Saturday, February 10, 2001,
Chandigarh, India
L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Census-2001 begins
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — The enumeration operations for census 2001 were launched in the district at a special function held at Mullanpur, about 20 km from here today. The Deputy Commissioner, Mr S.K. Sandhu, while inaugurating the function, sought total cooperation of the public since the information gathered during the census would greatly influence the social, economic, political and cultural aspects of our country and her people.

In the city area, the census operations commenced with the filling up of household schedule of the census by the City Mayor, Mr Apinder Singh Grewal, followed by the Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Dr. S.S. Sandhu, the Deputy Commissioner, Mr S.K. Sandhu, the SSP, Mr Kuldip Singh and member of Rajya Sabha, Mr Lajpat Rai. Mr Jasbir Singh Heer, Joint Commissioner and Mr B.K. Gupta, Assistant Commissioner and the City Census Officer were present at the occasion.

Addressing the function, Mr Sandhu said that the first census of the new millennium was of utmost importance for all round development of the country. Comprehensive statistics collected during the census would bring out the factual composition of the society, which would form the basis of formulations of developmental policies by the government.

The Deputy Commissioner informed that 2,536 enumerators and 436 supervisors would carry out the census work in the district, whereas 2,343 enumerators and 411 supervisors would collect the data in the city within municipal limits. He said the enumerators had been directed to lay emphasis on female work-participation, which was recorded at 4.4 per cent during the last census, against the national mark of 22.33 per cent. The processing of filling up of forms will be done on computers in the district, to bring about accuracy in the compiled data.

According to Mr Sandhu, the enumerators will visit every house during February 9 to February 28 and those houses, left out in the initial phase, will be covered in the revisional round from March 1 to 5. Special provisions had been made to collect information from houseless population on the last day of census operations, on February 28, for which the enumerators would identify the areas during their house to house visits.

Lala Lajpat Rai, speaking at the occasion, called upon people to cooperate with the census staff, because it was in the interest of the people and the country to have comprehensive data for future planning.

Mr Manjit Singh Brar, SDM and subdivisional census officer, apprised the Deputy Commissioner about the arrangements made for the enumeration at the sub division.



Counting the oldest granny
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — Basant Kaur may probably be the oldest granny living in Ludhiana, who got herself counted by government officials on the first day of the nationwide census. Basant Kaur claims to be 115. She does not remember the date or year of her birth. But she has a vague idea that she was born at the time first plague spread in Punjab. She was born in Bassian village and was married in Jhandi. She does not know when.

Deep wrinkles on her face and absence of any tooth in her mouth may speak about her age, but not the authority which she still wields in the family of five generations. One of her great grandsons Gurvinder is a computer engineer settled in the USA. She remembers that she had got herself “counted” by officials on each occasion when census was held. A number of people have been added to her family. She is the head of a family with five surviving generations and a number of people.

“It is good that people are counted”, she feels about census, as this helps in keeping a record of population. While she feels proud of adding more names in the census form over the previous time, she misses some people whom she has lost during the course of a seemingly long journey of life.

Although she seems to be at peace with herself at her advanced age, life has been a tale of tragedies for Basant Kaur. She lost her only son Jawala Singh, when he was not even 20 in World War, I or II she does not remember. This was followed by the death of her husband Gian Singh within two years. For a long time she felt lonely. Then she adopted Jaswant Singh, the son of her nephew Bhagwant Singh. Jaswant Singh, who actually happens to be her grandson is himself the grandfather of three children. One of his sons Gurvinder is settled in the USA.

It was a great delight for Kamlesh Kumari, Promilla Rani and Sarabjeet Kaur, the three teachers of the local primary school engaged in the census duty to record Basant Kaur’s name. So far she has been the oldest living person who was listed in today’s census and probably there may not be other living person more than her age. Basant Kaur delighted census officials by answering all questions herself, besides giving full details about five surviving generations of her family. 


Chaos in schools as teachers go on census duties 
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — Chaos prevailed in majority of the government and aided schools of the city as more than 70 per cent of the teachers of these schools took up the census duties today. While some of the schools were closed for the whole day, others were closed for the second half and in yet other schools students slipped off on their own taking advantage of the prevailing situation.

Most of the schools which had to be closed for the whole day were those which are under-staffed with all the teachers, including the headmasters, on census duties. Such schools included those on the Jassian Road in Haibowal.

