Saturday, March 3, 2001

Believe it or not —
the truth about life after
By Suneet Kaur

SPECULATION about life after death has occupied the minds of men down the ages. Everyone who is born on this earth eventually dies, but what happens after one dies, is a question which has fascinated not only ordinary human beings but also great spiritual leaders. But Neville Randall’s book Life After Death shatters all myths about mortality.

It is the soul within us which makes us breath, think and live, and even when our physical bodies get destroyed, the soul remains alive. This concept is not new, it has been mentioned in all our religious texts. Great spiritual leaders and gurus talk about the immortality of the soul, and in Hinduism, relatives of the dead person perform rites and rituals (shraad) for the peace of the departed soul. But, certain questions continue to perplex us: What it is like to die? What happens after death? Where do souls go? Neville Randall got answers to these questions when he listened to the tape-recorded conversations of persons from different backgrounds who had already left this world. Oscar Wilde, Mahatma Gandhi, Cosmo Cordon Lang, Archbishop Cantebury, etc are some of the personalities who answered these questions.

These tape recordings were the work of George Woods and Betty Greene of Worthing, Sussex, through a direct voice medium, Leslie Flint.


George Woods and Betty Greene had recorded at least 500 accounts of dead persons, all of which gave details of what happens after death. All said that death was not the end of life but was the beginning of an eternal life which had only happiness and no pains or sorrow. When a soul departs from this earth, it meets its near and dear ones who have already passed away. One can enjoy all worldly pleasures and do the things that one wished to do in one’s lifetime but couldn’t. Lionell Barrymore, a renowned philosopher of the film world who died in November 1954 due to a heart attack, says in his own words, "I am still interested in theatre, we do have entertainment and everything we do here has some purpose and motive.There are all sorts of theatres there and the plays of Shakespeare are produced. And he is still writing, producing and acting."

An interesting fact, which is still more unbelievable, is that there are trees, gardens, flowers which are much more beautiful than those on earth and, of course, animals but there are no pests like flies.

Most of the spirits which step out of their bodies appear to remain earthbound until they meet their nearest one, who takes them to the world of eternity and helps them adjust in the new world. They become guides until the new spirits get accustomed to their new destination. Even your pets who have died will present themselves

before you to invite you. Many of the dead persons even claimed that soon after their death, they had an urge to visit those they left behind but were warned against it, as it would be disturbing to their relatives.

The author says that there is no day and night in the other world, no typical life. Everybody goes into a state of consciousness that they created for themselves by the life they led on earth. George Harris couldn’t imagine life without laying bricks, he kept on laying bricks. Lionell Barrymore couldn’t imagine life without acting, he went on acting, Rose couldn’t think of living without tea, she kept on drinking tea. No one lies still, everybody progresses. Life continues in heaven as it does on earth. The spirits have wonderful feeling of lightness and warmth in that environment, but no sun, only an illumination from which all of them are able to draw power.

The author also gives an account of what happens when a person is going to die and what happens immediately after that. George Wilmont, the rag and bone merchant, told George Woods and Betty Green of what happened to his wife when she going to die and how he helped her as a soul. Wilmot’s description contains two statements, that at the moment of death his wife recognised his presence in the room and she was helped by her dead mother, father and friends and, secondly, when she died, her spirit detached itself from her physical body and floated above it. After a person dies, his outlook, character and personality remain the same as before. The process of learning continues even after death. He is not limited by the prejudices that he had picked up during his lifetime and he has to unlearn them and open his mind in his quest for the truth.

Mahatma Gandhi’s voice says that one should forget oneself and love all others. Man should understand that he inherits exactly what he has created in his lifetime in the other world. His outlook and way of life remain with him even after he dies.

In the book, the author has himself proved the authenticity of the direct medium used by Betty Green and Woods. He has also talked about the authenticity of the other mediums which others have used to converse with the dead, but says that Flint was the best medium.

The author describes the things which he himself experienced along with George Wood and Betty Green, even though these haven’t been proved scientifically. But one thing is clear — that if all these things are true then we should try our best to make the most of this life so as to attain peace and joy in the other world.