Wednesday, March 14, 2001,
Chandigarh, India
C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Panchkula MC defines its limits
30 sectors, 21 villages to be part of civic body
Bipin Bhardwaj

Panchkula, March 13
Thirty fully developed sectors of this township, including those located in the extension and 21 villages, and seven uninhabited villages (be-chirag-mauzas) will be part of the newly formed Panchkula Municipal Council. The entire Mansa Devi urban complex will also be part of the council limits.

Sources in the Municipal Council (MC) stated that areas which now fall within MC limits were developed by the Haryana Urban Development Authority before transferring these to the civic body. Now the civic body will look after all maintenance works in these areas. The partly developed sector and other areas, which have come within the limits of Municipal council, will be taken up by HUDA.

A proposal for transferring some sectors after their development by HUDA is also under consideration.

Included in the MC limits are entire villages of Bhainsa Tibba, Madalpur, Haripur, Devi Nagar, Majri, Kharal Mngoli, Bana Badanpur, Railly, Maheshpur, Fatehpur Kundi, Abheypur, Budhanpur and Nadha. These have been merged to form the Panchkula Municipal Council. Three panchayats — Ramgarh, Nadha and Nagal Moginand — have been excluded from the Municipal Council.

The Haryana Local Government Department has demarcated the limits of the council in exercise of the powers conferred under sub-section (1) and (6) of Section 3 of the Haryana Municipal Act, 1973 (Act 24 of 1973) and other powers enabling in this behalf and with reference to Haryana Government Local Government Department (Committee), to enforce the notification issued on July 27, 2000 declaring the formation of the council.

Starting from starting point limits of the Panchkula Municipal Council have been described as follows:

In north: The limits of the civic body start at the meeting point of boundary of Bhainsa Tibba village and Saketri with Chandigarh. The boundary passes through a rectangular piece of land along a rivulet near Bhainsa Tibba village up to the boundary Bilaspur village .

From Bilaspur village the limits lead towards east along the boundary of Bhainsa Tibba village up to the common point of the boundary of Bhainsa Tibba village and the boundary of Chandi Mandir cantonment. After that it extends towards south-west till the cantonment enjoys a boundary with the Kalka-Chandigarh road.

The line of demarcation then heads towards east along the boundary of cantonment passing through Judian village till Kharak Mangoli village. The boundary runs along the Panchkula-Kalka road. The boundary crosses the Ghaggar bridge into Panchkula extension.

In east: The demarcation line goes towards east and south along the left side of Panchkula-Barwala highway up to Ramgarh village and up to the state boundary of Punjab and Haryana at Ramgarh village.

In south: The boundary will run along the Haryana and Punjab State boundary upto Railly village.

In west: The municipal limits run along the boundary with Punjab and Chandigarh.


Kiosks removed in Sector 15 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 13
In a joint operation, the enforcement staff of the UT Estate Office and the Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh, today evicted three khokhas from the Sector 15 parking area, where there was a rehri market earlier. The action was taken following the rejection of an appeal of khokha owners by the secretary, local government. The eviction warrants were issued by the SDM (Central), and following the eviction the possession of the vacant land was handed over to the MC.

The eviction orders were carried out by the Estate Office staff. The khokha owners of readymade garments and vegetables themselves took away the angle irons and tin sheets of the khokhas. Despite some resistance, the staff was able to remove the same from there by the evening. The appeal of the khokha owners, who did not figure in the list of about 200 booth allottees, was rejected by the Finance Secretary, who is also the Chief Administrator.

Meanwhile, 15 routine challans were issued in Sectors 11 to the dhaba owners in the rehri market, who had encroached upon the MC land by blocking the public passages by putting extra benches, tables and chairs.


Inferior material used in PGI Nursing Institute: report
Vibha Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 13
A report submitted by IDMA Laboratories has stated that inferior quality material has been used for construction of the Rs 4.5-crore PGI Nursing Institute building.

This follows reports that the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) found that some of the materials used in the building were of an inferior quality and did not meet the standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

The building was to be completed within 24 months after its initiation in 1998 and was said to be one of the biggest nursing projects of North India. However, due to certain reasons the building could not be completed on time.