In a visit to the Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Bharat Nagar, at 1:30 p.m., it was found that the school was closed for the second half. Leaving aside the principal and four other teachers, the entire staff has been deputed on census duties. Since the principal had to leave the school during the second half, the school was declared closed at that time.

Several government school principals informed that in the absence of adequate teaching and non-teaching staff, it was difficult to manage the school. Many students simply sneaked out of the gates when they get a chance. They said that no classes could be taken and it was difficult to make them sit for six hours.

Ludhiana Tribune found that at Government Boys Senior Secondary School, Jawahar Nagar, more than 90 per cent of the staff was on duty and teaching work was disrupted. Several classes had to be clubbed to maintain proper order and discipline in the school.

At Nauhria Mal Jain Senior Secondary School, more than 60 per cent of the staff was on duty. The classes were clubbed in this school too. Mr O.P Arora, Principal of the school, said that it had become very difficult for him to administer the school.

Similarly, at Government Middle School, Khud Mohalla, the entire staff was on census duty. Nearly 50, out of the total 70 teachers at Government Multipurpose Senior Secondary School, Cinema Road, were on census duties. From Government Senior Secondary School, Kamaran Road, 17 of the total 20 teachers were drawn for the purpose. Thirty five of the total 44 teachers of Chanan Devi High School were on census duties.


Students await result cards
By Deepkamal Kaur

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — Two months have passed since the Punjab School Education Board had prepared the detailed marks cards of the students of Class X and XII, who had appeared in supplementary examinations. However, more than 6,000 such cards are still lying with the local depot of the board at Punjabi Bhavan, waiting for the students to pick them personally.

The board had prepared the cards by December 12 last. However, due to the nation-wide strike of the Postal Department at that time, the board officers decided to send the cards to all the local depots in each of the 17 districts of Punjab. Since then nearly 400 students have taken away their cards and more than 6,500 students are yet to get them.

Under normal circumstances, the board sends these cards at the permanent address of the students by post. However, this time no postal services are being utilised by the local board officers as yet.

The board officers said that about 10 to 12 students, who had appeared in supplementary examination, were coming daily to the office to collect their detailed marks cards. They said most of the students were coming from far off villages, thus, spending more than two hours for the purpose.

Dr Kehar Singh, chairman of the board, who was in the city today, said that the delay in dispatch of the result cards had occurred due to postal strike in December. He explained that in the last week of December, when the cards were sent to the local board depots, a notice was given in the newspapers, informing all the students to collect the cards on their own. He said that since majority of the students and the parents failed to go through that notice, most of them have not collected yet.

He, however, regretted, ‘‘Had we decided to wait for the strike to be called off, the cards would have been delivered to the students on time and the students would have been saved from such harassment.’’

He further said that nearly 15 days had passed when he had issued letters to all the 17 depot managers of the state directing them to dispatch the detailed marks cards to the students at their postal addresses.

However, the local board officers said that they had not received any such letter from the board and that the students were collecting the cards personally from them till date.


Computer firm delayed roll no. slips: PSEB Chairman
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — Delay in preparation of roll number slips by a private computer company led to delay in their delivery. The company had promised to prepare the roll numbers of students appearing in Punjab School Education Board well in time. But the process took much more time.

This was stated by Dr Kehar Singh, Chairman of the board, who was in the city as chief guest on the occasion of a farewell function held at Gupta Model High School today. He said fresh dates for practical examinations would be announced soon by the board for students appearing as private candidates, who had failed to appear due to delay in dispatch of roll numbers. These dates will be set in such a way that they fall soon after the written examination is over, he said.

Regarding a large number of students appearing at one centre, Dr Kehar Singh said that since the number of appearing students was more as compared to the accommodation available with board schools, such a situation was unavoidable. He said the board had, however, fixed the upper limit of students appearing at a centre to 250 this time.

On the controversy over history syllabus, the chairman said that new syllabus has to be followed by the schools and the question paper would also be set from new books. He said that the board had issued directions to all its schools in September. However, it may be mentioned that very few schools of the city had received the notice from the board and, therefore, the confusion still persists.

It may also be stated that Dr Kehar Singh’s statement was contrary to what the vice-chairman of the board, Mr Gurdev Singh Sidhu, had said in his visit last month. Mr Sidhu had said that no new books of history had been published by the board and that the previous year’s syllabus had to be followed.

