Wednesday, February 28, 2001,
Chandigarh, India
L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Residents irked over registration order
30 held for not furnishing details of tenants, servants
From Manoj Kumar
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, Feb 27 — Are the arrests, made by the local police, of certain landlords for not furnishing information with regard to the employees and servants employed by them to the nearest police station here, legal?

Over 30 persons have been arrested by the local police in this connection in the past three days. And all of them have been released on bail by the SHOs concerned.

The police says the arrests have been made under the order issued by the District Magistrate, Mr S.K. Sandhu on February 22 under Section 144 of the Cr. P.C. directing landlords to furnish the complete bio-data of their tenants, servants and employees. No time was provided to them under this order to furnish the information. The police says such an order was issued about two years ago and that was still under operation. However, any order issued by the District Magistrate under Section 144 of the Cr. P.C. remains operational only for 60 days. It has to be renewed with one day break for next 60 days to keep it in operation.

Some police officials, however, admit that the order, issued two years ago, was never renewed. Legally that order became invalid after the lapse of 60 days’ period. But under the new order issued on February 22, landlords had been provided with no time frame for providing the information. The arrests can only be made if the people concerned violate the order by not providing information within a fixed time frame.

The landlords have questioned the provisions of law under which they have been arrested.

It may be mentioned that Mr Sandhu had issued the order on February 22 directing all concerned to furnish information following the tragic murder of two children after they were kidnapped allegedly by domestic servants. The murders had caused a stir in the city and people had come out on the roads against the police and adminstration. People had alleged that the local police had failed to check the rising incidents of crime in the city.

The TNS contacted a number of persons to get their reactions to the order and the over-enthusiasm with which the police had implemented it. Mr Ram Pal, a PSEB employee residing in Kundan Puri locality said,‘‘The order is good and has seemingly been issued in public interest but we have not been provided any information about its issuance. Such orders are widely publicised immediately after their issuance . But we have been called by the police station concerned hurriedly and asked to provide photos, permanent addresses and other information about the tenants within a day or face the jails for six months and fine. How can I provide all this information to the police within a day about 10 tenants? I am prepared to obey the order in letter and spirit but I should be given some time to do so”.

Some of the residents have even alleged that they were being targetted by the police as a common man was an easy prey. How many civil, police officials and industrialists have furnished the ‘bio data’ of their servants, tenants and employees? they ask.

Mr Surinder Singh, a shopkeeper who was called to the Model Town police station and had to stay there for more than three hours on Sunday said,‘‘All of my family members were worried. No one was aware why I had been called to the police station. The police is showing extraordinary enthusiasm to implement the order. Can’t it show the same zeal to catch the kidnappers, dowry-seekers and other criminals who roam freely?’’

Mr Baljeet Singh, another resident was of the view that the police should have run an awareness drive to inform the public and to convince them about the benefits of the scheme. He further said,‘‘The police is even demanding guarantee of the tenants and the employees that we cannot provide.’’

Whereas most of the residents welcome the order, it is the faulty and haphazard implementation that has irked them. Opinion leaders of all communities and their elected representatives should have been told to educate people in their respective areas for furnishing the bio data, most of the residents feel.

Mrs Vimla Rani, who is having more than 30 tenants said, ‘‘I don’t know what is the order. My tenants have started shifting to other areas instead of giving us their photographs and other information. Tenants say that they require a full day to provide photos and other information. The industrialists have complained that it was almost impossible to provide information to the police about ‘hundreds of their employees working in their factories and that too instantly.’’

Police officials say they have been very busy and this task of collecting information about tenants has put extra burden on them. They have doubts about the efficacy of this scheme. To collect information about tenants is okay but who will verify whether the information furnished by the tenants is correct or not, police officials ask. Only police of the states from where migrant labourers have come here can verify this information. Whether police of these states would take the trouble of verifying the information is a question ringing in the minds of several policemen.


Distraught father poisons sons, commits suicide
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, Feb 27 — Desperate and frustrated, a distraught father poisoned his two sons to death before committing suicide himself, in the Kote Mangal Singh area falling under the jurisdiction of the Police Station Division No 6, last night. According to the suicide note left by Om Prakash, the father, it was abject poverty that had led him to this desperate step of poisoning his two sons, Rajiv and Sanjiv, before committing suicide.

