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Monday, March 19, 2001
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GRAPHIC cards constitute an important component of a computer system. A good graphic card with the right set of drivers can boost performance, while even the best of graphic cards with wrong or mismatched drivers can turn a speed blazer into a non-performer. Most Intel 815E chip motherboards available in the market today have an onboard AGP video card, which share system memory. Such motherboards can also take additional 4 MB AIMM modules. These low-end non-3D graphic chips serve the purpose of moderate applications, but gamers and those with heavy graphic applications need dedicated graphic cards. Some high-end graphic cards in the market are as follows:


Daytona Riva TNT2 M64 32 MB  Rs 3900/-


Riva TNT2 M64 Vanta 8 MB Riva

TNT2 M64 Combat 16 MB 

Riva TNT2 M64 Magic 32 MB 

Riva TNT2 Pro 128 32 MB 

Riva GE Force 256 

Riva GE Force 2 MX 

Riva GE Force 2 MX with 3 D glasses 

Riva GE Force 2GTS 64 MB

Rs 3600/-

Rs 5200/-

Rs 7200/-

Rs 10,200/-

Rs 16,500/-

Rs 8900/-

Rs 18,500/-

Rs 25,000/-


Riva TNT M64 16 MB 

Riva TNT M64 32 MB 

Riva TNT M64 32 MB with TV Out 

Riva GE Force 2 MX 32 MB 

Riva GE Force 2 MX 32 MB with T.V Out 

Rs 4400/-

Rs 6500/-

Rs 7000/-

Rs 7500/-

Rs 8500/-


These are the average prices from various dealers in Chandigarh . All components and peripherals come with warranty as per manufacturers’ specifications.