Contrary to the statement of Mr Tota Singh, Minister of Education, Punjab, Dr Kehar Singh said that there was no plan to set up hotlines to receive complaints of disorder or cheating during examination. He, however, said that there will be daily shuffling of duties of the observers, as well as the superintendents, so that they do not develop any sort of ‘nexus’ with any particular school. 


35 hurt in accident near Baddowal
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — At least 35 persons were injured, one of them seriously, in an accident involving a truck and two cars near Baddowal here late last night. While most of the injured were discharged by this evening, 13 persons were still admitted in various hospitals of the city.

The accident took place when an axle of a truck carrying devotees to a religious place broke and the vehicle after losing control rammed into two cars coming from the opposite direction. Fortunately, though the accident was massive, no death has been reported so far . The condition of one of the injured Pankaj Bansal admitted to the CMC is stated to be critical.

Normal traffic remained disrupted at the highway because of the accident. A joint effort made by the police, civil administration and the Army helped in moving the injured to the various hospitals and in saving several lives. All ambulances of the Police Department and of various hospitals were pressed into service.

However, the injured and the rescue teams had a difficult time when they had to take certain patients from one hospital to the another as the CT scan was reported to be out of order.

The following is the list of the injured:

DMC: Gurpreet Singh, Nirmal Singh, Surinder Singh, Sonu, Amrit Bansal and Rahul Bansal.

CMC: Pankaj Bansal

Gurdev Hospital: Daljit Singh, Anil Kumar, Harpreet Kaur, Binny, Sandeep and Pardeep Singh. Most of the injured were residents of the Azad Nagar colony in the city.

It was also tragic for the owners of the Ford Ikon car badly damaged in the accident. The car was bought by the Bansal family to present it as a gift to their newly wedded daughter. 


Affluent youths take to crime to pay for drugs
By Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — He is a graduate, belongs to a well-to-do family, lives in a posh colony, wears branded clothes and moves around in costly cars. But the anti-climax of this good-goody description is that he is presently languishing in a city police station, for committing ‘petty’ theft of a car stereo. Further shocking is that the good-looking youth did so to get money for buying drugs.

Another youth, aptly described as a ‘Gora-chitta Munda’ by the police, owns a shop in the old city which is doing brisk business. Seen in better circumstances he could easily be passed off as same model, but the anti-climax here is again disturbing. He, too, is behind bars, caught by the kotwali police in a petty theft case. He was listed as anti-social element in police records because of his addiction to drugs.

The two cases cannot be viewed in isolation. There is a growing number of city youths committing criminal acts, mostly of petty nature just to make money for buying drugs. Another worrisome component of the problem is that more and more youths belonging to affluent class in the city have been found indulging in such petty acts, as they cannot ‘borrow’ money any more from their parents whose suspicion has already grown.

These youths have also no criminal bent of mind. They have only fallen prey to the bad company they were keeping as the ‘over busy’ parents were found ignoring them. Initially, the parents had stuffed their pockets with money and now they must be repenting for the liberal attitude shown by them.

Ask Bobby, one such youth, arrested by the CIA police yesterday, on charges of stealing a stereo from a car. With tears in his eyes and remorse writ large on his face, he tells his tale, albeit reluctantly. First it was just curiosity that encouraged him to just have a try at drugs. Then he began showing off to his friends and before he could realise, he was an addict hooked to tablets, syrups and the most deadly of them all smack and charas.

Initially, he easily used to take money from parents. Then he had to cook up excuses. Then he was stealing in the house and finally outside. “I wanted money for buying drugs’’, he admitted. “My several friends are out there doing the same”, he says, adding that he will never touch those things again. He also pleads that he is not a criminal and did not know that he would be in such trouble.

Police sources said they were regularly receiving such cases where youths belonging to affluent class were found indulging in petty thefts life stealing stereo from a car or other minor thefts like breaking a shop during night and decamping with small items and even chain snatching.

Ask social workers about the menace and they give startling figures . According to different studies, the drug scene in the state and especially in this city is virtually exploding. One study categorised the state in different groups. The central Punjab , that is, Ludhiana and few parts of the adjoining districts, contains about 90 per cent of the drug addicts. The maximum number falls in the disturbing age group of 15-35. At least 24 per cent of these were matriculates and another 22 per cent possessed higher education degrees.


