dating, watching latest movies of Shah Rukh Khan and Julia Roberts on video CDs and attending late night parties. Thanks to the westernised culture that has influenced the kids in the absence of attention of parents, who neglect their children in pursuit of kitty parties and money making.

It is a horror to watch little school children demand Rs 200 to Rs 300 pocket money everyday from their parents. If denied, the children try to convince the parents, if necessary, argue with them to get their demands fulfilled. They spend lavishly on eatables, cokes and stationary goods.

Ms Madhu, mother of a grade six child, said: “We are also bound to give whatever they want. I do not want my child to develop some inferiority complex”. She justified herself by saying that other children get huge sums as ‘pocket money’, and if their children were not given what they wanted, they may get into stealing.

“Earlier we used to have well-knit families. Parents had all the time. They listened to their children’s problems and solved them patiently. But now not only the fathers but the mothers too are either career-oriented or busy in their kittys and clubs. They hardly spare time for their children”, observes Ms Amita Aggarwal, a housewife.

Interestingly, some of the school children upto seventh and eighth grades have started their own kitty. They collect money and throw parties at restaurants and clubs. They play tambola, watch a movie at the host’s house. Generally parents are not allowed in these parties.

The rich youngsters have their own lifestyles. They are simply obsessed with luxury cars, latest mobile phones, late-night parties and drinks and smoking. The children get Mercedes, Hondas, Ikons from the parents and go for regular ‘rounds’ in the Sarabha Nagar market and Ghumar Mandi markets. Some of them park their ‘luxury cars’ in front of girls colleges to ‘impress’ them.

It is not out of place to mention that many of these youngsters easily fall in bad company. They start consuming alcohol and go for dating with their girlfriends. The young girls do not mind going for late-night parties and drinking. They lie to their parents and spend their time with boys.

Late night parties are the latest trend in the city. People arrange dance parties and girls and guys have a ‘good’ time during late night dance parties. When a party gets over, the ‘drunk drivers’ drive rashly and even end up with bashed vehicles.

Last year, a boy of a renowned family had died in a road accident. “He was heavily drunk”, said one of his friends. The elite class spoil their kids by giving them everything they demand.

Mr Raj Trehan (not his real name), who is a reputed industrialist, says: “We are so much involved in our business, we feel our children’s demands must be genuine. We do not have time to critically look into their works”.

Many parents try to compensate their children with money when they cannot spend quality time with them, proving to be their children’s own worst enemies.


Candles for Gujarat by Nirdosh students
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 6 — Mentally challenged children of Nirdosh school in Sarabha Nagar here have also been touched by the tremors in Gujarat. When they heard that survivors in Bhuj and Ahmedabad needed candles, they told their teachers that they could make these for them. Candles are needed there because there is no electricity in the affected areas.

These students have set themselves a target of making 1,000 candles. Members of the Inner Wheel Club have provided them with the wax for the purpose. These children have learnt how to make candles. When a student was asked how many candles could be made in one go, he counted slowly and said, “Fourteen.” The first group of students greased the candles, the second put the wick-thread in the mould and the third melted the wax. They selected colours for the candles from different oil-colour tubes.

The mould was filled with wax and allowed to become firm. It was later taken out from the moulds, the extra wax was removed and the wicks were trimmed. Students have made 300 candles so far and will be able to make the rest in the next two days.

At the entrance of the school sits a boy who sells products made by children of the school.


Woman dies of fear
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, Feb 6 — A woman of Gurdev Nagar here died of fear when five persons allegedly entered her house and threatened her husband, Dalip Singh, to withdraw a case that he had registered against them.

According to an FIR registered at the Division Number 5 police station here today, Kuldeep Singh, a resident of Vikas Nagar on Pakhowal Road, and four other persons entered the residence of Dalip Singh on February 1 and threatened him. Dalip’s wife fell unconscious due to fear and later expired in Satluj Hospital here.



THE recent devastating earthquake in Gujarat has made mankind realise how vulnerable it is and how nature can wipe out entire cities. The fact that devastation brings together people from all communities, religions, and ages to help the hapless and shattered victims is very heart warming. The students (see picture) seem the most keen to contribute their share and the desire to be of some use to the battered humanity can be seen by their stretched hands towards the teacher. Many students have donated their entire pocket money, whereas others have made “personal sacrifices”, like they have decided not to eat their favourite pizza and the money saved would be sent to Gujarat earthquake victims. Some have decided to quit drinking their favourite soft drinks and the money saved would be used for relief purpose. Many primary students are selling bakery goods, polishing shoes, collecting money on the roadside in the boxes made by themselves.

