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Monday, February 12, 2001

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How can  I help you, sir?
By Peeyush Agnihotri

PHONES are blind. They just ring and sing. So long as a customer’s queries get answered in an accent that he is familiar with, he is least concerned with who the person at the other end is and from where is the query being answered.


Tips and Tricks — Fine-tune the system

NORMALLY, we complain over a period of time that computers get slow. There are two reasons for it. The first reason is that over a period of time the technology behind the computers gets updated manifold and when we compare the two, we feel the difference obviously.

Online course providers need to do their homework
By Dinesh Kumar
NLINE courses promise to change learning experience. Sitting at home one can acquire degrees that one always wanted to have. Some enthusiastic writers have gone to the extent to say that conventional teachers will soon be outdated as they would be replaced by online teachers.

Road to ERP being built
By Harsh Sadawarti
NTERPRISE Resource Planning (ERP) has been around for over two decades, but in came in India with a bang three to four years ago. Why it is considered more efficient than the earlier traditional application systems is because it takes into account all aspects of business. The ensuing data becomes the part of a composite whole.

Devil may strike in the garb of Cupid
By Naveen S. Garewal
ITH Valentine’s Day round the corner, many computer villains have got activated to strike at unsuspecting Net buffs by sending them e-mail that will jam their systems with the notorious "Love bug" virus. Anti-virus vendors the world over have sent out e-mails to their registered clients warning them of the possible strike by "Love bug" that caused havoc in May last year.

Gesture for quake hit by city students
group of Chandigarh students, all aged between 19 and 23, were perturbed by the recent quake and have created a Web site on the Gujarat tragedy.Nakul, Gaurav, Nimesh, Sumit, Vishal and Saurabh, all IT students, have developed a unique concept through which they intend to contribute to the Prime Minister Relief Fund. They joined hands to form the CWS team.

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