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Monday, February 19, 2001

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Get the "X" out of WWW
By Naveen S.Garewal


DOES your child have access to the Internet? Does he access the World Wide Web unattended? Do you know what he or she may be exposed to in terms of unfiltered information? Well, if you donít, you may be exposing your children to a lot of unsolicited pornographic material that abounds the Internet.


Tips for better Internet performance

By Vipul Verma
HOUGH you can learn many applications, software and programs, yet you cannot call yourself a computer wizard unless you have a command on your operating system. The world of computers is wide and one cannot become the master of all things. However, if you know some useful tips and tricks, it can help exploit the operating system well.

Ring in the engineers
By Sumesh Raizada
ELLULAR phones do not require wires or cables as a communication medium. With the government relaxing its policies a lot of companies are set to tap the cellular market. Today, cellular or mobile phones are no longer a status symbol but offer several other advantages apart from simple communication.

Want to be rich? Surf the Net
By Rishi Jain
HE Net is a huge bank of information that allows one to access the data stored worldwide, chat with friends, make business transactions across the globe possible and perform all seemingly impossible tasks. Nevertheless, very few persons know that one can also make some money while accessing the Net.

Award for Planetasia
LANETASIA, a global Internet technology services company, has been nominated for the "best e-commerce solutions provider" for the Internet World Asia (Singapore) Industry Awards 2001.

Need a haircut in Singapore? Use a mobile phone
INGAPORE mobile phone users looking for a meal or a haircut in an unfamiliar part of town can now search for a list of services through text messaging. The location-based search service offered by FusionAds was launched on January 1 by local start-up Inspire-Tech.

Platform for Indian & US traders
By Peeyush Agnihotri
NDIAMART.COM, an online business-to-business (B2B) market place portal, is in the process of launching a co-branded Web site that will bring the Indian exporters and US importers on a single platform.

The youngest MS-certified professional from Punjab?
By Vimal Sumbly

AIREET Singh Dhindsa is one of the first and youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), which he completed in the year 1999 at the age of 14. And he claims to be the first and youngest in Punjab.

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