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Monday, April 16, 2001

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Netting tourism
by Petri Hottola

AN eco-tourist who plans to visit Thailand opens a PC at his home in Europe. He searches for information on national parks and nearby accommodations. There are several interesting links on the home page of a Thai nature conservation organisation. 

Red carpet on Web for tourists
HE travel business is "happening" at last. The Internet has proved to be an ideal tool for selling airline tickets and travel packages and now people are travelling in a more relaxed way.


Playing digital audio with Win 2000
by Vipul Verma
HOUGH best is a relative term and could mean differently for various persons yet generally speaking Windows 2000 is the best operating system. It has imbibed the best of Windows ’98 and Windows NT and has some advanced features related to safety and stability that adds further value to it. However, a majority of persons are "driving this Mercedes Benz the vintage model way." With some tips and tricks up your sleeves, you can make the best use of Windows 2000 operating system.

This DSP arrests bad audio & video quality
by Sumesh Raizada

VERYDAY we come across news of advanced digital equipment being developed for numerous applications and utilities. Cellular phones with video facility, MP3 players, and computer modems are some of the products that are making our task more efficient and simple. Continuous research and development is going on in the field of digital technology to improve sound and picture output of electronic equipments.

Database management-I
Put life in your data
by Laxmi Kant Verma
NFORMATION, they say, is power. We live in an environment that has an overflow of information, but not all of it translates into power unless it is available in an accessible way and makes sense.

XML — speak your own language
by Amit Puri
ML—Extensible Markup Language—is an exciting development in Web technology. It is the youngest and most comprehensive of the markup languages. (Markup refers to anything on a document that adds special meaning to a particular text; for example, bold text is a form of markup.)

Take an IT swig at these pubs
by Peeyush Agnihotri
LOBSYN Technologies, that hopes to garner Rs 4.9 crore profit this financial year ending June 30, may not be a very big IT-firm but it certainly is rich in ideas. It is the same company that had introduced the concept of "finishing schools" way back in 1995 when the IT industry was still in diapers.

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