According to the official spokesperson of IDMA Laboratories Limited, Chandigarh, the samples were sent by the Assistant Engineer Civil II Subdivision II, PGI, on May 13 and May 15, 2000. The reports were delivered on May 25, 2000, after the officers of the department refused to collect these as results of these samples did not match their requirements, he said.

When contacted, the PGI Superintendent Hospital Engineer, Mr G.S. Rosha, said that neither has the CVC marked any inquiry into the matter and nor has any substandard material been used in the construction. The CVC representatives visited the site in August, 2000, not on a complaint but as a routine visit and had raised certain observations which they had asked to be replied to, he added.

Regarding the test report of the IDMA lab of material having failed the compressive strength and mix ratio as per the IS 14201, 1994, Mr Rosha said that this material had not even been used at the PGI Nursing Institute Building. “I have checked up with the Executive Engineer concerned,” he added.

On the other hand, the IDMA report says the cement concrete channels marked ‘‘Ashoka’’ for compressive strength and mix ratio did not even meet the Indian standards, thereby failing sample test. Against the compressing strength of 150 kg/cm2, it was found to be 83.9 kg/cm2. The mix ratio of cement, sand and aggregate was 1:4.4:2.5 against 1:2:4. The cement concrete kerbs also failed the compressive strength and mix ratio test, he said.

According to the laboratory, the aluminum samples which were sent for testing were also not found up to the mark, he said, while adding that on account of this, the PGI was yet to pay Rs 33,000 to the lab for conducting all the tests. The officials concerned are trying to brush aside the payment issue, because they know that the results of these samples do not meet the standards, said the IDMA lab representative.

Incidentally, the CVC had reportedly sent certain observations on the reports of the test failure to the PGI and asked the administration to fix responsibility.

When contacted, Prof S.K. Sharma, Director, PGI, said that he would like to conduct an inquiry into the matter. Incidentally, all important samples of the PGI are tested in the IDMA, a government-approved laboratory.

New PGI OPD inauguration on April 4
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 13
The new OPD of the PGI will be inaugurated by the Union Health Minister, Dr C.P. Thakur on April 4. Confirming the news here today, the PGI Director, Prof S.K. Sharma said that the new OPD will be “put to use” (become operational) on March 19. “All the modalities regarding functioning of the new OPD will be taken care of by then,” he added.


Malhi for Canadian visa office in city
Prabhjot Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 13
“Fewer promises, more delivery” is the motto of Mr Gurbax Singh Malhi, third-time member of Canada’s House of Commons . Representing the ruling Liberal Party, Mr Malhi , who represents the Brampton, Malton and Bramlea Riding in Parliament, recorded the biggest win among all Indo-Canadian candidates in the last elections held in November last year.

Incidentally, he was the first turbaned Sikh to enter Canada’s Parliament seven years ago. At present, there are five Indo-Canadians in the House of Commons. One of them, Mr Herb Dhaliwal, is a Federal Minister also.

Mr Malhi came here as part of an official delegation led by Canada’s Minister for Citizenship and Immigration, Mrs Elinor Caplan, and stayed back in Punjab for some days before returning to New Delhi on his way back to Canada this morning.

In a chat with The Tribune at the residence of the Punjab Education Minister, Mr Tota Singh Didarsinghwala, here last night, Mr Malhi said that he was not in the habit of making “claims” , maintaining that he “promises less but delivers more”.

Referring to the upgradation of the Chandigarh trade office to a visa office, Mr Malhi said he and Mr Dhaliwal had taken up this issue with the Canadian Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and the Foreign Minister besides the Citizenship and Immigration Minister.

“I am not able to tell you the latest on the subject as I left the delegation after its brief visit to the city on March 7. The delegation visited Bangalore and Mumbai before returning to Canada on March 10. When I go back and meet the Citizenship and Immigration Minister, only then can I comment on the outcome of this visit,” he said maintaining that criticism of the Liberal government by an Opposition MP, Mr Gurmant Grewal, about the lack of “political will to upgrade the Chandigarh office” was perhaps misplaced.

