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Monday, April 16, 2001
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Reproducing data in black and white on paper, itís essential to have a printer, which is the most important peripheral that is required by all computer users. Starting from ordinary nine-pin dot matrix printers to 24-pin dot matrix printers, printing technology has come a long way in the past decade. Today several types of printers are available in the market, which fall mainly into three categories listed below. Each one has its own strengths and weakness that the readers can evaluate on the basis of their requirements. 



Wipro LX 800 80 Col Dot matrix printer 

Wipro EX 200 DX 132 Col Dot Matrix printer 

Wipro 132 Ex 330 + Dot Matrix printer 

Rs. 6,850/-

Rs 10,000/-

Rs 12,000/-


Epson Stylus 480 

Epson Stylus 680 

HP 640 inkjet printer

HP 840 inkjet printer 

HP 930 inkjet printer

Rs 4,950/-

Rs 8,500/-

Rs 5,300/-

Rs 8,000/-

Rs 10,200/-


HP 6L Laser 
(Six pages per minute, 600 DPI, 4MB expandable to 16MB)

HP 1100 Laser
(Eight pages per minute, 600 DPI)

Samsung 4600 Laser 
(Eight pages per minute, 4 MB RAM expandable to 64 MB, 1200 x 600 DPI)

Samsung 5200 Laser 
(10 pages per minute, 4 MB RAM expandable to 64 MB, 1200 x 600 DPI)
Rs 17,900/- 

Rs 22,900/-


Rs 17,400/-

Rs 21,500/-


There are the average prices from various dealers in Chandigarh. All components and peripherals come with warranty as per manufacturers specifications.