The neighbours of Om Prakash said till a few years back his was a happy family with a prosperous business. Om Prakash also owned a vehicle at one time as he was doing well in business. He was happily married and blessed with three sons. But sometime back, his business fortunes began to decline.

About 18 months ago his youngest son, Satish Kumar, immolated himself to death in front of the house of his beloved. This came as a great shock to the family. Om Prakash’s wife was diagnosed of cancer and died soon after. One of his two surviving sons was mentally challenged while the other one was unemployed.

The family used to survive on alms and aid from neighbours. In fact, in his suicide note, Om Prakash expressed his gratitude to his neighbours who had helped him and his two sons to survive under adverse circumstances. His neighbours had also helped him to change the lens of his eyes, which is also acknowledged in the suicide note. However, the lenses also started proving dysfunctional and he was unable to see.

Feeling defeated and disgusted with his fate he thought that suicide was the only course left for him and his two sons. He decided to end his life along with that of his two sons by consuming poison on February 26 as it was on 26th that his youngest son had immolated himself about 18 months ago.

Three bodies were discovered by the milkman today in the morning when he went to deliver milk to them. The deceased used to live in their ancestral house in the Kote Mangal Singh area. The house is also in a dilapidated condition.

Meanwhile, a pall of gloom had descended on Gali No 17. Om Prakash was said to be a “decent and dignified man” who despite all odds tried to maintain his dignity. However, he succumbed to acute depression due to penury.

Two of his brothers were also present at the Civil Hospital where the bodies had been kept for the post mortem. Most of their neighbours had also reached the hospital along with Mr Santokh Singh Gill, the local councillor. 


Forum fines insurance company
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 27 — The District Consumer Disputes and Redressal Forum has directed National Insurance Company to pay Rs 5,000 to Mr Devinderpal Singh on account of deficiency in service.

Mr Devinderpal Singh, a resident of Jamalpur, had taken a Mediclaim policy from the company for his 10-year-old son Raja. He was insured for Rs 20,000 for the period from October 13, 1998 to October 12, 1999. The complainant stated before the forum that in the first week of November, 1998, his son, felt severe pain in his abdomen. After the medical examination, a stone was found in his kidney. Thereafter, Raja was taken to the Sidhu Hospital for the treatment and there he underwent treatment in November, 1998.

The complainant stated that he had spent huge amount on his treatment but could not preserve all the bills and submitted the bills for Rs 18,500.

The company pleaded that the said policy was obtained after concealment of the precious disease as the disease was pre-existing at the time of taking the policy as such the claim was not payable. The company further stated that Dr Tarsem Lal Gupta who was referred the case for the medical opinion, said Raja was suffering from pre-existing disease at the time of taking the insurance policy and as the claim fell within the exclusion clause No. 401 of the policy. The company maintained that the claim was righty repudiated.

The forum observed, “It appears as if the father of Raja had knowledge of the disease and as such he took the policy to meet the expenses of the treatment. The forum stated that the disease was pre-existing and was not covered under the policy. The forum further added that the company had intimated the complainant that the claim lodged was considered as ‘no claim’ as per the rules of the policy. The forum held that there was a clear deficiency on the part of the company for not intimating the complainant. 


Youth’s revenge leaves girl paralysed

LUDHIANA, Feb 27 — Amandeep’s cries rent the corridor in front of the ward of G-50 as her spinal wounds are being given a specialised dressing. A frustrated youth fired at her from .12 bore gun a few days ago. Amandeep, a teenage school going girl, who was leading a normal happy life, will never be able to walk on her own as her spinal cord has been damaged severely.