“I know what is happening now and what will happen next. Why should our government send its Minister and on all-party parliamentary delegation to India if it is not sincere about solving the problems of Indo-Canadians of Punjabi origin? Our Minister did meet the Minister of State for External Affairs in New Delhi,” he said, claiming that he had seen the reply sent by India’s Foreign Minister to Canada’s Foreign Minister in 1999 about the upgradation of the Chandigarh office.

“I may reiterate that our demand is that the Chandigarh office should be upgraded to a visa office,” Mr Malhi said. He disclosed that after the delegation left Chandigarh, he had a long meeting with the Punjab Chief Minister, Mr Parkash Singh Badal, and the Finance Minister, Capt Kanwaljit Singh, on the issue and had been promised full support by the Punjab Government. Once this office was upgraded, it would benefit people from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir besides those of Chandigarh, he added.

He said the official delegation during its Indian visit reviewed all complaints and the working of the visa processing centres, both visitor and immigrant, in Delhi and Mumbai. At present, in the case of the spouse visa, if all documents were submitted in tim it took three to four months for the application to be processed.

Talking about the new immigration and citizenship law, he said if all went well, the new law would be in place by January next year.

Regarding the nomination filed by Ms G. Malhi as an Independent, he said that her nomination had the “forged signatures” of some of his supporters. He lodged a formal complaint with Elections Canada with sworn affidavits of those whose signatures had been forged. “Only last week, Elections Canada started an inquiry into my complaint,” he said. She had been fielded with an intention to harm him. “But we saw through their game and started a damage-control exercise in time”, Mr Malhi added.Back


Bomb hoax at District Courts
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, March 13
Proceedings in the District Courts were disrupted for over two hours following an anonymous telephone call about a bomb having been planted in the court premises. This turned out to be hoax call similar to the one on January 31.

Surprisingly, the court had got hoax calls many a times but the police has failed to nab the culprits. Sources in the Police Department said that the Police Control Room was informed by an advocate at about 10.15 a.m. that he had got call from an unknown person that a bomb had been planted in the court premises.

It may recalled that on January 31, the court work had been suspended for nearly one and half hour due to a hoax call. The very next day, the UT Additional and District Judge, a Senior police official, and the President of the District Bar Association had inspected the court premises and it was decided to enhance the security in the court complex. As a result one of the entrances of the court was closed and photography was strictly banned inside the court premises.

Soon after receiving the information, about today’s incident police force including the Superintendent of Police, Mr H.G.S Dhaliwal, reached the spot. Advocates, employees and litigants were directed to leave and a special police force with sniffer dog and bomb detectors searched the court premises for about two hours.

The President of District Bar Association, Mr N.K Nanda, when contacted said “some serious steps has to taken by the Administration as the bomb hoax has become a simple tool for the anti-social elements to disturb the court work.

Talking to Chandigarh Tribune the litigants and advocates complained that some step has to taken by the court authorities and the Police Department to avoid such calls and to save the invaluable time of judges, advocates and employees.

“As there are 19 courts, hundreds of litigants, advocates, employees are daily visiting of the courts. The Police Department and the District courts authorities must do something to ensure the safety of the visitors,” said Satinder Singh, an advocate.


Officials patronising kiosk market
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, March 13
While the local administration continues to provide booths in ‘rehri’ markets of the town, a nexus between MC officials and those patronising the mushrooming of kiosks in these markets has come under focus. Even some municipal councillors have “stakes” in ‘rehri’ markets.

The increase in the number of kiosks has not brought in more revenue for the civic body, rather the MC has even failed to realise the ‘tehbazari’ (enforcement fee), running into lakhs of rupees, from shopkeepers of these markets. Shopkeepers of Phase I and Phase 3B1 markets have not paid the ‘tehbazari’ for the past over two years. Enforcement officials put the figure at about Rs 10 lakh.

A kiosk attracts a premium of upto Rs 3 lakh, depending on its location. Owners of kiosks, who are called ‘pradhans’, fragment their temporary structure in two to three parts, depending on the ‘tehbazari’ receipts. It is possible that the MC officials issue bogus receipts. An FIR regarding the theft of official records of the Enforcement Wing by an employee has already been registered.

The Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA) conducted a survey and constructed booths in Phases X and XI for kiosk owners who were occupying its land. After announcing the list of successful applicants during the allotment, officials received information that certain bogus applicants had managed to enter their names into the list. PUDA has freezed the list.

Sources in the civic body said the involvement of the enforcement staff in patronising this practise could be proved by the fact that in the year 1997-98, a resolution had been adopted by officials to allow the transfer of the ownership of a kiosk on a payment of Rs 5,000. While the council was not able to recover its dues from kiosk owners, the permission to allow the transfer raised doubts. Sources said the records of at least 135 such cases had been kept under lock by a senior MC official.

Mr Baljeet Singh, head of the Phase 3B1 market body, says that shopkeepers refuse to pay the ‘tehbazari’ to the council as it had failed to provide basic amenities here. “We had paid Rs 2.5 lakh to the council for issuing no-objection certificates to shopkeepers for obtaining power connections, but nothing was done for this purpose. The MC chiefs have never listened to our demand,” he said. He said he was not aware that the number of kiosks was increasing.

Mr Kulwant Singh, President of the civic body, does not rule out the involvement of officials of the enforcement wing in this case. “I have asked for the records of upto 1997 from the Enforcement Wing to investigate how the kiosks have mushroomed,” he said.

Col H.S. Sangha (retd), head of the Residents’ Welfare Association of Phase 3B1, who had taken up the matter with the local administration, said residents of Phase 3B1 houses facing the market were the worst hit by the unchecked growth of kiosks. The kiosk market has reached right upto the main road, leading to traffic chaos. The Deputy Commissioner of Ropar has been apprised of the situation.


Unproductive schemes for slums

THE Chandigarh Administration has not learnt any lesson from its experience with the rehabilitation schemes for the slums in Sector 31 and Industrial Area, Phase I. Chandigarh Tribune had last year highlighted that it would be a fruitless scheme. Now again Chandigarh News Service has given befitting comments on the subject

The rehabilitation scheme is in fact neither in the interest of the residents of Chandigarh, nor of the Chandigarh Administration. There is no justification for spending crores of taxpayer’s money on such counter-productive plans. In the first phase of construction of Chandigarh, a large work force was required but now there is no logic in this scheme. Many houses constructed by the Chandigarh Administration earlier and allotted to slum-dwellers have either been sublet or sold at a premium. Repeating the same mistake will add to environmental pollution and create unhygienic conditions and health hazards in the city.

The population of migrants is increasing at an alarming rate and needs to be controlled. Political leaders have been extending patronage to the migrants for swelling their vote banks. It is time for the Chandigarh Administration to take immediate steps to save the status of the City Beautiful by controlling the influx of migrants.

Chandigarh Bant Singh

PU recruitment

While the government is freezing all recruitments and is trying to reduce the number of its employees, it is shocking to see that Panjab University is still in the process of a special drive for the recruitment of SC and ST candidates. Admist a freeze on recruitment, this will lead to the degeneration of an already weakened system. This is not the time for populist measures. Government institutions, and the universities in particular, should devise means of attracting and retaining good talent. The extravaganza that compromises on quality has to end.

Panchkula Rajesh Mittal

Festival of gardens

The Rose Festival of yesteryears has become the Festival of Gardens. Stalls put up on Jan Marg during this festival have turned it into a street fair or a mela.

The first casualty of this commercialisation has been the roses, and their fragrance. These stalls should be shifted to some other site so that the spirit the festival is maintained. A look at the stalls which come up year after year, would show that they have nothing new to offer. They only fill the coffers of the Administration, by overcrowd the road and cause traffic snarls. The Administration would be well advised to shift the bazaar part of the festival to the Parade Ground where usually such activities take place.

Let us revive the old magic of the Rose Festival where roses were a thing of beauty and joy for ever.

Chandigarh Harinder Mohan Singh 


Delay in formation of sub-panels hits
development works
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 13
Even though three months have passed since new Mayor, Raj Kumar Goyal took over, the formation of nine sub-committees remains stalled, thereby hampering the development works in the city. The councillors seem to be not serious about the formation of these committees as is evident from their contradictory statements on the issue. The five-member sub-committee, which was formed by the House in its last meeting in February, has also not met once to deliberate on the issue.

