Saturday, March 31, 2001
M A I L  B O X

Changing morals

THIS refers to the article, "World’s changing morals," by Khushwant Singh (March 17). Instead of criticising Sushma Swaraj, people must give a serious thought to her views on what is being aired on TV channels these days. It must be remembered that sex should not be considered taboo, but the limits of decency must never be crossed while talking about sex.



No doubt, the world has moved towards the charms of the physical. Sex, its discussion and practice, no longer remains taboo in many societies. Naturally, our media too has become westernised and uses scantily-dressed models to push up their popularity. No wonder, the once-banned words like adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, sodomy, lesbianism etc are now frequently used.

It is worth debating whether life should have only a hedonistic appeal for man and whether he should live only at the animal level and be absorbed solely in physical passions.

The concepts of morality and spirituality may be relative and undergo certain changes down the ages, yet what is universally accepted as man’s final goal is his rising above the physical and moving towards the spiritual.


Never too late

This is with reference to the article "It is never too late to become a writer" by V.P. Prabhakar (March 17).

It is heartening to note that a lady in her old age has also been encouraged to put her creative urges to paper and thus cherish the satisfaction of seeing her inherent talent recognised and appreciated. It is really great if a husband encourages his spouse to write, thus helping her to find her own potential in the field of writing. It is really wonderful to see her children and close relatives stand by her as bastions of strength when she endeavoured to find her own bearings as a writer.

More often than not, when a woman is really a gifted creative writer, her creative talent usually meets with discouragement, scoffing indifference and downright imposition of all sorts of restrictions so that she is not be able to write any thing, least of all able to get anything published. Frequently, very talented women find that their creative talents are suffocated even before they could take wings.

It will be really well worth if more people endeavour to emulate the fine example of the family of Shakuntala Brij Mohan.