She lies in the hospital shattered and full of pain, suffering without any fault of hers. On February 20, as she was on her way back to home from tuition class with her friend, chatting happily about the forthcoming examinations, little did she know that the fate had something tragic in store for her. A 19-year-old youth, Daljit Singh, fired at her from a close range at her Kot Isse Khan village near Moga. Her fault! .......Nothing! She did not like being chased by the boy and had told her parents about the boy harassing who had been her. He used to follow her without a fail. All this was enough for Daljit Singh to fire at the innocent girl. He borrowed his uncle’s gun to do so. One bullet passed through her left breast. As she made attempt to escape, the second hit her in the spine.

Her friend, Gagandeep, was also hit by a bullet in her leg. In the meanwhile, Daljit Singh’s brother reached the scene and tried to stop him from shooting himself, but in the scuffle. a shot was fired which killed Daljit Singh on the spot. Amandeep was taken to a hospital in Moga where they removed the bullet from her breast. A tunnel has been formed by the bullet’s entry and exit. This makes the dressing of the wound extremely painful for Amandeep.

She was brought to the CMC Hospital on February 20 and Dr Bobby John performed a Laminectomy operation on February 22. The operation was tough as the bullet had broken into splinters. Dr John removed 55 pallets from her spine. The wounds in the spine are gaping. The dressing of the wounds torments the girl and her anguished cries of pain are hard to bear for her mother and even for other patients in the ward. Her friend Gagandeep, who had also sustained a wound in the leg, has been discharged.

Dr Barry John said that even though she was out of danger, but in all probability, she would not be able to walk again. He said, “Her prognosis is bad as far as her legs are concerned, but miracles do happen. We can only wait and watch. She will have to stay in the hospital for the next two weeks as her wounds need specialised dressing. Moreover, the girl also needs the services of a psychologist, who will help her to come to terms with her disability. Sometimes, nature can perform miracles and all of us are hoping that a miracle may happen.”

The mother, Mr Amarjit, said “We have been praying for her. If God has saved her life. He will also restore her power to move. We have already spent Rs 70,000 and will have to spend more. Now, she will be our responsibility for we will have to take care of our innocent daughter. But why should my daughter and the family suffered so much because of the anger of one boy? We want to know is it crime to have girls and why is it that the boys’ parents do not teach them what is right and what is wrong? Why are the guns so easily accessible to the young hot-headed people? Who is going to answer all our questions? Why should Amandeep suffer so much pain and agony? Who will marry her?”



Photo by Rajesh Bhambi

A senior officer of the Income Tax department here used to be chief guest at different gatherings. The trend seems to have caught on. Recently one of the senior most officers of the department was invited as a chief guest at a free medical check-up camp. There may not be anything wrong in his accepting the honour. But the same officer refuses to divulge his telephone number for, he says that taxmen should prefer anonymity. Double talk!

Bhangra and giddha

Bhangra and gidha by Punjabi youth enthralled the gathering at the Kila Raipur Rural Sports meet. The performances were lauded by the Punjab Chief Minister, Mr Parkash Singh Badal, who was the chief guest at the concluding function. (see picture)

Ayurveda seminar

Ayurveda practitioners organised a seminar in a five-star hotel under the aegis of the DAV Research Foundation. All the proceedings were carried out in English only with a few quotes in Sanskrit. Not to miss were experts clad in jeans and tops. One Ayurvedacharya had specially flown from Miami in the USA.

Men prefer drinks

Members of Lakshmi Ladies Club didn’t show enough grace during Husband’ Night which was celebrated after three years. Most of the husbands agreed that Kumar Sanu and his troupe entertained well. The fact that they had to buy their own drinks did not go down well with the husbands. The husbands didn’t relish the menu of 90 dishes. They argued that the food could have been simpler and the money saved could have been used for drinks. Since the husbands had to pay for their friends’ drinks also, they felt the wives focus on food out of place.

Invitation cards

The Tribune sub-office here recently received an invite from an upcoming school. The half of the card had a scenery and below it the name of the school. The full flap had the invitation. But it was the back page had the year 2001 calendar. A nice way of keeping the school in mind even after the function.