Quake-hit village adopted
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — Bhai Ghanayia Sewa International, a wing of Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, has adopted an earthquake-hit village, Kali Saraswati, located about 17 km away from the Bhuj town in Gujarat

According to Prof Sarbjit Singh, Director, Social and Health Services of the study circle, all rehabilitation and development of the village will be carried out at least for one year. Mumbai and Ahmedabad units of the study circle were actively engaged in the relief work of the quake victims from day one.

He said the first consignment of the relief material worth about Rs 10 Lakh was sent today to the village, along with 10 volunteers, led by Mr Pirthi Singh, state secretary, and Dr Chiranjeev Singh, a social worker.

Mr Surjit Singh, zonal secretary, said that the relief material sent for the victims was contributed by Lord Mahavira Homeopathic College, staff of Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, staff of Pahwa Hospital, Gurdwara J Block, residents of Sargodha Colony, residents of village Chowki Mann, study circle units at Dera Baba Nanak, Zira and Phagwara. 


Drinking water shortage
From Our Correspondent

KHANNA, Feb 9 — Residents here are suffering a lot due to the shortage of drinking water and choked sewers.

There are more than 800 drinking water connections given by the Municipal Council to the residents, who are totally dependent on the supply given by Municipal Council, but for the past many years there is a shortage of driking water. Taps remain dry for more than 21 hours in a day.

Mr Inderjit Singh, a resident, said he had disconnected his water supply connection because the supply was inadequate. He had installed a jet pump in his house. He said many other people had also disconnected water supply connections and installed alternative arrangements.

Another resident, Mr Vijay Kumar said he had municipal water supply connection but the water is not well to drink. It has worms and dirt in it. He said sewerage water has caused problems in many areas like Tewai Chowk, Model Town , Krishna Nagar, Billan Wali Chhapri and Narotam Nagar.

S.O. Mechanical, Mr O.P. Gupta, incharge of water supply and sewerage system, said there is the problem of disposal of sewerage water. He said the town has its main disposal at Baghour village in an area of 15 acres but now it is not sufficient as the population had increased. He said taking in view this problem, the state government had passed a project of Rs 8.52 crore for disposal system here on which the work had been started. It will however, take two to three years for completion.

He said the council was not in a position to give proper water supply till a proper disposal system was installed. He said nearly 150 water supply connections had been disconnected.


MLA alleges discrimination
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — Mr Bikramjit Singh Khalsa, MLA from Dakha, accused the Punjab Government of partial attitude as far as the development of the area was concerned. He said during the past one and a half years, he had arranged Rs 40 lakh for the development works in his constituency without any help from the government.

Mr Khalsa was addressing a gathering at Pamali village yesterday after the inauguration of construction work of streets and drains.

Mr Sukhdev Singh Libra, member, Rajya Sabha, said that the people of the area had played an important role in bringing the Akali Dal to power but the present government had done nothing to develop the area. He said a lot remained to be done and assured the gathering of all monetary support for the purpose.

Mr Santa Singh, the village sarpanch, reading out a charter of demands, said the panchayat needed a grant of Rs 1.5 lakh for drainage.

A cheque for Rs 50,000 was presented to the sarpanch by Mr Sukhdev Singh Libra.


Naulakha, a pale vestige of its past
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — Naulakha cinema, located in the vicinity of the railway station, is one of the oldest cinema halls in the city. The theatre, constructed in the year 1938, remained a hot favourite with Ludhianvis for a long time. During its peak days, the cinema was so famous that even the road passing in front of the cinema came to be known as Naulakha cinema road.

Today, when one reach as the premises, all one finds is garbage and stray dogs lined up outside the main gate of the hall. There are rehris selling gutkha and other eatables sold by contractors. A heap of garbage can also be seen lying near the canteen. Most of the eatables in the canteen are lying in open, the swarming with flies and other insects. People can be seen eating sugarcane and throwing the rind on the road. There is no check on visitors by the gatekeepers.

The cinema has a seating capacity of about 900 people. The rates of tickets for balcony and boxes are Rs 20. There are a total of 265 seats in the box and the balcony. The special class has 283 and the reserved class has 365 seats, with Rs 15 and Rs 10 per ticket.

