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Monday, March 19, 2001
Kids chat

Egurucool to take care of examination fever

HELLO kids and welcome to our weekly chat.

Cliparti: Howz your fever, Windy?

Windy: Oh, I am taking regular dose to keep it away.

Fluppy: I didnít know you had fever.

Cliparti: Examination fever, you stupid.

Fluppy: But he said he was taking some dose for it.

Windy: Yup! Dose like study tips, last minute clarifications.

Fluppy: How do you get that?


Windy: You know there is this wonderful site at www.coolmath.com/studytip.htm which will give you tips on how to study methodically and prepare for an exam. Something like, say, when to memorise and when not to, what all to go through before the exam, how to avoid being nervous and other doís and dontís for the day, the night, the afternoon or an hour before the exam.

Fluppy: Wow! That is cool.

Windy: Cool, cool! So is guru cool!!

Fluppy: Whatís that?

Windy: E gurucool.com is another such site that would help you clear last minute doubts. Although it comprises of academics, careers, schools, organisations and expressions, yet it will answer all your queries and doubts rampaging in your minds.

Cliparti: Yeah. I often have so many doubts, just before the exam. In case you ask your teacher or your mom, all theyíve got to say is "Is this the time to ask this", or "What were you doing in class when I was explaining it", so I simply avoid asking anybody and go to the examination hall with a head full of doubts.

Windy: Yes, and these doubts prevent you from being confident. In the bargain you get nervous and do not perform well.

Cliparti: But now I am sure I can bank upon Guru cool and remain confident, calm and cool.

Fluppy: Good for you. Cliparti now you also know of some useful sites to log on to help in your exam.

Cliparti: I already know of so many other sites that I use to prepare for my exams. To begin with, at www.math.com/students/practice.htm is a world of math online. You can practice, do homework, use calculator or other tools like geometry box, graph sheets etc. In case you are stuck you can seek expertsí advice. It has all, starting from basic math, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, calculus to other advanced topics. Of course it also gives study tips and preparation and references for tests.

Windy: This sure is a nice way to study math. The more you practice, more perfection you achieve.

Cliparti: Yes, I study chemistry the same way.

Fluppy: You mean this has chemistry too.

Cliparti: No, this does not have chemistry but I study chemistry similarly from another similar site. At http://chemistry.about.com/science/chemistry you will find all subjects that deal with chemistry. Be it analytical chemistry or biochemistry, chemistry, history or computational chemistry, electrochemistry or inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry or physical chemistry and any other chemistry. In the spotlight, you will come across things that you might not even have heard about.

Windy: This sounds like a complete and comprehensive chemistry site.

Cliparti: But it deals with other related sites like biology, botany, ecology, food engineering, metals and composite metals, to name a few.

Fluppy: Hey Windy, you can tell all this to your brother who is appearing for board exams this year.

Windy: I donít think he has time for this now. He is more interested in solving past yearís board papers nowadays.

Cliparti: That means he has more or less revised thoroughly and now he is concentrating on practicing.

Windy: You can say so.

Cliparti: In that case, I have this excellent site for him. It has the best collection of solved model papers for Xth and XIIth boards and competitive exams. You can go for English, Math or Science for class Xth and plus chemistry, physics, biology, accounts, business studies, economics for class XIIth.

Windy: I am sure he will be delighted when I tell him of this site.

Fluppy: How can anyone be delighted when you are talking of studies? Itís ugh!

Windy: I have something exactly for your ugh, I mean schoolwork.ugh. At http://www.schoolwork.org/ you will find all homework help on science, grammar, language, math, literature, law, philosophy etc. It is especially for those of you who consider homework a big ugh!

Fluppy: What do you mean by those of you, I guess all of us consider it ugh.

Windy: You are wrong, Fluppy. There are thousands and thousands of us who enjoy it.

Fluppy: Ha, Ha, Ha, a good joke for the new millennium! Ha, Ha, Ha.

Cliparti: Leave him, he can never believe that!

ó Ira Verma

Hey, kids! Letís be friends. You can send your suggestions and queries to us at Kids Chat. Our e-mail address is login@tribuneindia.com. Cliparti Sweet, Fluppy Little, along with me, of course, are all here to answer them. ó Windy