Silver chariot

The president of Shivratri Mahotsav Committee, Mr Sunil Mehra, said that seven years ago they had taken two vows. One was to make a magnificent silver chariot for taking out the Shivratri procession and another was to set up Shiv Vidyalayas to provide inexpensive education to the children of economically weaker sections of the society. That they spent lakhs on the rath and gave it a priority over education is something difficult to come to terms with. The rath, no doubt, was spectacular, but for the next 364 days it will remain locked. If the schools had been started, so many children would have benefitted.

Card clout

The other day, an auto-rickshaw was stopped at Bharat Nagar Chowk traffic lights by a traffic policeman for jumping the red light. He asked the auto driver to produce the documents so that he could be challaned. But instead of documents, the driver dished out a visiting card of an important police official out of his pocket and asked to be forgiven. The traffic cop asked, “How could you be an acquitance of sahib?” and challaned him. Just then another auto was stopped by the same cop for the same offence. However, the first auto rickshaw driver was shocked when the cop led the second person go scot free as he had shown the visiting card of the Auto Rickshaw Union’s president. The driver who had been challaned came to know that the president’s stamped card was for sale at Rs 300 per month. The police official’s card was provided by the auto driver’s brother who works as a domestic servant at his place. When the official was told about the non-acceptance of the authority supposedly carried by his card, he promptly called up the traffic police cop concerned for an explanation. The ‘erring cop’ had to apologise to save his skin.

Exam time

In the city preparations for the examination to be conducted by the Punjab School Education Board are indicated neither by regular tests or by extra classes. Instead, one gets to know about the arrival of the examination season from the frequent visits of the officers of the board and Education Department. In this month, several schools have invited the Chairman, Vice-Chairman of the board as well as the Education Secretary (schools) as the chief guest on their farewell functions.

It is not only the schools but also colleges which are following the same practice. At least three colleges which have organised convocations in this month had invited the Vice- Chancellor of the Panjab University to award degrees to the students. The DPI (colleges) has also made two visits to the colleges in this month.

While throughout the year, the schools and colleges organised various colourful functions and contests, the frequency of the visits of the high rank officers was not very high. Does it mean that the school and college authorities are trying to woo the bosses?


YC activists stage dharna at MC office
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 27 — The District Youth Congress (DYC) activists, led by its president Parminder Mehta today staged a dharna in front of the Municipal Corporation office here to protest against inflated water and sewerage clearance bills, forcible recovery of arrears from the residents, rampant corruption in the civic body and slow pace of development works.

YC activists raised slogans against the MC administration and marched from Congress Bhavan to the MC headquarters and staged a dharna at the main gate, where a rally was held. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Mehta castigated the MC for forcible recovery of arrears of bills in clear violation of the government directive to provide an opportunity to the people to clear the arrears without any interest or penalty.

Criticising the house tax policy of the MC, he said petty traders and self employed persons, running small commercial ventures from their residence, were being slapped with hefty house tax bills and called for a rational and reasonable structure of house tax. Mr Mehta alleged that there was rampant corruption in all departments of the MC and the Tehbazari branch had crossed all limits. Similarly, the functioning of electricity wing of the civic body also needed to be looked into.

The DYC chief alleged that in clear violation of the High Court directions, the MC officials were devising new ways to put up advertisement boards on the city roads. “The entire process of putting up publicity sign boards was a big racket and some MC officials were making easy money through corrupt practices.”

He charged that sanitary conditions in the city were the worst and development works for laying water and sewage pipes and pavement of streets was moving at a snail’s pace, causing widespread resentment and frustration among the people.

Prominent among those, who addressed the rally were Mr Pankaj Sood, Mr Sarbjit Singh Bunty, Mr Kewal Arora, Mr Rakesh Lekhi, Mr Raman Jagdamba, Mr Sarbjeet Bhatti and Mr Ravinder Singh Syan. 


Now colourful garbage dumps
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 27 — Once the concept of converting the sites meant for garbage containers, all over the city, into aesthetically designed structures for advertising sign boards, becomes a reality, the ugly looking overflowing garbage containers will become a thing of the past and the structures, housing the garbage containers will, no longer be stinking eyesores.

