Saturday, April 21, 2001,
Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S



Grow your roadside gardens, says PUDA
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, April 20
The raising of hedges and fencing in front of residential and institutional premises in SAS Nagar will no more be considered as encroachment by the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA). In a decision in favour of the residents, the Authority has finalised a policy to allow the landscaping of road berms subject to certain conditions.

But the “encroachments will be regularised” after the payment of fee of Rs 25 per 100 sq feet — an aspect which might act as a deterrent for many residents. However, the Authority would have made amendments in its Act to penalise the violators under the policy.

The recent dispensation of the Punjab Housing and Urban Development Minister was applicable to all urban estates of PUDA.

The guidelines had been framed after studying the policies adopted by the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation and the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA). Sources in the Authority said that several checks were being incorporated into the implementation process to ensure its practicability.

* A fee of Rs 25 per 100 sq foot to allow landscaping along road berms will be charged annually.

* In case of violation, a penalty at a rate of Rs 10 per sq foot will be charged on the day of detection. Thereafter, a fine at the rate of one rupee per sq foot per day from the date of detection of the violation will be levied.

* Any hindrance or damage to the services laid under the road berms will not be allowed.

In the field. In the past, it had been seen that people seldom cared about the guidelines in the wake of non-enforcement. When a set of guidelines to allow the maintenance of road berms by growing grass only was announced in 1999, no house owner came forward for permission. Then raising hedges, erecting railings and growing trees and flowers plants had not been permitted. Even a policy to allow the management of small green space adjoining corner residential plots had few takers

In a clear withdrawal from the earlier guidelines, the Authority has allowed the growing of trees and flowers plants. It has also been decided to allow the raising of hedges to the height of two feet provided this did not cause any obstruction to the pathway. The hedge or fence would have to be raised within the landscaped area.

The permission to allow such land-use would be valid for three years along the V5 and V6 roads and no permission along the V2, V3 and V4 roads has been given. The portion of the road-berm to be landscaped would be restricted to 50 per cent of the width of the available berms but a minimum width of five feet from it would have to be left. Those house owners who did not construct front boundary walls would be fined by the authority.

The Chief Administrator of PUDA, Mr KBS Sidhu, said the policy had been approved by the Minister but did not give its details . He stated that the policy would be notified soon.

A suitable mechanism to ascertain the existing position of road berms was being worked out to initiate action against the violators. Special officials in different areas could be deputed to monitor full implementation on a day-to-day basis.


Stay not on acquisition proceedings: PUDA
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, April 20
In connection with the Punjab and Hayana High Court order regarding the maintenance of the status quo regarding the possession of land by a petitioner in Sohana village — being acquired for the further expansion of SAS Nagar — officials of the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA) today maintained that the High Court had not stayed the land acquisition proceedings and the status quo was regarding the possession of land of the quasi petitioners.

The officials said the awards would be announced by month end as the new Land Acquisition Collector (LAC) was going to join in a day or two. They stated that the authority through its standing counsel would move an application for an early hearing in the case.

The land-owners in Sohana village, whose land was being acquired, lamented that the delay in announcing the awards had created a host of problems for them. Mr Labh Singh, an affected landowner said after objection under Section 9 were heard by the authority in February the villagers had not planted the new crop and had already given money, an advance for the purchase of land at other places.

Mr Buta Singh, another affected land owner said no deal of agricultural land would be executed after June 15 and if PUDA did not announce the awards before that they would be doomed. They said PUDA should have acquired land before allotting the plots on their land.

Meanwhile, an allottee of a plot in one of the five new sectors being developed on the land being acquired, Mr HS Bhalla in a letter written to The Tribune sought that PUDA should not ask for the 15 per cent amount from the allottee as per the letter of intent till the case was decided by the court. 


Labourer stabbed to death
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 20
Sailesh, a 30-year-old migrant labourer, was stabbed to death by his friend, Raju, near Makhan Majra late last night. The friends had turned foes over winning over the "affection" of Hare Ram, a 12-year-old boy. The accused, Raju and Hare Ram were later arrested in the evening.

It is learnt that all three were residing in a room in Deep Complex in Hallo Majra and were carrying on an ‘‘affair’’ for the past more than one year.

Hare Ram has confessed that both the accused and the deceased used to sodomize him. Fed up with their behaviour he had moved in another quarter.

