Saturday, March 31, 2001  

Paradise Reclaimed

Till about a year back, Harike was as good as dead. Water hyacinth had spread wildly all over this wetland and siltation had become a major problem. Migratory birds, its major attraction, had almost deserted this picturesque site. It was feared that this "lung" of the region would soon collapse. Then the state government requested the Army to step in. Operation Sahyog was launched by Vajra Corps in August 1999. Working with great zeal, the Army not only rid the lake of the menace of water hyacinth but also restored its old glory. Today, Harike smiles back at the world, says Reeta Sharma

IGNORANCE IS NOT always bliss, especially if the price for it is to be borne by everyone around. So if a few ignorant industrialists get rid of their toxic effluents in a nearby water body, others prey on the wildlife or encroach upon " nature’s reserve", the price we will end up paying will be monumental.