The innovative scheme has been launched by the Municipal Corporation in association with private participation and with no financial involvement of the civic body. According to the MC Commissioner, Dr S.S. Sandhu, the entire expenditure for covering the garbage containers with publicity hoardings and landscaping of the site, will be borne by the advertisers. In addition, the private contractors, entrusted with the job, will provide at least two attendants at each site throughout the day, who would ensure that no garbage was thrown outside the container and that the containers did not spill over.

Dr Sandhu further informed that each site for garbage containers in the city will have concrete flooring, to be provided by the advertiser. The MC has some 260 odd containers in the city at different places and efforts were on to cover the maximum number under the new scheme.

The MC Commissioner inaugurated the first site for garbage container near the PAU Gate on Ferozepur Road last evening, while two others — near Guru Nanak Stadium and Khalsa College for Women in Ghumar Mandi were under construction and would become operational soon.


Clean-up drive under cloud
By Kuldip Bhatia

LUDHIANA, The Mohalla Safai Committees, launched in the city with much fanfare to cater to the needs of many a new locality on the periphery of the mega city, have become a breeding ground for corruption, with quite a few councillors and other small-time politicians, riding the gravy train and the officers of the civic body looking the other way.

Although the MC officials claim that only 10 of the 170 or so Mohalla Safai Committees, as they are known, in the city had become defunct while the others were functioning smoothly. According to workers’ leaders safai persons were shown on duty and funds were drawn from the civic body and pocketed by those at the helm of affairs of the sanitation committees.

Disagreeing with the charge, the MC Joint Commissioner, Mr Jasbir Singh Heer, contended that the regular sweepers were deployed in about 60 per cent of the city, and in rest of the localities Mohalla Safai Committees were carrying out the sanitation work. The committees had engaged over 2300 safai workers on contract basis, who were paid Rs 1200 per month each by the MC through respective Mohalla Safai Committees with an equivalent contribution from residents of the locality concerned.

While Mr Heer asserted that some committees had gone defunct only because nobody wanted to take the responsibility, sources in the MC revealed that the committees were disbanded following regular fights between groups within the committees. Certain Mohalla Safai Committees have engaged, on paper that is, as many as 50 to 60 safai workers.

Leaders of safai workers in the MC, said the scheme was only serving the cause of the MC officers and the councillors. Mr Ram Parkash Gill, Chairman, Safai Mazdoor Federation, who also heads the District Valmiki Sabha, alleged that the committees were doing no work and public money was just being squandered away. He claimed that many a committee had fictitious persons on their rolls.

Mr Gill lamented that staff strength of safai workers had not been increased despite tremendous growth in the city population. Out of 2000 or so posts of the regular sweepers, more than 200 were still lying vacant, which in other words meant that as many beats in the city localities, were being denied the sanitation service for a long time.

Mr Hans Raj Gagat, President, Punjab Municipal Karamchari Sangathan, Mr Lovely, Pal Dasawar and Mr Om Parkash Chauhan, office- bearers of other safai worker unions, echoed similar sentiments. Advocating recruitment of regular safai workers, they said even though the MC was paying a part of the monthly retainership to the safai workers, engaged on contract basis, the civic body had no supervisory control over the workers. The Mohalla Safai Committees were not answerable to the MC. The sanitation work, entrusted to Mohalla Committees, was just a convenient way to siphon off MC and public funds. Except for the councillors and those heading these committees nobody was happy, they maintained.Back


Stop misuse of IMA house: Dr Sandhu
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 27 — Dr S. S. Sandhu, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana, said that the Indian Medical Association House should be used only for the purpose, for which the land is allotted. He said the land allotted to the IMA on subsidised rates was never meant for creating noise pollution for the residents. Dr Sandhu, expressed his views during the medical education programme organised by IMA recently.

Dr Sandhu further added that it had become necessary to install a common incinerator as the Supreme Court had already issued orders in this regard. He said as soon as the place was earmarked, the incinerator will start functioning.

About 60 to70 percent of deaths due to heart attacks occur due to rhythm disorder and RF ablation was the latest technique to control the rhythm disorders, this was disclosed by Dr T. M. Jaison who chaired the programme.