Sailesh, a rehriwallah, was stabbed to death by Raju at a deserted place in the jungle near Makhan Majra at around 10 p.m. last night. The accused had taken the victim to the jungle on the pretext of stealing a motor from Raipur Khurd. The way to the village from Mauli Jagran passes through the jungle.

It is learnt that the accused took the victim to the spot in a rehri while it was still drizzling last night. Upon reaching there they had a minor scuffle. The accused overpowered Sailesh and stabbed him with a butcher's knife at eight places. The knife, borrowed from a neighbour by Raju, has been recovered. A piece of clothing was also found near the spot.

A passer-by spotted Sailesh’s body in a trench near the nullah that flows along the pathway to Raipur Khurd today morning. He immediately informed the personnel stationed at a barrier of the Punjab Police Commandoes, near the scene of crime. These personnel then informed the Mani Majra police and a police party soon reached the spot.

Inspector J.S. Cheema, the in charge of the Crime Branch, informed that the police got the lead from a slip found in the shirt pocket of the deceased, which had the name Raju written on it and was carrying the address of a factory on it.

A neighbourer, Mohan, was brought to the spot who identified the body of Sailesh. It was then that the accused were arrested.



Cops illegally confine youth for 15 days
Kulwinder Sangha

SAS Nagar, April 20
How secure can the poor feel when police officials break the very laws they are supposed to enforce? Evidently not much, if one sees the case of a young man who was wrongfully confined for days and allegedly beaten up by police personnel here and is still haunted by the fear of further harassment at their hands.

Om Parkash, a 22-year-old man from Ichholi in Chamouli district (Uttaranchal), who is employed at a sweets shop in Phase X here, was charged under Sections 107 and 151, CrPC, and produced by the police before the SDM here on March 30. The SDM, Mr Jaipal Singh, referred the case to the court of the Subdivisional Judicial Magistrate, Kharar, stating that the contents of the statement made by the accused were “alarming” to the extent that Om Parkash was kept in “wrongful confinement” since March 16, a period of 15 days, by officials of the Phase I police station here. In the written communication, the SDM stated that as this constituted an offence under Section 344, IPC, his court had no jurisdiction to take cognisance of it and the matter was, therefore, being forwarded to the court of the Subdivisional Judicial Magistrate. Copies of the letter were reported to have been sent by the SDM to, among others, the Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court and the SSP, Ropar.

Under Section 344, IPC, whoever wrongfully confines any person for 10 or more days, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, and shall also be liable to fine.

Narrating his harrowing experience, Om Parkash told Chandigarh Tribune on Thursday that he, along with two roommates, was returning home on a bicycle to Sector 41, Chandigarh, around 9 p.m. on March 15. Near the Madanpur Chowk, there was a collision between their bicycle and another one, which two persons were riding. An altercation ensued and one of his companions allegedly hit the two persons of the opposite group and ran away. He claimed that he did not get involved in the fight at all, but the opposite group caught him and took him to a hotel in Phase V, where one of the persons in this group was employed. There he was beaten up by seven or eight persons and let off around 10.30 p.m.

Om Parkash further said he did not go to work the next day as he had sustained injuries at the hotel. However, on March 16, around 2.30 p.m. he was picked up by the police and detained at the police station. He alleged that he was beaten up by police personnel and kept in wrongful confinement. He said a case was then registered against him on March 29 and he was produced before the SDM the next day.

Om Parkash said his companion, who had run away on the night of the altercation, was also picked up by the police but was later let off.

He said the police told him to call someone from his home to the police station and also pay Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000 to the complainant, who had sustained “injuries” on the night of the altercation and had spent the amount on medical treatment. He said he told the police that his parents were too old to travel all the way from Uttranchal and, being poor, he could not afford to pay that large an amount.

Om Parkash said after this ordeal, when he returned to his room on being let off by the SDM, he found the door open and all his meagre belongings missing. He claimed the police had locked up his room after picking him up on March 16.

The local SP, Mr Gurmeet Singh Chauhan, today ruled out the possibility of illegal confinement of Om Parkash. He said after cases of custodial deaths were reported from various places in the state, he often conducted surprise checks on police stations under him. Besides, the SHOs had also been ordered to carry out checks. He said he was personally looking into the case. Om Parkash was summoned on Thursday and his statement was recorded.