The cinema has inadequate potable water supply, becomes a great problem during summer. The theatre has a working fire-fighting system, which the theatre satff claims is checked every year by concerned authorities. The cinema has four toilets that appear to be reasonably clean. The theatre has parking for cars, two wheelers and bicycles.

The owner of the hall said that they were already planning to arrange for more drinking water taps to make up for the shortage and these would be installed soon.

One of the cinema officials said, “The gutkha rehris are undesirable in the cinema premises, but we gave the contract to someone who put up these rehris and stalls”.

Talking about the fly-infested eatables, he said that they check from time to time that eatables were not left uncovered. They also take action against attendants who did not take proper care of the canteen. He said that fire systems had been properly checked. The routine inspection of the fire systems was due next month.

One good thing about the theatre was that people were given proper seats according to the seating plan. Only if there was a rush could the persons sit anywhere they wanted, otherwise they were allotted seat numbers.


By Asha Ahuja

Feb 9 — The earthquake in Gujarat has opened the flood gates of generosity in the hearts of Punjabis. Money and goods are still pouring in. Teams of doctors from CMC and DMCH have returned after rendering yeoman’s service to the wounded and the needy. Pathetic and heart-rending stories of suffering of the people of Gujarat and the gruesome state of affairs can leave no eye dry. Now it is the turn of artists to do their bit. Last night some very famous artisets regaled the audience and collected funds for the people of ravaged Bhuj.

Schools are busy arranging farewell parties for outgoing classes both class X and class XII. It is a very poignant day for them as they have to leave the security of school and go out in a competitive world. At the same time, students are excited about the forthcoming Valentine’s Day. The concept of Valentine, though foreign, has been incorporated with great enthusiasm by Indian youngster’s and even the newly-married and ‘much married’ people. Archies cards, and gifts, like hearts of all shapes and sizes and other knick-knacks like key chains with hearts, and other small baubles are selling like hot cakes. The whole idea is to encourage students to spend money recklessly and meet members of the opposite sex stealthily.

A Basant Utsav, organised by Ludhiana Sanskritik Samagam, brought the talent of the young people of the city to the fore. The organisation plans to get their shows covered live by various channels to give an impetus to the careers of young, talented people. Aao Bune Contest has reached the zonal level, with 23 schools participating in it. The students who knitted beautiful patterns were awarded and these students will participate at the final level. Knitting teaches patience, which the youngsters lack, so it has been a good idea to revive knitting.

No new movie has been released this week. Kasoor, a suspense-thriller, starring Aftab Shivdasani, and super model, Lisa Ray, is doing well. The audience probably wanted a suspense-thriller, after every movie was showing violence and mushy, romance, that were too sticky to digest anyway.

There has been a shake up in the police force. Four new dynamic officers have been posted. They are younger and have been brought in to spruce up the image of the police, which had got a serious beating a couple of weeks ago. Residents of Ludhiana hope that they will get just and sympathetic treatment at the hands of the police and their brutality will become a thing of the past.


Work on pensioners’ centre to begin shortly
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — Work for the construction of a pensioners information centre in mini secretariat here will begin soon. The design of the proposed centre was being prepared by the Chief Architect, and the Executive Engineer, Provincial Division, PWD/B&R, had been asked to provide an estimate for the same.

This was stated by the Deputy Commissioner, Mr S.K. Sandhu, while presiding over a meeting of the Punjab Government Pensioners’ District Advisory Committee here. Mr Sandhu said that the centre, to be built near the district treasury office, will have a meeting hall, a retiring room with an attached bathroom.

According to Mr. B.R. Kaushal, president, Punjab Government Pensioners’ Association, who attended the meeting along with other members of the advisory committee, it was pointed out that nationalised banks, undertaking the work of pension’ disbursement, were not following a uniform policy under the pensioners’ loan scheme. Mr Sandhu assured to take up the matter in the next meeting of the bankers’ coordination committee.

The members represented that bus fare concession allowed to women over the age of 60 in Punjab Roadways and Pepsu Road Transport Corporation buses, should be made applicable in buses run under the kilometre scheme. The concession should further be extended to male senior citizens.

The representatives of the pensioners urged the state government to implement the recommendations of the Punjab Fourth Pay Commission, which were submitted almost two years ago as the pensioners were eagerly awaiting implementation of these recommendations.

