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Monday, April 16, 2001
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Haryana is a flourishing state that was the home of the legendary Bharata Dynasty, which gave the name "Bharat" to India. The state that was carved out of joint Punjab on November 1, 1966, and is spread over 44,212 sq km with a population of 16.46 million. The state has a network of 43 tourist complexes and with over 6.6 million tourists visiting the state each year, the government is promoting tourism in a big way. Some sites that take you to this state are:


This is the official site of Haryana government designed by the NIC in coordination with Department of Public Relations, Haryana. Apart from messages of the CM and the Governor of Haryana, it contains addresses and phone numbers of ministers, administrative secretaries and deputy commissioners of the state. Education policy of the state government is mentioned here, which describes literacy rate, number of schools colleges and facilities provided there. Government polices and objectives on IT development and its infrastructure are also explained. You can find out results of examinations conducted by universities/colleges and school boards of Haryana. Budget of the year 2001-2002 includes Finance Minister’s speech and other aspects. Demographic data of the state, vital information and statistical inputs related to agriculture, irrigation, electricity, animal husbandry and transportation are available. Investment opportunities, overview of industrial infrastructure and policies, financial infrastructure and estate management procedures are described in length. Links to other related sites are also available.


This site is hosted and maintained by a person who has requested anonymity. It contains general information of all districts, area and population. Maps of most of the districts are available. It has a lot of information related to religious, cultural heritage, rich folklore, traditions, folk dances, fairs and festivals of the state. You can get free e-mail service with address of Haryana, that is ‘yourname@haryana-online.com’. Battles of Mahabharat, Panipat and Karnal have been mentioned. Information of archaeological sites in Haryana is also pasted here. Tributes have been paid to some famous personalities of the state, including Chaudhry Devi Lal. Names and e-mail addresses of top-rung police officers of each district are present. Facility for community discussion forum, called Panchayat, is provided. Here you can express your views related to topic on Haryana. The site is being updated constantly.

— Sarabjeet Singh Kanwal