Mayor’s appeal falls on deaf ears
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 20
The Mayor, Mr Raj Kumar Goyal, today failed to impress the BJP councillors at an all-party meet held on the Municipal Corporation premises to decide on allowing smooth proceedings of the House scheduled for April 25. The last meeting was adjourned amidst acrimonious scenes.

At the meeting today, Mr Goyal made a fervent appeal to councillors of various political parties, including the nominated councillors, to cooperate for smooth and peaceful conduct of the House meeting. BJP councillors maintained their stand that the Mayor should first call for a special meeting to clarify allegations against him. They also demanded that allegations levelled by the Mayor against the two ex-mayors at a recently held press conference also be clarified in a special meeting before the scheduled House meeting.

Mr Goyal appealed that smooth functioning of the House was necessary for carrying out various development schemes of the corporation. Regretting the incidents during the last meeting of the House, he said any grievances against individual councillors could be sorted out amicably outside the House without disturbing its proceedings. The last House meeting in March could not progress due to confusion and chaos following protests by the BJP councillors.

Mr Gyan Chand Gupta urged the Mayor to prove the allegations he had levelled against the previous mayors, failing which he should tender a public apology on the floor of the House.

The Mayor also met Lieut-Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd) to formally lodge a complaint that some senior Municipal Corporation officials were not cooperating with him and were working under the directions of the BJP councillors. According to Mr Goyal, General Jacob agreed to look into the matter.

The Mayor demanded that CBI raids similar to the ones conducted against inspectors of the enforcement wing of the corporation be carried out against the Public Health and Engineering Departments of the Municipal Corporation also.


Bansal supporters hit out at Dhawan group
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 20
After lying low for several days, certain Congress leaders, owing allegiance to the Pawan Bansal faction, today shot back at the Harmohan Dhawan faction, warning its leaders to “refrain from anti-party activities”.

In a written statement, the leaders, while coming down heavily on the recent outbursts of the Dhawan faction against the Bansal faction, said the Dhawan group leaders were living in the “make-believe world” by claiming that they were the sole factor in the victory of Mr Bansal in the 1999 Lok Sabha poll. In fact, it were the dedicated Congress workers, who made the victory possible.

Mr Dhawan, whom his supporters claimed to be the tallest leader had won only one out of the five elections he had contested, whereas Mr Bansal has been an MP for more than 12 years and had made significant contribution to the constituency, Parliament and represented the nation in several international fora. It was Mr Dhawan’s necessity to join a national party like the Congress, otherwise his existence would have been wiped out of the political scene.

Claiming that Mr Dhawan had admitted that he had joined the Congress unconditionally, they said Mr Dhawan should be grateful to Mr Bansal for giving credit to his faction for the Congress victory.

Urging the Chandigarh Territorial Congress Committee chief, Mr BB Bahl, to overlook the “blackmail” tactics of the Dhawan faction, they said Mr Dhawan should have identified with the Congress working style and then the rewards would have automatically flown.

The leaders, who signed the statement were Mr Arun Bitta, former District Youth Congress president, Mr PB Parkash Bhargav, former general secretary of the District Congress Committee (Urban), Mr Parvinder Thukral, former secretary of the Territorial Congress Committee, Mr Sanjeev Trehan, organising secretary of the Seva Dal, Ms Indu Sharma, general secretary of the Mahila Congress, Mr Jagat Bhushan Sharma, block president, Mr Vinod Sharma, former joint secretary of the Territorial Congress Committee, Mr Bimal Chandan Bitta, former general secretary of the Chandigarh Territorial Youth Congress, and Ms Mohinderjit Kaur, secretary of the Mahila Congress.


Romi Kapil Dev in a new avtar
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 20
Romi Kapil Dev is finally discovering herself. Not that during 20 years of marriage, the cricket star’s wife was not exploring latent talents, but it took her some time to come out of her shell and launch herself in the new avtar.

Today Romi looks far more confident and determined than what she always did. And there is a direct reason behind the new-found spirit. Last year, Romi teamed up with a Delhi-based friend Meera Bhatia to launch her brand, under the name of This and That. Ever since that day in April, Romi has been discovering and rediscovering herself. Today while setting up her show which will be opened for the public tomorrow, Romi talked about the various crests and troughs of life, about the support and strength Kapil gave her all these years, about the way she enjoyed doing up her home, designing her clothes and jewellery, and finally about the ultimate test which the couple was recently subjected to on account of the match fixing issue.

