Saturday, February 10, 2001
W O R D  P O W E R

Word power

Loquacious (lo-kway’shus): talkative

Synonyms: garrulous, babblative, chatty

Antonyms: silent, reserved

— She is so loquacious that people avoid her in every party.

Lucid (Lew’sid): clearly expressed

Synonyms: explicit, illuminating

Antonyms: dark, unclear, ambiguous

— He gave a lucid explanation of the theory.


(over-rawt): state of nervous excitement or anxiety

Synonyms: agitated, excited

Antonyms: calm, placid, unruffled, composed

She was overwrought after the argument with the neighbours.

Plausible (plawz’i-bl): believable, reasonable

Synonyms: valid, logical, credible, feasible

Antonyms: unbelievable, implausible, illogical, improbable

— I don’t find his story plausible.

Rowdy (rao’di):disorderly

Synonyms: boisterous, unruly, mischievous, lawless

Antonyms: law-abiding, mannerly, orderly, peaceful

The rowdy mob set fire to the building.

Turbulent (tur’bew-lent): disturbed

Synonyms: tumultuous, disorderly

Antonyms: calm, smooth, placid, tranquil

Turbulent weather conditions delayed our flight.


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Looking back

The Black Death: The name was given to the Great Pestilence or visitation of the Oriental Plague, which devastated most of the countries of Europe in the middle of the 14th century, and caused a large number of deaths in England in 1348-9.


A man who finds no satisfaction in himself seeks for it in vain. — Rochefoucould.

Score card

Tempestuous, blustering, fierce, stormy, furious, chaotic, uproarious.

— Illa Vij