The Deputy Commissioner told the members of the advisory committee to forward the individual problems of pensioners to the Assistant Commissioner (Grievances) so that these could be sorted out at the earliest.


Man bitten by 10 dogs
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — In a shocking case, a youth who was reportedly in a drunken state was bitten by more than 10 dogs near Tibba village in Dhuri sub-division last night.

The youth Jasbir Singh, aged about 23, was admitted to the DMCH here today morning and is reported to be in a critical condition. Hospital sources said that he had 16 dog bites.

Surjit Singh, an uncle of the injured, said the youth used to go to Sherpur town for buying cloth. He presumably was in drunken condition while returning and collapsed about 3 km before the village. The youth is suspected to have been bitten by dogs, which roam around that place as carcasses are dumped near the site.


Jatha to visit Pak
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — A jatha of Sikh devotees will visit Gurdwara Panja Sahib at Hasan Abdal and other gurdwaras in Pakistan on Baisakhi this year. The devotees will later pay obeisance at Nankana Sahib, Patti Sahib Bal Leela, Tambu Sahib, Manji Sahib Patshahi Chhewin, Chawni Nihan Singhan, Gurudwara Malji Sahib, Gurudwara Kiara Sahib, Jand Bhai Lachman Singh Shahid, Gurdwara Sacha Sauda, Dehra Sahib, Lahore and many other historical places of worship.

Mr Kartar Singh Gharib, organiser, Guru Gobind Singh Sewak Jatha, has said that the devotees, holding valid passports, may get in touch with the office of the sewak jatha.


Air Marshal Sekhon visits Community Centre
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — It was a memorable occasion for residents of Shaheed Karnail Singh Nagar (Phase II) on Pakhowal Road in the city when Air Marshal Navneet Singh Sekhon visited the Community Centre in the colony. He was in the city to attend the bhog ceremony of his mother, to be performed in Sarabha Nagar gurdwara on February 10.

Major Sher Singh Aulakh, President of the Welfare Society of the colony, along with Mr Inderjeet Sekhon and Ms Poonam Sharma, welcomed the distinguished guest.

Air Marshal Sekhon appreciated the work done by the society for the development and beautification of the area, making a special mention of yoga classes, run by the society, which he observed were necessary to maintain a good health. 


Mass-marriage function
From Our Correspondent

KHANNA, Feb 9 — A mass-marriage function was organised by the NGM Social Work Club in association with the Naina Devi Sewa Mandal, Khanna, at the Shiv Mandir on the Malerkotla road here today.

according to the club President, Mr Harnek Singh Benipal, marriages of eight couples were arranged in the function. More than 45 items like cycles, sewing machines, fans and furniture were donated to each couple by the organisers.

Dr R.N. Dhoke, SSP, was the chief guest at the function which was attended by more than 600 people of the area.


Rapist nabbed
From Our Correspondent

DORAHA, Feb 9 — A man, who was wanted in connection with the rape of a Dalit girl and threatening her time and again, has been arrested by the Payal police.

According to the FIR lodged with the police on December 29 last year on the statement of Jarnail Singh of Madnipur village, Amarjit Kaur, his daughter, was raped by Gurdeep Singh, alias Deepi. When she tried to resist, she was threatened by the rapist.

As the parents of the girl were helpless and Gurdeep Singh was an influential person in the village, the crime continued and it resulted in pregnancy of the girl. Finding no way out Jarnail Singh married the girl to a boy of Buggekalan and it was there that she delivered a baby girl within three months of the marriage. Gurdeep Singh managed to get the child killed. After that he absconded.

In the meantime, he met with a major accident and was hospitalised in the DMC. When he was discharged from the hospital he was caught by the police today and presented before the Magistrate. A case has been registered against him under Sections 376 and 506 of the IPC.


Firm duped of Rs 1 lakh
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, Feb 9 — A local firm, Parkash Road Line, has been duped of Rs 1 lakh by a resident of Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar here.

According to an FIR registered at Division No. 6 police station here today, Major Anil Venu Gopal (retd), in a complaint to the police, alleged that a man named Gian had taken Rs 1 lakh from the company claiming that he would solve the problem of sale tax. However, the man did not pay the sale tax as promised and also disappeared.

The police said raids have been conducted but no arrest has been made so far.

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