Though the Mayor had constituted these committees well within the prescribed time of one month and had even held elections for the post of chairman and vice-chairman of these committees, but the same were rejected by the House. The Mayor, Mr Raj Kumar Goyal, when contacted said that the BJP-SAD councillors, who by virtue of their majority got the said committees dissolved and formed the five-member sub-committee should call the meeting to form these committees again. He is just a member of the sub-committee and not supposed to convene a meeting as a Mayor.

It may be recalled that even during the tenure of the former Mayor, Ms Shanta Hit Abhilashi, these committees were constituted after 4-5 months and even then two sub-committees were not constituted namely the Legal Affairs Committee and the Electricity Committee.

Meanwhile, the BJP councillor, Mr Gian Chand Gupta, blames the Mayor for the unnecessary delay in the constitution of these committees for if the Mayor had not misused his powers and given fair representation to all the councillors as per a resolution passed earlier by the House, there was no need to constitute them again. Even now since he happens to be a member of the sub-committee, he could have convened a meeting and finalised the members.

However, now we plan to meet in the next 2-3 days to give shape to these committees, thereby giving adequate representation to all the coucillors.. He admitted that works pertaining to recarpeting of roads and horticulture were suffering since small estimates of less than Rs 10 lakh were approved in these sub-committees.

Another BJP councillor, Mr R.L Arora, attributed the delay to two reasons. Firstly, we were waiting to hear from the Administration regarding formation of rules as sought by a Congress councillor and secondly they thought the Mayor would call a meeting. But now they plan to take the initiative of convening a meeting in the next few days.

Major-Gen (retd) Rajinder Nath is of the view that the mutual bickerings amongst the councillors of both parties were definitely hampering developmental works, since the power to do these works is virtually being handed over to the officials.. There was no need to reconstitute these sub-committees and the ones formed by the Mayor could have continued with certain amendments. He further pointed out that works approved by the F and CC, which only has seven members and just four councillors, besides the Mayor and two officials, were being considered while most other councillors are unable to raise their views on any public issue in the absence of sub-committees. These sub-committees take up the approval and progress of routine works in various sectors and set priorities for the same. 


Special drive to trace missing persons
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 13
The city police will launch a special drive to find those persons hailing from the city who have been reported as missing since the past two years.

This decision was taken during the monthly crime meeting taken by the Senior Superintendent of Police, Mr Parag Jain, here today. He has reportedly asked all Station House Officers (SHOs) posted in various police stations to compile a list of all the Daily Diary Report entries regarding the persons who are still missing and renew their efforts to find the missing persons in their respective areas.

The SSP also asked his force to be strict with all the religious organisations who are using loudspeakers and adding to the noise pollution. The cops have been asked to confiscate the acoustic systems of any organisation or institution that refuses to accede to the pleas for prohibited use of loudspeakers.

In another major decision, the SSP has divided the entire stretch of Madhya Marg from PGI to the railway light point into eight zones so as to ensure that this stretch remains encroachment and defacement free. A Sub-Inspector or an Assistant Sub Inspector of Police ( generally the beat in charge) would be made the in charge of each zone and has been asked to ensure that there is no encroachment or defacement. It has also been decided to launch the second phase of the alternate redressal of complaints scheme in the first week of April and the neighbourhood watch scheme in each subdivision of the city in the coming week.

Meanwhile, the SSP also took stalk of the beat system , following the three murders in different parts of the city during the last month and a spate of burglaries and thefts. The various SHOs are learnt to have compiled a list of atleast 90 per cent of the senior residents residing in their respective areas alongwith the verification of their servants and the tenants.

However, most SHOs in the northern police stations of the city are learnt to have complained to the SSP that the people residing here were not cooperating with them.


Madhan trial: SOE ‘not according’ to rule
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 13
In a significant development the officer who recorded the Summary of Evidence (SOE) in the disciplinary case against Maj V.K. Madhan today testified that he had given a false certificate at the conclusion of the SOE.