Towards the end of each statement, Romi returned to a central sentence. “God has been kind. Our inner strength has helped us tide over a lot of grimness in life,” she said as she pasted prices slips on the products at Hotel Kapil today. The products diverted the attention towards the new avtar in which Romi was now casting herself.

“It feels good to be doing what you have always grown up wanting to do. When we started we did not know we would hold two exhibitions in just one year. But we have already displayed the vast variety we have at Delhi and the at Ludhiana,” informed Romi.

The exhibition in Chandigarh which opens tomorrow will be the third exhibition by Romi and Meera. In the product list there is anything and everything,. Name it and the ensemble has it. But the duo began with bed linen, working on any fabric under the sky. Said Romi, “We worked on silks, tanchois, chiffons and what not. Then came the table linen, the baby sheets, cushions and a number of products under this head.”

There is also a vast collection of silver and white metal products. While Romi admitted that 25 per cent of what she was displaying could be available elsewhere, she claimed that the rest was indigenously produced and packed. She also has jars, flowers made of sequins, candles, woodwork products, paintings, and garments. In each of the mentioned category there are a large number of varieties available. The exhibition will be on between 11 am and 8 pm.

Talking about what made her shift the focus in life, Romi said, “Most of the time, a housewife is putting in more than what people actually sum up. She is always busy thinking of ways to embellish her home. I was doing the same. And in this process, I discovered my skills. I have been lucky that I could vent my creativity. Many others might be talented, but perhaps not as lucky.”

From a store which she now owns, Romi plans to expand her business. “I want to own a big department store and a full packaging unit one day,” she says. As far as support from Kapil is concerned, Romi says she can more than depend on him. “He has always stood by me,” says she.


House set afire, police inaction alleged
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, April 20
A resident of Kumbra village, near here, today accused the police of failing to take action against certain persons who set her house on fire on April 12.

Ms Ishwar Kaur, a widow, working as head teacher at Government Primary School, Safipur, told mediapersons here that the house in the village was old and located about 100 metres from the one in which she was staying. Wood had been stored in it. She suspected that around 1 a.m. on April 12, three relatives of hers, with whom she had a property dispute, set the house on fire.

She said she rang up the fire brigade and the SAS Nagar police. The fire brigade came and put out the flames.

However, no police personnel came to the scene despite her ringing up telephone number 100 repeatedly. Later, in the evening, flames were again seen at the scene and the fire brigade came the second time. Police personnel, she said, came about an hour after the arrival of the fire brigade. They merely had a look around and went away.

Ms Ishwar Kaur demanded action against those who had destroyed her property. The SP, Mr G.S. Chauhan, said he was looking into the matter.


Car number auction raises eyebrows
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 20
A local resident lodged a complaint with the Chandigarh Administration alleging that the Licensing and Registering Authority played a partisan role while auctioning a VIP number — 0001 — from the yet-to-be-allotted series CH-03-E here this morning.

Taking cognizance of the complaint, the Secretary of the Department of Transport, Mr Raminder Singh Gujral, cancelled the allotment late in the evening, seeking re-auction, saying that the amount was meagre for the VIP number. One of the four bidders, who had reached the venue, complained that three bidders were asked to leave and one of them was allowed to participate. The complainant pointed out that the last time the number — 0001 — was auctioned for Rs 97,000 and for this series, the same number was auctioned for only Rs 27,000 today.

The complainant also pointed to an advertisement in newspapers on April 16 in which the Administration had issued a public notice in which the auction date or venue was not mentioned. It may be recollected that about two years ago the number 0001 of a particular series was auctioned for Rs 1.80 lakh.


Deepak leads tirade against Arts Council
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 20
About 50 writers, intellectuals and journalists met on the premises of Punjab Kala Bhawan today to protest against the arbitrary selection of member delegates who finally made it to Pakistan for the Lahore Conference.

The members, all of whom form a part of the Sangharsh Committee formed for the purpose of protest recently, voiced their grievances against the office-bearers of the Punjab Arts Council and the World Punjabi Foundation, who did not conduct the selection of members delegates in a fair manner. Carrying the protest further, the members demanded the resignation of office bearers.