Generous Ludhianvis

Whenever a natural calamity or disaster strikes in any part of the country, we respond spontaneously to the sufferings of the affected people. When a cyclone ravaged coastal Orissa, the whole nation came forward with help. The earthquake in Gujarat really evoked an unprecedented response among the city residents who came forward with whatever they could — money, blankets, foodgrains and even blood. Going by the amount of cash donations collected so far in the city, Ludhiana certainly takes the first place in the state, if not the country. Keep it up, Ludhianvis. You have it in you.

Fashion show

The fashion show held recently at a medical college in the city presented the real ‘hep’ life of Ludhiana youngsters. The female models displayed plenty of scanty dresses which ‘exposed’ their bodies to a great extent. Micro-minis, short wrap-arounds, half pants, sleeveless gowns, skirts with long slits in bright colours such as orange, blue, red and green were all on display at the fashion show. No doubt, the guys had a gala time eyeing so many beauties together at one stage. The beauties carrying beer mugs and champagne glasses were really stunning and sensational. The audience was happy to catch the balloons and balls which the male models threw, while presenting the Hawaiin culture. Hats off to all those bold models who had the courage to face the audience. The city is indeed becoming fast forward and daring!


Most of the students of 10+2 generally use a scooter to reach the school and later on after the school hours use their two-wheelers for their tuitions. Various school authorities have warned the students not to use two-wheelers if they don’t possess a license. The students disregard this warning and even dodge the police by choosing deserted bylanes to reach the school. On reaching school, they park their vehicles in nearby houses to escape scrutiny by school authorities. Some of them are smart enough to make fake licenses to fool the school authorities as well as the police. One Principal of a school has decided to be very strict with such offenders and not allow any student to flout the law from the forthcoming new session. But he also knew that students would not like to come on cycles nor would their parents allow them in the face of chaotic traffic of Ludhiana. The Principal wanted to know why the Municipal Authorities do not make cycle lanes for the cyclists. Unless the children and parents feel safe, how will children come to school by cycles? It would be an ideal conveyance as it will provide ample exercise to the students and moreover, would not cause any pollution. But due to chaotic traffic and paucity of time, students prefer two-wheelers and break the law.

Useless press conferences

With the introduction of various city editions of English and other language newspapers, a new trend has emerged in the city as far as press conferences are concerned. Not a day passes when reporters do not have to attend one or the other press conference. Some times the issue is so frivolous that one feels surprised whether the press conference is justified. Recently a press conference was called at a famous city hospital by an official of the Income Tax Department. The reporters reached there expecting news about some ‘raids’ by the IT department. They were asked to wait for some major news. The press conference started about half an hour late. The official announced that some of the city residents were going to establish a Rehabilitation Trust to undertake development projects in Gujarat. When asked about the details, he requested mediamen not to publish his name, or the names of trust members as the trust had not been registered so far. All details would be provided by evening on fax, he added. When asked about the purpose of calling a press conference if the details were to be provided through fax, the official said politely, “If we had not called a press conference, how could we have tea with you?”
— Sentinel



Protest march against killings in valley
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 6 — Several trade organisations and shopkeepers’ associations today took out a protest march against the killing of Sikhs in Jammu and Kashmir and later burnt the effigies of J and K Chief Minister, Dr Farooq Abdullah and Pakistan’s military ruler, General Parvez Musharraf at the Clock Tower Chowk here. Mr Amarjit Singh Happy, president, Akal Market Shopkeepers Association, led the march.

Various speakers condemned the J and K government on the occasion for its failure to protect the life and property of the minorities in the valley.

Others demanded the dismissal of the National Conference government and held that the state should be put under President’s rule in order to restore normalcy. They said if the government was unable to come to terms with the deteriorating law and order situation, the people should be provided with arms, so that they could defend themselves.

Prominent among those present at the occasion were, Mr Harinder Pal Singh Prince, president, Shoe Association; Mr Som Nath Grover, chairman, Chaura Bazar Association; Mr Swarn Singh, president, Gurudwara Akalgarh; Mr Narinder Singh Kala, president and Mr Arvinder Singh Tony, chairman, Akal Sewa Society and Mr Surinder Singh Jolly, general secretary, Manna Singh Nagar Manufacturers Association.