Lt Col R.L. Tiwari of 603 ASC Battalion stated before the General Court Martial, which is trying Major Madhan for alleged dereliction of duty, that provisions of Army Rule 23 were not fully complied with during the recording of the SOE although at the time of the conclusion of the SOE he had certified otherwise.

The statement has given a shot in the arm to the defence, which has been contending while challenging the jurisdiction of the court that there had been several pre-trial irregularities and that the SOE was not recorded in accordance with provisions of the Army Act.

Colonel Tiwari is being examined as a defence witness. After his examination and cross examination were over, he was questioned by the court today.

The witness stated that sub-sections of Army Rule 23, which deal with the procedure to be adopted while recording the SOE were not adopted.

These included rules concerning taking down the evidence in presence of the accused, right of the accused to cross-question the witnesses and statements, if any the accused wishes to make on evidence given by a witness.

Several other statements concerning disallowing the accused to put certain questions and not recording certain statements, made by the witness before the court today, proved to be contrary to statements given by him earlier.Back


Illegal use of Railways land
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 13
Prime land owned by the Railways is being commercially exploited in an unauthorised manner by unscrupulous elements. The land of the Railways around the station stretches so far and wide that even the staff does not visit all areas, leading to its misuse, said say.

Even as commercial interests of the local people are taken care of, the Railways continue to lose money which could have come their way on account of rent if the same land is leased out to private parties. At the moment the land is being used by stone contractors to break rocks into small pieces used as rori in construction activity.

The Railways is oblivious of the fact or its staff have chosen to ignore the misuse. The land being misused is located a little away from the site where goods from all over the country are off-loaded. Officials at the local railway station, when contacted, expressed their helplessness to comment and expressed ignorance if the land being used belonged to the Railways. 


HUDA to set up new club
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 13
A site in Sector 12 of the city has been earmarked for the construction of the new Gymkhana Club to be set up by the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA). The Chief Administrator, Mr N.C. Wadhwa, said the setting up of the new club had been necessitated in view of the increasing membership of the existing club.

“In the club in Sector 6, our membership has crossed the 2,500-member mark and it was difficult to manage the increasing numbers. In order to give quality service, we have decided that the only solution to this is another club,” he added.

The clubs set up by HUDA are done so on specific guidelines laid down by the department according to which members over 2,500 require setting up of another club as has been done in Gurgaon and Faridabad, where plans for the second club have already been finalised.

To be set up on the lines of the already existing club in Sector 6, the new club will cost over Rs 1 crore and will come up in two phases. While HUDA will provide the basic infrastructure in the first phase, the second phase will see the development of swimming pool and courts for games available to members.

The club in Sector 6 has a tennis court, a card room, a billiards room, a squash court, a carrom room and table-tennis facilities in addition to the swimming pool at the premises. It is learnt that the new club will house all this.

Mr Wadhwa said that though the issue of membership to the new club was yet to be worked out, the department intended to separate members on the basis of their residence. “We will try and have members residing in Sector 12 and around to take up membership of the new club while those around Sector 6 to retain their membership there,” he suggested.


Inspector slips to death
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, March 13
Darshan Singh (50), an Inspector with the Chandigarh police, reportedly died after he slipped in the verandah of his residence in Police Colony, Mani Majra, here yesterday. According to sources, Darshan Singh was declared brought dead by doctors at the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32.

His body was cremated today. The funeral was attended by senior police officials. The deceased was posted in the Police Lines and is survived by his wife, six daughters and a son.


Call meeting, Sandhu urges Amarinder
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 13
Mr Tara Singh Sandhu, who was recently suspended from the membership of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, in his reply to the show cause notice, has urged Capt Amarinder Singh, President of the PPCC, to convene a meeting of the party to examine the suggestions expressed by him in an article appearing in a newspaper.

Mr Sandhu has been suspended for writing the article. He has stated that a representative of the party high command should be present in the meeting.

He said he had not done anything wrong by writing the article. It was not a violation of party discipline. Several senior leaders of the party write articles for various newspapers and magazines and freely express their opinion about the functioning of political parties.

“If the article had hurt the sentiments of Capt Amarinder Singh in any manner I tender apology for the same”, Mr Sandhu said. 