Among prominent speakers today were S. Tarsem, general secretary, Kendriya Punjabi Lekhak Sabha and Dr Deepak Manmohan Singh. Dr Singh launched a tirade against the selection committee, despite the fact that he was himself a member of the same. He disclosed that the list he had passed was not adhered to, and the final selection was quite contrary to what he had approved of.

The members adopted the following resolutions: the office bearers of Arts Council and World Punjabi Foundation would be asked to resign for the blunder; those who could not go to Lahore due to non submission of their passports by the Council would file a contempt petition against the Council in a city court, a delegation of the Sangharsh committee also resolved to meet the Punjab CM to apprise him of the state of affairs and request him to dissolve the Punjab Arts Council.


Earning while learning emphasised
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 20
There is a growing need for entrepreneurship by the students and they should involve themselves in more ‘earn while you learn’ activities. The students should in fact start their own food outlets and earn for themselves. This was stated by Ms Neeru Nanda at the annual day celebrations of the Food Craft Institute, Sector 42, here today.

‘Indradhanush 2001’ seemed to be a special day not just for the students of the institute, many of whom were awarded on the occasion, but also for all those who came to the glittering function and got to see the guest of honour at the occasion, the Home Secretary, Mr R.S. Gujral, dance to the beat of dhol.

Mr R.S. Gujral, chairman of the institute, welcomed the guests and gave a brief description of the institute and its working. The Principal, Mr Alok Shivpuri, read out the institute's annual report highlighting various professional, social and cultural activities, seminars, workshops and training programs organised by the institute in the year 2000-2001. Mr Shivpuri also announced that the institute would shortly have a 26-room training hotel which is expected to go a long way in producing good professionals for the hotel industry.

While Deepti Jain was declared the all round best student of the year 2000-2001, Suhasini was chosen as the lady of the year and Bhavjinder, the gentleman of the year. Jagjit was declared sportsman of the year while Anupam was chosen as sportswoman of the year. Jagat was awarded for being the most regular student, while Navneet was awarded for being the most dedicated student.

Among the academic awards, William Lee got a prize for topping in cookery (theory and practical), Anish Bhatia for topping in bakery (theory), Pooja Jindal for topping in front office (theory), Surbhi Tiwana for topping in front office (practical), Simerdeep Sidhu for topping in food and beverage (theory and practical), Rubina Sharma for topping in housekeeping (theory and practical).

The chief guest gave away the prizes to the students. She also emphasised the importance of hard work and dedication in achieving one's goals in life. She congratulated the faculty members under whose guidance the students had brought laurels to the institute. She further stressed the need to tap the tourism potential of the country.

Dances from seven states of the country were presented by the students as the different colours of the rainbow. Kathak based Saraswati vandana, nati (Himachali fusion dance), Gujarati dandia, Bengali, Kashmiri dance and bhangra were presented on the occasion. The chief guest announced a cash award of Rs 1,000 for the bhangra team.


SAARC nations to exchange data
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, April 20
The five-day workshop on ‘‘Incorporating environmental issues in science education’’ organised by the Punjab State Council for Science and Technology in collaboration with UNESCO concluded here today.

The interaction among the environmentalists from various SAARC countries, including Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka resulted in a resolution for networking among the participating nations with the Punjab State Council for Science and Technology as the nodal agency for exchanging data base.


120 jhuggis removed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 20
In a major anti-encroachment drive as many as 120 jhuggis were removed from near the Police Lines in Sector 26 today. The team led by the Enforcement Magistrate, Mr Ishwar Singh, gave a warning time of 45 minutes to the jhuggi dwellers to remove their household belongings.

Later, in an operation lasting for about two hours, the enforcement team comprising 70 police officials and about 40 labourers removed the encroachments without any untoward incident. The team was also accompanied by two SDMs, Mr H.K. Nagpal and Mr Gyanesh Bharti and Mr Surjit Singh, DSP, Chandigarh Police. Later, the team also removed 10 jhuggis, the land meant for the Adult Education Centre in Colony No 4.


2 youths booked for eve-teasing
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 20
Two youths have been booked on charges of eve-teasing and criminal intimidation on the complaint of Ms. Babita Rani.

The woman has alleged that she was being harrassed by two boys for the past two months as they were making objectionable calls at her residence. She has alleged that the accused had come to her residence yesterday on a scooter (PB-02V-8794) and then threatened her. When she raised an alarm, the accused ran away , leaving the scooter behind.