The All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) has also condemned the killing of Sikhs in Jammu and Kashmir and has called upon the union government to ensure security of the minorities in the valley.

A meeting of the federation, held at Jamalpur, under the presidentship of Mr Kulwant Singh Ranike, senior vice-president of AISSF, observed that the Sikh community had made great sacrifices, during the freedom struggle and even later, to defend the freedom of the country. It asked the government to pay at least Rs 10 lakh as compensation to each victim’s family and to beef up security in Jammu and Kashmir.

According to Mr Ranike, a deputation of the AISSF functionaries would soon visit J and K to express solidarity with the bereaved families.

Among others, Mr Harinder Singh Narang, Mr Tejinder Singh Bhoopi, Mr Inderjit Singh Jamalpur, Mr Baljider Singh Chahal, Mr Manjit Singh Raja, Mr Gurdip Singh Kahlon, Mr Kehar Singh and Mr Manjeet Singh Bhola addressed the meeting.


‘Implement WTO provisions’
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, Feb 6 — Major issues which require immediate attention on farm scientists, policy planners, and farmers are deterioration of soil health, decline in water-table, over-capitalisation of agriculture, improvement in productivity and quality of farm products. This was stated here today by Dr G.S. Kalkat, Vice-Chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University, while speaking at the two-day workshop on kharif crops.

Dr Kalkat said mineral deficiency was already leading to many health disorders among the cattle and the day was not far when human health would also be affected due to this deficiency. He said it had become important for the government to implement the provisions of the World Treaty Organisation in an effective way and at a proper time to spare the farmers from its adverse effects.

Dr Mewa Singh Sonar, Director, Agriculture, Punjab, said that during the next kharif season paddy would be sown in an area of 24.11 lakh hectares as against 26.11 hectares last year, thus bringing it down by 2 lakh hectares. He said that earlier it was planned to decrease the area further during the next two years to 20 lakh hectares. Similarly, the area under cotton would be increased from 5 lakh hectares to 5.7 lakh hectares.

Dr Kirpal Singh Aulakh, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, said that most of the foodgrains produced by country were being wasted and were lying unutilised because one third of the population had no money to buy the same.

He said that a scientific approach was needed not only in growing crops but to utilise and store these properly. Citing examples from sugarcane production, he said that sugarcane was not only used in sugar production but its juice could be used in making good quality alcohol. He said its residue could be used as cattle feed also.

Dr Mahinder Singh Bajwa, Director Research, PAU, informed about the latest developed varieties of maize, cotton and many other crops. He requested the state government to increase the capacity of sugar mills.


Donations continue for quake relief
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 6 — Rising to the occasion, the large-hearted people of the city, from all walks of life, continue to make liberal contributions towards the relief and rehabilitation of the earthquake-affected people in Gujarat.

The Baba Jaswant Singh of Gurdwara Nanaksar, Samrala Road, today presented a draft of Rs 1 lakh to the Deputy Commissioner, Mr S.K. Sandhu for quake victims. The principal secretary for Higher Education, Mr G. P. S. Sahi. The SDM, Mr Kuldeep Singh and Mr Kirpal Singh, vice-chairman of Baba Jaswant Singh Dental College were present on the occasion.

In a general body meeting of Punjab Waste Dealers Association, the members contributed Rs 70,000 on the spot for the quake relief fund. Mr B.R.Handa, president of the association, informed that a sum of Rs 1 lakh would be donated to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for Gujarat.

The Model Town Welfare Council, while condoling the massive loss of human lives in Gujarat, had decided to contribute Rs 1 lakh. The Car Bazar Association of Feroze Gandhi Market donated Rs 3 lakh to the relief fund.

With the persuasion of the Food and Civil Supply Department, different trade associations and voluntary organisations had sent two trucks of new garments, shoes and other articles for the earthquake victims of district Kutch of Gujarat, today.

Giving details, Mr Parveen Vij, the District Food and Supply Controller, informed that this consignment contained 6,000 pairs of shoes, chappals and sports shoes for gents, ladies and kids, 2,225 pieces of gents shirts, 2,000 pieces of gents trousers, 1800 pieces of children shorts, 2000 pieces of ladies suits, 1000 pieces of shawls, 450 pieces of gents lohis, 205 blankets, 3,000 shirts, T- shirts and kids garments and 200 pieces of gents jackets. He said that the associations had contributed liberally for the victims of earthquake and had assured to make more donations in future also.

