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Monday, March 19, 2001

Freebies galore on Net

THE Internet has taken entertainment to new heights. Today there are thousands of Web sites, which offer good fun, entertainment and games. Well! there are lots of prizes also, which a person can win either in cash or kind. One such site, which has lots of prizes to be won, is www.jackpot.com. On this site you will find some interesting games like Slot Machine, Bingo, Solitaire, Lotto, Lucky loot, Big Prizes, Tomcats BlackJacks. Out of the above-mentioned games, in slot machine, bingo, solitaire there is a chance to win up to $10,00,000 every month. Moreover other prizes include a 2001 VW Cabrio GL Convertible car, Maui Vacation for 2 and Sony Digital Camcorder. Though the games listed on this site are common yet the prizes associated with them are great. However for playing these games you need to register yourself at this site. Another site called www.wonderclick.com is also an interesting site, where you can also play and win a lot of prizes. On this site you can play wonder click game and win both cash prizes and a trip to Bahamas on a dream vacation for 4 days and 3 nights.

If freebies attract your attention, then you can log on to www.ilovefreebies.com and win a lot of freebies like T-shirts, CDs, free coupons, cash prizes in online surveys, cameras, subscriptions to magazines etc. For earning these freebies you need not play a game or quiz. The freebies are quick and easy to win and at times are quite valuable also. Similarly there are lot of other free things available on www.freethingz.net. This site is laid out in various categories in which free stuff is listed. Some of the interesting categories are auctions, autos, books, careers, clothes, contests, business, education, games, investment, money, music, softwares etc. These categories have lots of offers in it, which are quite interesting also. This site also conducts surveys for which it pays anything between $ 4 and $ 25. Basically, this is one of the most comprehensive sites on freebies and has something of interest for everybody. There is another great site www.stop2win.com that has a lot of interesting stuff for computer lovers. This site has many things like Intel Pentium 700 MHz computer worth $1900, a Palm IIIc, latest Palm Pilot with full colour display worth $450 value, Top-of-the -line Sony Mavica FD-91 digital camera, with XGA high resolution (1024 x 768), 14X Zoom, movie mode etc worth $998.00 $10,000 Cash, DVD player etc.


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