Two cases of thefts have been reported in the different parts of the city in the past 24 hours.

A Maruti car ( CH-01T-4487) was stolen from the parking area of Arts Block, Panjab University, last morning. In another case, a car stereo was stolen from the car of Ms Saveena Chowdhary while it was parked near a house in Darua. In both the cases, FIRs under sections 379 of the IPC has been registered.

A sum of Rs 7500 was stolen from the shop- cum- office of Mr Ashok Jain in Sector 7- C on the intervening night of April 18 and 19. The accused had broken in SCO from a rear ventilator. A case under sections 457 and 380 of the IPC has been registered.

Three Injured:
Mange Ram was injured when he was hit by a scooter (CH-01V- 9975) near Timber Market yesterday. In another case, Sukhpal and Ramdev were also injured when their cycle was hit by a scooter near the Sector 4 petrol pump yesterday.

Two Injured:
Two persons were seriously injured when a tractor trailer carrying iron bars overturned near Tribune Chowk here today. Following the accident, the road remained closed to traffic for almost two hours in the morning today.

Car recovered:
The police today recovered another car stolen by Karamvir Singh, an auto-lifter arrested on April 18 from Sector 17 parking. The car (HR-01-E-1650) recovered from Tohana in Haryana was the eighth of the total 16 cars stolen by the suspect.


Liquor seized:
The local police seized 276 bottles of IMFL and, 5,000 pouches of country liquor from three persons — Gurmeet, Ajay Kumar, Krishan Kumar near Tawa Chowk here on Friday. The liquor was being brought in a bus ( DBP 1466). A case under the Excise Act has been registered by the police.

3 arrested:
Three youths of Devinagar were arrested today in connection with the case of attempt to murder a 70-year-old, Kamla Jain, a resident of Sector 4 on April 18.

The suspects, — Mukesh (15), Jaswant (11) and Muttana (18) — were arrested from the Mansa Devi area on Friday.


Escape by 2 accused: sentry booked
Our Correspondent

Kharar, April 20
The local police has registered a case under Sections 223 and 224, IPC, against the sentry Kharar police station on the charge of negligence of duty. Two accused who had been arrested by the police, had escaped from police lock-up on Wednesday night.

Mr Rupinder Singh, DSP, Kharar, while giving this information today said two thieves were arrested by the Kharar police on Tuesday and were in police lock-up after they were remanded in police custody by a local court.

He said, however, they escaped by making a big hole in the wall. He said the accused — Joginder Singh of Himachal Pradesh and Anil Kumar of Orissa. He said the police has registered a case against Balbir Singh, sentry, and both the accused.


A collection that suits the summer spirit
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 20
Brightness is the hallmark of the collection brought together by two young girls from the city. Sonali and Suparna are both partners in a project — a project that has something to do with the collection of best fabrics now dotting the Indian fashion market.

There is a wide range of fabrics on the display at 1091/8-C. And the exhibition has now been on for about two days. What makes the ensemble of ready-to-stitch fabrics as also that of the stitched suits different and attractive is their earthiness. The styles are smart in that they offer a blend of traditional motifs brought together in contemporary styles. Most of the pieces are short-length, reflecting the journey of fashion back in time — towards the 1970s and early 1980s when hottest cine stars were sporting short length kurtas and culots instead of long pieces.

Coming to fabrics which have mostly been gathered from Delhi — there is anything from chiffons (with french knot, sequins and mukaish), and georgette with block printing to normal printed crepe, block crepe and crepe brocades. The range of painted crepe fabric is very appealing, so is the one which has printed crepe with woven dupattas. In the stitched range, the eye gets stuck on the Pakistani badla work which adorns the chiffon range of fabric. Badla resembles mukaish in style, but the stitch in this work is a little longer than in mukaish. This work is typical of Pakistan.

Even in the stitched range of suits, there is a lot of Pakistani fashion trend on display. The colour of fabrics is bright to add to the glitter of Spring summer season. In the stitched category there are a variety of works on display like the kamalkari, Mughalkari prints, normal printed suits with patchwork and embroidery and embroidery on block printed works.

Then there are Pakistani salwars, plain salwars with pressed glitter, pieces in kartana work. Gold tissue fabric with block printing is especially attractive. The range of cotton suits is also eye-catching. The exhibition will last only till tomorrow.


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