On this occasion, the local chapter of Indian Academy of Medical Specialities was also launched by Dr O.P.S. Kande, president of the state unit of IMA.Back


Rs 5.1 lakh for quake relief
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 27 — Students, staff and management of Kundan Vidya Mandir, of Civil Lines here have contributed Rs 5.10 lakh for the rehabilitation of earthquake victims. Seven representatives of students, one of teachers, besides the Principal of the school and members of its managing committee handed over a demand draft for this amount to Mr S.K. Sandhu, Deputy Commissioner, at his residence today.


Aao bune contest results
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, Feb 27 — The aao bune contest being organised by the Vardhaman Spinning and General Mills converged into an exhibition in which the winners were decided. According to Mr V.K. Goyal, Chief Executive, a five-judge team comprising Ms A, Nehraw of KVM School, Ms Veena Mahajan and Ms Raman Aggarwal of BCM School, Ms Santosh Sharma of DAV School and Ms Renu Sekhri, decided the winners.

The winners include Parampreet of Khalsa Girls Secondary School, Ropar (Ropar zone), Inderjeet of Government Senior Secondary School (Chandigarh zone) and Dilpreet of MGN Public School of Jalandhar (Jalandhar zone), who won first, second and third prize in the Class VI category.

In Class VII category, Navjot of DAV Public School. Ludhiana (Ludhiana zone), Swati Gupta of New Woodstock High School of Patiala (Patiala Zone) and Manpreet of Khalsa Girls School, Ropar (Ropar zone), won the first, second and third prize, respectively.

Sulekha of BBHB Senior Secondary School, Nangal (Ropar zone), Sukhjeet of Khalsa Girls School, Morinda (Ropar Zone) and Amandeep of St. Mary International Public School, Ludhiana (Ludhiana zone) won the first, second and third prize, respectively, in the Class VIII category.

Finally in the class IX category, Navdeep of Khalsa Girls School, Morinda (Ropar Zone), Sanjana of DAV Public School, Ludhiana (Ludhiana zone) and Kriti of BBMB School, Nangal (Ropar zone), have won the first, second and third prizes, respectively.

Mr Goyal said, “The first, second and third prize winner in each category will be given a cash prize of Rs 5,100, 3,100 and 2,100, respectively in addition to a momento.” The official brand ambassador of the company Ms Renuka Shahane launched the range of knit packs last year. 


Arrest of firing case suspects sought
From Our Correspondent

AMLOH, Feb 27 —The arrest of persons involved in the alleged firing, trespassing, in a house on February 17, was demanded by Ms Jasbir Kaur resident of Kanjari village who seemed terrified and presented photographs of bullet marks on the wall of her house to the mediapersons. She alleged that the persons involved in the incident were moving freely.

Inspector Bhulla Singh SHO, Amloh, disclosed that FIR (No 19) had been registered against Amolak Singh son of Baldev Singh, Gurpreet Singh, son of Amar Singh, Gurmeet Singh, son of Subeg Singh, residents of Kanjari village and others under Sections 336, 452, 427, 506, 148 and 149, IPC and Sections 25-54-59, Arms Act, with added Section 307, IPC. Among others the names of Bikram Dalla of Amloh, Hardeep Singh of Lakha Singh Wala, Gurmeet Singh , Amolak and Gandhi were also mentioned as they had accompanied the alleged assailants, in her statement on February 18.

According to the police, one of the suspected assailants, Surinder Paul Singh, was admitted at Rajindera Hospital, Patiala, with bullet injury and on the basis of his statement a case under Section 307 has also been registered against the party which claimed to be aggrieved.

The cause of the clash was reportedly, the construction of a wall by Harwinder Singh on what he claimed as his plot as mentioned in the FIR. On February 17 the wall was demolished by the persons named in the FIR who opened fire and further attacked the house of Ms Jasbir Kaur’s relatives at Amloh smashing the windowpanes as alleged in the FIR.Back


Widow seeks arrest of couple

KHANNA: A 90-year-old widow, Ms Partap Kaur, resident of the New Abadi here has demanded immediate arrest of a couple who allegedly cheated her and an FIR has been lodged against them.