Raising Day celebrated
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 13
The three-day Raising Day celebrations of 102 Infantry Battalion (Territorial Army) concluded at Kalka yesterday. According to a statement issued here, the celebrations included a special sainik samelan, a get-together of officers and men of the unit, a social evening and a bara khana. A large number of serving and retired officers of the Territorial Army as well as the regular Army attended the celebrations. Presently commanded by Col M.L. Prasher, the unit was raised in March 1968 by Lient Col G.S. Sandhu. This unit has performed commendably during the 1971 Indo-Pak war, Operation Rakshak, Operation Trident as well as Operation Vijay in the Kargil Sector.


Ban orders
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 13
Gathering of five or more persons, carrying of weapons likely to disturb peace within 200 metres of examination centres have been banned under Section 144 Cr PC till April 4, according to the District Magistrate, Mr S.K. Monga.

Allot plots to residents’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 13
The president of the Nationalist Congress Party, Mr Gurbachan Singh, has urged the Chandigarh Administration to allot plots to leftover residents of Mauli Jagran. The demand was raised when he visited Mauli Jagran yesterday. He informed that out of 956 allottees, who were allotted plots in 1989-90, till now 42 were without plots. He also requested the Administration to open a “madarsa” in the area so that Muslim children could get education.


Dhawan’s plea
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 13
A delegation of senior Congress leaders, led by a former Union Civil Aviation Minister, Mr Harmohan Dhawan, called on the Adviser, Ms Neeru Nanda, here yesterday. The delegation urged the Adviser to ensure that the Estate Office did not harass the allottees of “pucca” booths in “rehri” markets, who had changed trade.


Workshop on ESI scheme
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 13
With a view to educating the employers about their obligations and responsibilities and various benefits available to the insured persons under the ESI Act, the Employees State Insurance Corporation will hold a workshop in April. According to a press note, this is the fifth workshop to be held on the ESI scheme by the corporation and further details could be had from the office of the corporation in Sector 19-A.


Protest against Hindi movie
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, March 13
The local unit of the Shiv Sena continued its protest against the screening of Hindi film Chori Chori Chupke Chupke at KC theatre here today. The agitators raised slogans against the movie and Pakistan-based ISI. A meeting of the party was held in which concern was expressed on the increasing role of Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Shakeel who reportedly have the backing of Pakistan-based ISI in the Indian film industry. The meeting was presided over by Mr Rajinder Shrivastva, Senior Vice-President of the unit, and was attended by various party leaders and workers. Meanwhile, the Chandigarh police has deputed its personnel at the theatre to ward off any untoward incident.


Blast in parked car
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 13
Leakage of petrol in a car parked near the Neelam Theatre, resulted in a blast this afternoon. It is learnt that a Fiat car (PB-12-1414) was parked near the police picket. However, no damage to life or other property has been reported. The engine of the car has been completely burnt.

Six booked
The local police has arrested six persons for allegedly trespassing into a house in Maloya Colony, beating up and threatening Mr Vinod Kumar. It is alleged that the complainant had gone to another house in the Colony in order to do some personal work. Sohan Lal, Ram Babu, Nane, Kanhaiya, Rajesh and Sonu have been arrested by the police under Sections 147, 148, 149, 323, 452 and 506 of the IPC.

Cycle stolen
A Hero Jet cycle belonging to Kalika Prasad Yadav was stolen from in front of his residence in Colony No 4 on the intervening night of March 10 and 11. A case under Section 379 of the IPC has been registered at police station Industrial Area.

Doctor injured
A young woman doctor was injured in an acident when her car was hit by another car near the Jagat Cinema Light Point. The victim, Dr Deepali, has been admitted to the PGI for treatment.


Medical equipment worth over Rs 40,000 was stolen from the Civil Hospital in Phase 6 here by a person posing as a doctor. The police has registered a case under Section 380 of the IPC on a complaint lodged by Dr Jai Singh of the hospital.

Mr Harinder Singh, a teacher of Balongi, in a complaint lodged with the police said he was assaulted by nine persons after he had protested against rowdyism by assailants. The police has registered a case under Sections 148, 149, 325 and 307 of the IPC.Back

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