Saturday, February 10, 2001

Donate before itís too late

Can you hear the screams under the rock,

Can you hear the cries under the rocks.

If you canít, you are no man.

You are just like an animal,

that doesnít give a damn.

Look below and see where you stand.

Try and remember this holy land,

Is this where our freedom fighters gave their life,

For us this is the same old land,


The earthquake has engulfed them in sorrow,

Now itís up to you to give them a brighter tomorrow,

Each one of us has to play an important role

So, arise and awaken your inner soul,

Wherever you maybe, I request you to donate,

Donate before itís too late.

ó Varun Chowdhury (15), Hisar

School is cool

Not even the coldest of days,

Not even the absence of sunís rays,

Not even my freezing hands and feet,

Not even the snow and sleet,

Not even the thick cover of fog,

Not even the shivering of stray dogs,

Not even the chattering of my teeth,

Not even the layer of ice beneath...

... Can deter me from

...Cycling my way to school.

For though the weather outside may be cold,

I must say, Ďschool is so cool.í

ó Ravneet Kaur (13), Chandigarh


A world without money

Can you ever dream

Of a world without money?

If your thought comes true

Then in the seas of life

Dignity of man will be upheld.

Though life would be without money,

It would not be without honey.

The whole world would be full of emotions and expressions

Each and everyone would be free from mental depression

The present era,

A vicious circle of money

Money brings hardships

For which man suffers.

To invest money, a poor man

Bears a lot of pain

When the investment springs a fraud

All his efforts go in vain.

Oh, God saves those

Who suffer losses

But take action

Against those who indulge in heinous practices.

A world without money would be

A world without pills

A world without evils

A world without devils.

ó Priyanka (16), Chandigarh