According to Partap Kaur, she had entered into a deal with Renu Bala of Khanna for sale of a plot measuring one kanal 3 marlas at the rate of Rs 15,500 per biswa. A sum of Rs 1 lakh was taken advance and sale deed was decided to be executed on May 10, 1995. But on March 20,1995 Rajinder Kumar, husband of Renu Bala contacted Surinder Mohan , a witness of the agreement and said his father had suffered a massive heart attack and his condition was serious thus he wanted to cancel the agreement. On humanitarian grounds she and her son returned the advance money in presence of Surinder Mohan.

But after that Renu Bala filed an case in the court of the local Civil Judge, Mr J.S. Bhinder, and threatened her and her son Rajinder Singh. Following this complaint Khanna police registered a case under Sections 420 and 406 against the couple on November 10, 2000. Their bail applications had also been rejected by District and Sessions Judge, Ludhiana, but police has not arrested them.


Teenagers snatch earrings
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, Feb 27 — Two scooter-borne young boys in their teens snatched the gold earrings of a woman at about 6.45 pm. yesterday while she was returning from Guru Singh Sabha gurdwara in urban estate.

Ms Jaspinder Kaur, the victim, said that one of the boys remained standing by the scooter while the other boy came from behind and snatched her earrings. She said the boys seemed to be professionals in this regard as they performed the whole operation in a jiffy and made good their escape toward the market. The road was deserted at the time which facilitated their escape.

She was rushed to a private nursing home where she got stitched. She said she could not recognise the culprits as it was getting dark. Her husband, Mr Baljit Singh Gill, informed the Focal Point police station on telephone, though a formal complaint was lodged this morning. A police officer visited her this morning to record her statement.

Meanwhile, Mr Satnam Singh Khera, president, Urban Estate Phase-II Dhandari Kalan Residents Welfare Society, said that during the past six months nearly as many snatching incidents had taken place in the locality, but the police had failed to nab anyone in these cases. He urged Mr Kuldip Singh, Senior Superintendent of Police, to take steps to check such incidents in future.

Stolen car found
The police has recovered a Maruti car (DL-5C-7940) from Amrik Singh, a resident of New Shimla Puri and Charanjit Singh, a resident of Payal, at Mathura Chowk. The suspects were arrested near a police naka. A Maruti car was also recovered from the suspects in Model Town here. A case has been registered under Section 379 and 411 of the Indian Penal Code.

Construction material looted
Mohinder Singh, a resident of Ramdas Nagar, complained yesterday to the police that Harbans Singh Fozi, a property dealer, Pisora Singh and Kala Chakiwala had broken the door of his room in the plot and had stolen 25 cement bags and some iron rods and had intimidated the complainant. A case has been registered under Sections 420, 452, 380, 427 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code.

Illicit liquor seized
12 bottles of illicit liquor were found from Satish Kumar, a resident of Shimla Puri yesterday. The police has registered a case under Section 61, 1 and 14 of the Excise Act.

Plot owner booked
A case has been registered yesterday against Sadu Singh, a resident of Dugri Road, for selling his residential plot without the permission of the Punjab Urban Development Authority (PUDA). A case has been registered under the Punjab Apartment and Property Regulation Act, 1995, on the compliant of PUDA officials.


Migrant labourers robbed
Several migrant labourers staying in the periphery of the Bilaspur village were robbed of their belongings on the intervening night of February 23 and 24.

According to an FIR registered at the Payal police station on Saturday under Sections 382 and 34 of the IPC, four person of Bilaspur village forcibly entered the village at 2 a.m. and robbed them of a cash amount of Rs 15,300, a rickshaw, a cycle, two radios and four watches. They not only robbed them of their belongings, but also beat them up. However, a number of arrests have been made by the Payal police. Two accused have been identified as Harnek Singh and Kala. The other two are still at large.

Fake currency seized
Fake currency worth Rs 3,900 has been seized from Kuldip Singh of Rauni village. A case under Sections 489-B and C of the IPC has been registered by the Payal police. Gurmit Singh of Bhamaddi and Kuldip Singh of Rangia, against whom the case has also been registered, are still at large.

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