Mr Vij further informed that Mr Sardari Lal Sharma, a social worker, Mr Vinod Kumar, Manager, Indian Overseas Bank and Mr Chaman Lal, Inspector of Food and Supplies department had accompanied the consignment to hand it over to the concerned officials in Gujarat.

Apart from this, different truck unions in the district have handed over a cheque of Rs 1 lakh to the District Transport Officer, Mr Bhupinder Singh, towards relief fund for Gujarat earthquake victims. Among others, the presidents of truck unions, who handed over the cheque, included Mr Mohinder Singh, Hathur, Mr Charan Singh Grewal, Raikot, Mr Surjit Singh, Jodhan, Mr Avtar Singh, Sahnewal, Mr Gurcharan Singh, Mullanpur, Mr Pawan Kumar, Jagroan, Mr Sukhdev Singh, Ahmedgarh and Mr Avtar Singh, Payal.


Coal traders to take ‘extortion’ head on
Tribune News service

LUDHIANA, Feb 6 — Coal merchants and traders here have decided to confront the alleged “Goonda Tax Commissioner”, R.S. Gandhi. The official has been accused of collecting “goonda tax” from truckers on the loading of coal from the Dhandhari Kalan railway station. The tax was alleged to be Rs 300 per box of coal. At least one to three racks containing 40 to 42 boxes of coal each are unloaded here everyday.

Mr Prem Nath Aggarwal, President of the Punjab Coal Merchants Association, at a press conference organised here today, said, “R.S. Gandhi enjoys the support of Mr Jagdish Singh Garcha, Punjab Minister for Technical Education, and Mr Sukhbir Singh Badal, son of the Punjab Chief Minister. The police, too, is supporting this illegal collection of tax because of his political connections.”

Industrialists who were present at the press conference demanded strict action against the guilty.

Mr P.D. Sharma, President of the Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Punjab), said, “The industry in Ludhiana and its nearby places is in the grip of fear psychosis due to extortions by R.S. Gandhi.”

He said the involvement of certain police officials in “this extortion” should also be investigated to save the industry here.

Mr Aggarwal said the association had submitted a memorandum to the SSP in this regard. He alleged that all loading and unloading operations at the Dhandari Kalan railway station had been stopped on February 1 and 2. Owners of only those trucks were allowed to load coal who had payment slips of the Cargo Transshipment Centre.

Mr R.S. Gandhi had denied these allegations at a recent press conference. He had alleged that certain coal merchants and transporters were involved in evasion of sales tax and overloading of coal. He said the allegations had been made-up by traders after he has exposed their activities.

The police has also denied supporting anyone in the case. The police officials said about 80 trucks belonging to various transport companies had been loaded yesterday and even today. They said the police would take action only if a written complaint was lodged. Police said no one had contacted him in this regard.


Anti-farmer policies decried
From Our Correspondent

AMLOH, Feb 6 — Mr Gurcharan Singh Tohra, President, Sarb Hind Shiromani Akali Dal and member of the Rajya Sabha, accused the Punjab Government of patronising anti-farmer policies which would ruin the agriculture of Punjab. He was addressing a gathering at Anian village, near here, yesterday after laying the foundation stone of a cremation ground.

Mr Sukhdev Singh Libra, Rajya Sabha member, advised the people to save the young community from the drug menace. He donated Rs 1 lakh for the sheds of cremation ground.


‘Taxi driver was intoxicated’
By Lovleen Bains

DORAHA, Feb 6 — The murder case of an NRI, allegedly by a Nabha-based taxi driver on Saturday morning, is taking a new turn each day, as more and more facts are coming to light.

It is learnt that Sukhdev Singh, alias Bittu, who is allegedly responsible for the murder of Sanjay Puri of Phagwara, was in an inebriated state at the time of the incident. According to Tarun Kanta, the wife of the deceased, the driver had got drunk near Panipat and they had not judged his evil intentions . “His behaviour”, she said, “changed all of a sudden and he became rude with us.”

At Panipat, the couple requested the driver to halt at some hotel, as they wanted to spend the night time. However, the driver started abusing them and threatened them to keep quiet or he would kill them. But when they persisted, he hit Sanjay with an iron rod and injured his wife’s legs.

