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Monday, April 23, 2001

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Donít tread a wrong course


Most of the computer institutes hound an inquirer and do their best to convince him to do a course with them. A kind of symbiotic relationship developes. A fresh student gets to click on the mouse and the institute rakes in the moolah. What is actually provided in the curriculum is mostly of little relevance, says Peeyush Agnihotri.

LET'S be clear on this. Java Beans has nothing to do with the vegetable they grow on the Indonesian island off the Pacific. M-com doesnít mean a masterís degree in commerce just as Corba is not the slithery reptilia misspelt. And Apple is much more than the "forbidden fruit" that brought misery to man.


IT professionals may hit down under

HEN Richard W. Kovac, Senior Trade Commissioner from Australian High Commission, said nearly a month ago that Australia would generate at least 30,000 new jobs in the IT sector next year, those who were put off by the US recession and lay-offs were elated. Whatís more, this shortfall has been projected at 1,80,000 by 2003 A.D.

Do not unsubscribe from spammer's list
by Vipul Verma
-MAIL is the lifeline of modern communication system. Those with computer and an access to the Net use e-mail as a preferred medium for communication. However, despite hundreds of options available in e-mails, the hunt for the best e-mail system is always on for a majority of people.

Managing sites as Web producer
by Sumesh Raizada
N todayís world there are millions of Web sites covering a variety of areas like trade, literature, science and entertainment. One can watch movies, listen to music, read books, explore news and search scientific and engineering data on the Web itself. As a result producing a Web site has become a complex and a specialised task and professionals are working exclusively for this job.

Database management-II
Donít fear databases, use them
by Laxmi Kant Verma
database management system (DBMS) is a computer-based, record-keeping system used for storing and maintaining information that helps users in creating, modifying and efficiently accessing records. Various examples of database applications are railway reservation systems, inventory management systems, payroll management systems, etc.

Pits in Panjab Universityís drive down IT highway
by Pardeep Dhull
HE dream of Panjab University to speed down the information highway, that began a couple of years ago, seems to have met only with potholes interspersed with patches of clear stretches.

B2B portal dedicated to Ludhiana
UDHIANA, the "metro" of Punjab, being the largest industrial town of north India has an identity of its own. Manufacturing units of cycle, cycle-parts, woollens, machine tools, generators, diesel engines, tyres and tubes and a consumer goods dot the map of Ludhiana.

Online course in Net security
HE Asian School of Cyberlaws (ASCL), Pune, has introduced courses in Internet security and digital signatures. The ASCLís certificate in internet security involves an in-depth techno-legal study of the methods by which a company can protect and safeguard its systems from internal as well as external threats such as hacking, virus and cyber terrorism.

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