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Monday, April 16, 2001
Kids chat

Try farmhouse this vacation

HELLO friends and welcome to our weekly kids chat.

Fluppy: Hey, last week we had so many holidays. It was Good Friday and then Easter.

Windy: I wanted to go somewhere for trekking but my dad said it was too short a vacation to plan an outing.

Cliparti: You should have planned the outing much before. Of course there are a lot of places where you can go for a short period but then pre-planning is a must.

Windy: But I didnít know we would be having these holidays.

Cliparti: Then, in that case you should know. In future, you can refer to www.holidayfestival.com/india.html. It will tell you about all approaching holidays in India. Not only of current yearís, but past 3 to 4 and of coming 1 to 2 years as well. These holidays have been especially marked to emphasise whether they are closed for all or restricted holidays. Moreover, you will find a list of hotels, available flights, car rentals all here to make your holidays a perfect pleasure.

Windy: Oh, this sounds perfect. I can look up all holidays in advance and plan in such a way that my pa has no excuse to stay at home.

Fluppy: Hey, your father seems to love to stay at home.

Windy: Yes. According to him you cannot find the comfort of a house in a hotel.

Cliparti: Hey, then why donít you try the farmhouse living?

Windy: We donít own any farmhouse.

Cliparti: You donít have to own it to enjoy it. Snofarms offers a great opportunity to stay in farmhouse enjoying the comforts of home and hospitality even better.

Fluppy: Where are these farmhouses located?

Cliparti: In Himachal. So you can enjoy the Scenic beauty and the lovely weather.

Fluppy: So what do we do in these types of holidays? Just stay in the farmhouse and enjoy the weather?

Cliparti: No, stupid. You can go for camping, trekking, adventure activities, mountain biking, jeep safari and other options.

Fluppy: Oh, I see.


: Cliparti, where can we find the information on all camping, trekking, adventure activities, mountain biking etc.?

Cliparti: All on this one site. Adventurehills.com not only offers the list of various farmhouses but also activities you can enjoy to make your trip a memorable one.

Windy: So, this site gives us all information on the various holidays and on how to spend them.

Cliparti: Right. There is another similar wonderful site that deals with holidays in America. So you can plan US trip keeping in mind the holidays there.

Fluppy: They wonít have Diwali, Dusshera break.

Cliparti: Of course, they wonít. But they have Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween and other days to celebrate. Basically they have a long Christmas break. And as you know they celebrated Easter just yesterday.

Fluppy: Why did we have holidays for Easter then?

Cliparti: Because India comprises of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. All our Christian friends celebrate Easter. That is why we had holiday for Good Friday and Easter.

Fluppy: How do we celebrate Easter?

Windy: You can send Easter cards, make e Easter basket or colour-up Easter eggs. Try out Easter recipes, crafts etc.

Cliparti: Know more about Easter from www.holidays.net/easter. It will tell you what a lovely springtime festival it is. It is the time when Christians celebrate resurrection of Lord Christ. So it is a time to rejoice and make chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks and coloured eggs. Of course with changing times you can learn to make them all from the Net. Try out these recipes from holidays.net/easter and in case you wish to send cards to your Christian friends you can take www.openhere.com/holiday1ís help. Send e-cards and mails or e-basket or Easter e-egg to them.

Windy: Does openhere.com deal with Easter or more?

Cliparti: More and much more than you can imagine. It covers holidays in the USA, Australia, India, Italy, Indonesia and Europe. Then it has festivals of Muslims, Hindus, Christians and other nations. It will also tell you of main festivities in English-speaking countries. Further, holidays that donít cost a lot of money are also listed here.

Fluppy: Now, this is something that will interest my dad. He always tells me that holidays tear off your pocket apart. Now I have something for him.

Windy: You dad is right in saying so. They are really expensive. You should understand the value of money even I have started saving money.

Cliparti: My, my, how, may I ask?

Windy: I have stopped buying cards now. Everyday is becoming a day to celebrate. With so much of commercialisation there is Rose day, Flag day, Friendship day, Thanksgiving, Valentines, Veterans, Earth day and the list can go up to at least 365 terms.

Fluppy: You mean each day of the year is some special day?

Windy: Yeah. And at this rate I canít afford to buy cards and send them to so many of my friends.

Fluppy: So you donít wish them.

Windy: Of course I wish them, but through Shubhkaamana.

Cliparti: You mean you wish them in your heart.

Windy: No, No. Shubhkaamna.com is a wonderful portal through which I send best wishes every day, the electronic way.

Fluppy: Thatís good. You send e-cards, right?

Windy: Right. I look up whatís coming each month and send cards right away. You know I sent my friend a card for Ram Navami too.

Cliparti: Wow! I guess you mustíve been the first one to do so.

Windy: No, there are many like me.

Fluppy: You mean you have cards for all days, I literally mean all.

Windy: Generally yes. In case I donít find suitable card to suit the occasion, I send filmi cards.

Cliparti: What are filmi cards?

Windy: Oh, they have Hrithik, Shahrukh, Madhuri, Govinda and more on them.

Cliparti: Ha, Ha. Thatís amusing.

Windy: Wait till you receive one of the Johny Lever cards

Cliparti: I can hardly wait.

ó Ira Verma

Hey, kids! Letís be friends. You can send your suggestions and queries to us at Kids Chat. Our e-mail address is login@tribuneindia.com. Cliparti Sweet, Fluppy Little, along with me, of course, are all here to answer them. ó Windy