Saturday, April 28, 2001
M A I L  B O X

Truly, a Tau

I read Raman Mohan’s article "Truly, a Tau" (April 14) with interest. Chautala, in Hisar district, witnessed a bitter struggle by peasants launched by Punjab Congress Socialist Party in August 1946. The 19-day movement against atrocities by powerful landlords, who had complete sway over the lives of their tenants and who treated them virtually as slaves, culminated in victory for the tenants.

The satyagraha continued for 19 days with unabated zeal. Police atrocities were highlighted by Jaya Prakash Narayan in the national press. Chaudhry Devi Dayal (later know as Devi Lal) extended valuable support to the Congress socialists and boosted their morale. Chaudhary Bansi Lal sowed the seeds of jatism in a land that gave birth to freedom fighters like Dada Ganeshi Lal. But Chaudhary Devi Lal went a step further when he said that he would disenfranchise banias and brahmins. Not truly a Tau, Devi Lal was only the Tau of Haryana jats.


Live and let live

This is with reference to the article "Live and let live" by R.C. Sharma (March 31) in which the writer has beautifully enumerated the ways in which we can make the lives of our fellow human beings comfortable and happy.

True, one of the very important things to remember is that we must avoid sitting in on judgement over others. None of us is perfect. Human beings by their very definition are a mixture of good qualities and shortcomings. So why not look at the plus points and ignore the weaknesses rather than doing the opposite. The former attitude brings happiness while the latter is a harbinger of heartburn and misery. As it is, it is of paramount importance to love our fellow human beings. It is certainly much better to adopt a kind and understanding attitude rather than that of self-righteousness.



Apropos of Roshni Johar’s article "Annandale Britishers favourite haunt," (April 7), apart from being the original venue of the prestigious Durand Cup, Annandale was also the venue of the plenary session of Congress held in the early seventies and was temporarily called Kamagata Maru Nagar and has for long been the venue of the main Dasehra festival and sports events.


Tracts of Kinnaur

This is with reference to "Explore the inviting tracts of Kinnaur" by A.S. Prashar (April 14). I was shocked to see the caption of the photograph accompanying the article read ‘A view of Keylong’. The photograph actually shows Kalpa (Kinnaur) and in the backdrop is the Kinner-Kailash peak.


Letting the nation down

This refers to Reeta Sharma’s "Not living up to the nation’s expectations" (April 14). In the wake of Tehelka tapes, ordering of an inquiry by the PM in the face of direct evidence is frustrating. Past experience indicates that a majority of such inquiries are only a legal stamp on illegal escape routes in such situations. PM would have risen in the eyes of the people if he had resigned instead of indirectly defending his defence minister who tried to dismiss the whole affair as a conspiracy by the opposition.

No doubt, the image of Indian defence services has taken a beating but that does not give anyone a licence to make sweeping statements against the entire community of Indian defence services. In every profession/service, there are some black sheep but that does not mean that one should paint the entire service in black colours.

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