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Monday, April 30, 2001

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intel everywhere? Pentium 4

Intel last week launched its most powerful PC chip till  date and cut prices across the Pentium 4 range by up to 54 per cent! Bitten by recent loss of market to chief rival AMD, Intel seems to have pulled all the stops out to floodthe market with its processors, says Kuljit Bains.


Managing registry in Windows ’98
by Vipul Verma
RASH! It is the most-hated word in the world of modern technology. For the computer-users it is one of the most horrifying word. If you have been through the traumatic experience of your system crashing then you can very well imagine the agony of it. The wisdom lies in the principle of precaution rather than cure.

Companies that rent specialised software
by Sumesh Raizada
S industries, educational institutions, commercial establishments are getting computerised, several new software applications are getting developed to support their operational functions. The Internet has given further boost to the already growing hardware and software industry by providing unlimited scope of data or information access.

British military finds answer to e-mail virus
by Stuart Millar
HE days of the global e-mail virus may be numbered. British Ministry of Defence (MoD) scientists have developed software that could prevent devastating, worldwide, mail-borne infections such as the infamous love bug.

Rely on e-security to avoid ‘intruders’
by H.S.Jatana
THE Internet is a collection of loosely connected networks that are accessible by individual computer hosts in a variety of ways — through gateways, routers, dial-up connections, Internet service providers. These are accessible to anyone regardless of national or geographic boundaries or time of day. 

He has RAM for brain
by Peeyush Agnihotri
EPRODUCING numbers and words through photographic memory! No, we are not talking of any state-of-the-art computer device. Rather, a man, who is as much flesh and blood as we all are, is doing it. Only his brain is different.

Cisco launches IP phone
ISCO Systems has announced the launch of its latest generation of IP phones — the Cisco IP Phone 7960 — in India. This product brings state-of-the-art technology to voice communication solutions for the business world.

Malaysia’s technology workers nervous
by Patrick Chalmers
LECTRONICS industry workers in Malaysia’s Penang state are watching their backs but so far the tropical technology hub has escaped the worst of a global round of hi-tech sackings.

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