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Monday, April 9, 2001

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Is Pentium4 really for you?
by Naveen S. Garewal

The release of the Pentium 4 has no doubt marked the beginning of new era in microprocessor architecture, but based on personal computing needs, many people may just not find much use for such a high-end processor.


Run anti-virus program in DOS mode
by Vipul Verma
N analysis of day-to-day computer problems shows that basically the solution to these problems can be categorised into two parts.

IT tools combine with biotechnology
by Sumesh Raizada
HE rapidly growing revolution in Information Technology is not limited to the Internet or related applications alone but has also spread to several unrelated areas in which computers are doing wonders. Scientists and engineers in the field of space research, telecommunications or heavy engineering projects have been making full use of IT resources since decades.

Combining advantages of e-testing with online learning
OFTSPEC had commissioned a project to develop state-of-the-art Web-based testing software more than six month’s ago. The objective was to develop a testing system that would not only test an applicant’s knowledge but also enhance it. The technology for the software had to be such so as to overcome Internet-related infrastructure issues. After sustained efforts, the company has now launched a complete eTesting product, which combines eTesting with eLearning.

iGNIIT career entrance exam
HE NIIT has announced Common Entrance Test for its Internet-driven training program, iGNIIT.iGNIIT is an e-commerce-cum-Internet curriculum that comes with a 7-year bank loan covering the fees of the program and expenses of a multimedia PC with Internet access and a colour printer.

Salesman in your hand
by Julia Day
T'S a disturbing thought: the cute, designer-clad constant companion that spends hours of every day clamped to your hand suddenly turns out to be a KitKat salesman. Welcome to the dawning of a new advertising era, where mobile phone marketing is about to make the "brand-in-the-hand" dreams of marketers the world over come true.

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