He then put the injured man in the back seat and forcibly made the woman sit in the front. Time and again he threatened her. She kept on crying but to no avail. After reaching Doraha, the driver threw the car along with the body of the NRI into Sirhind Canal.

He then forced the woman to walk along so that they could hire a vehicle to go to Gujarat. The women weeping inconsolably, told the police that it was at that time, that she gathered her failing strength and made a last attempt to escape. She made an excuse of acute pain and expressed her inability to go along until she got herself treated from a doctor. The driver unwillingly allowed her to do so and this was the time when the woman narrated the real story to the compounder present in the clinic at that time. Sensing trouble, the driver absconded.

According to sources, Sukhdev Singh alias Bittu who is a native of Nabha is an idler. He does not care about his father and step-mother. He had already left his wife, to whom he was married some time ago. He is a drug-addict and generally under the influence of intoxicants. He had been eyeing the young and beautiful, Tarun, from the time they had been the taxi and the night offered him a golden opportunity to commit the heinous crime.

Tarun Kanta, and Sanjay had been married recently. She was going with her husband to USA after a few days. Sanjay Puri, though handicapped, was an intelligent man, who had got a government job of a supervisor at a foreign airport, only after a year. He had married this poor, but beautiful girl. She, too, was eager to settle in a foreign country and later call her parents, there too. Although a finger of suspicion points to the integrity of the woman, but the story is as yet an unsolved mystery.

The Doraha police is conducting raids at almost all places related to the driver but the culprit is still at large. Mr Karnail Singh, ASI In charge Police Chowki Doraha said, “We are leaving no stone unturned to trace the culprit and he will soon be behind bars.”


Harassment of students continues
Many still without roll numbers
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 6 — Today was the penultimate day of the practical examination of Class X and many students appearing as private candidates for the Punjab School Education Board were still making efforts for getting their roll numbers and information regarding their centres.

Students, parents and teachers, who came to the local board office at Punjabi Bhavan, seemed much tense as several employees at the enquiry counter, including the manager, were either on leave or away on census duties.

While narrating his problems to Ludhiana Tribune, a private academy owner from Anandpuri colony, said, ‘‘Two students of my school have not received their roll numbers yet. I had gone to SAS Nagar yesterday where the officers said that I should get their provisional roll numbers from the local office here. When I came here I was told that provisional roll numbers could not be made as the names of the students was missing in the list of appearing students sent by the board.’’

‘‘Now, we have been directed by the officers here to again go back to SAS Nagar tomorrow to get the roll numbers. But now there is hardly any time left. When will I go and when will my students be able to appear?’’, asked the frustrated academy owner.

Similar complaints were pouring in from residents of far off villages of the district. The local board officers said that they had received several complaints of the sort. They also said that they issued nearly 60 provisional roll numbers to the students today.

Meanwhile, anomalies in the roll number slips issued by the board have caused much confusion among the students here. A private candidate from a school at Barewal informed that she was supposed to appear at Guru Nanak International Public School, Model Town and when she reached there in the morning, the examiners did not permit her to take the examination as her roll number was missing in the list of appearing students.

When she moved local board office the officers said that her centre was fixed at Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Bharat Nagar. She was issued a provisional roll number and finally after three hours of confusion, she appeared for her examination.


Rs 2 cr for Amloh development
From Our Correspondent

AMLOH, Feb 6 — The Punjab Government has released Rs 2 crore for development works in the Amloh assembly constituency. This was disclosed by Mr Balwant Singh Shahpur, MLA, at a meeting held here yesterday which was presided over by Mr Swaran Singh Chinarthal, district President of the Akali Dal.

The development projects, to be undertaken shortly, include two roads — Amloh to Jorey Pul at a cost of Rs 2.40 crore and Galwaddi to Jorey Pul via Salana costing Rs 3.40 crore — and two bridges over the Sirhind choe (rivulet) between Sirhind and Ghulumajra and at Bhari Panaichan village at a cost of Rs 45 lakh each.

The road in the main bazar of Amloh town will be renovated at a cost of Rs 40 lakh and a modern bus stand at Mandi Gobindgarh will be constructed at a cost of Rs 1 crore.

Mrs Paramjit Kaur Bhagrana, Chairperson, Market Committee, said that Rs 23 lakh had been earmarked for the construction of floors in three grain markets of Shamashpur, Bugga Kalan and Amloh. 

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