Thursday, May 3, 2001, Chandigarh, India


L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S



MC proposal for free water supply,
 sewerage runs into trouble
Kuldeep Bhatia

Ludhiana, May 2
The proposal of the Municipal Corporation (MC) for providing free water supply and sewerage to the city residents has run into trouble, with the State Government reportedly disapproving the resolution adopted in the general house meeting, mainly on the basis of the prevailing “not so healthy” financial situation of the four municipal corporations in major towns and the municipal councils and nagar panchayats elsewhere.

Although the move was initiated by the ruling SAD-BJP combine in the city, purportedly giving into intensive lobbying by the BJP, which wanted to win back the support of the urban population in the wake of the forthcoming assembly elections in Punjab, other political parties, including the Congress, were not averse to the proposal, which was bound to be welcomed by the city residents and in turn the political parties aimed at drawing political mileage.

However, sources revealed to Ludhiana Tribune that the State Government was not in favour of granting the facility of free water supply and sewerage to the city in isolation because people in other towns would have felt cheated and discriminated against. The waiving of water rate and sewerage charges, if at all found feasible by the government, would be made available to the people in towns and cities in entirety and the Punjab Cabinet might discuss the issue soon.

The proposal mooted by the MC did not find favour with the government for yet another reason, which could have a direct and adverse impact on the financial health of the civic bodies and funding for development works from financial institutions, both within the country and abroad. Already, a Rs 105.37 crore HUDCO loan for the MC here might prove elusive if the scheme of providing free water supply and sewerage was given effect.

Among several conditions laid down by the Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited for the loan, to be provided for augmentation of sewerage schemes in the city, one specifically requires the MC to confirm various steps taken to strengthen recoveries of taxes and other charges (from water supply and sewerage) before release of first installment of loan.

A section of city councillors, who were earlier swayed by populist sentiments and had supported the proposal in the general house meeting, were learnt to have changed their opinion after being informed that the HUDCO loan might be the first and immediate casualty of the free water supply and sewerage plan and quite a few sewerage schemes, formulated for city localities might have to be shelved for want of funds. The colonies on the outskirts of the city would be worst affected by the resource crunch because majority of these areas were not yet covered under the sewerage and water supply schemes.

It is reliably learnt that as many as 18 councillors, mostly representing outside wards, have submitted a representation to the MC administration saying that if the proposal for waiving water rate and sewerage charges would, in any manner, affect the HUDCO loan or other funding, they were opposed to the move. They pleaded that rather than giving a small concession to a section of the residents by way of free water supply and sewerage, it was more important that these basic facilities be extended to the entire population. The councillors have further demanded that their sentiments be conveyed to the State Government as well.



Encroachments now defacing outer Ludhiana

Ludhiana, May 2
After defacing the old city’s market places, the ugly monster of encroachments is now spreading its tentacles to outer Ludhiana as well, particularly in the Urban Estate, on the Chandigarh road where there is a lot of open space.

Encroachments along roads by footpath business makers in the area started coming up along with habitation nearly 20 years ago just because PUDA failed to take into account the various daily needs of the residents.

While it provided special sites for shopping complexes, parks and all that, it failed to provide space for booths for washermen, cobblers , barbers and so on, compelling practitioners of these trades to set up their business on available vacant spaces in various residential colonies.

The number of rehris along the Metro Road and the Dasehra ground is slowly increasing after control of the area was taken over by the Municipal Corporation some time ago. Though trucks of the Tehbazari Department invade the rehri market now and then and take away some of these, the same return to their respective places before long. One fails to understand the purpose of such raids. Is it to end the menace of unauthorised roadside selling or just to ensure that all “monthlies’ are duly paid on time.

A number of private clinics and other business establishments along the Metro Road have constructed permanent enclosures covering upto 30 feet of the public road. Reason? The present day administration is capable of demolishing only encroachments done by men of little means and approach.

People with money and influence are to be treated differently. So goes the unwritten law.

A posh eating joint has erected a permanent sitting enclosure on a public pathway meant for pedestrians. In an exact imitation, another eating joint, which is a favourite of the cops, is trying to encircle a thoroughfare being used by the residents of the HIG/MIG colonies. So far, only some steel pipes with pointed ends have been put around a big square piece of public land adjoining the establishment. The rest of the act will follow soon when the place would cease to be a public property and become the property of a person. Easy. Isn’t it?

In the residential areas also, there are encroachments at every step.

Initial leniency shown by PUDA officials in return for petty financial gains prompted many house owners to extend the limits of their residences by six to ten feet making narrow alleys of wide roads.

While some residents have only encroached upon the roads to impart a beautiful look to their house fronts by making small flower beds and grassy lawns and encircling the same with steel mesh, there are others who have added the encroached upon portions to their buildings by erecting cemented walls. Depends upon the subjective choice of individuals as to how best they can utilise the ‘vacant’ space in front of their doors.

Not only the fronts, the backs of the houses, especially if these are spacious, have also been encroached upon by the residents. The vast 70 feet broad and several metres long open stretch, over which pass high-tension power wires and which faces the lane with houses numbering above 1100, has been totally encroached upon by the residents depriving other residents of a chance to convert the place into a pleasant walking zone or to utilise the same for constructing a community centre. While most of them have grown flowers and created long pathways leading to their houses, there are others who have encircled the 70-foot-long plots with steel mesh ( see picture) with little regard for rules and regulations.

Thirdly , encroachments in the name of religion are also aplenty in the area. A couple of temples have been there for the past 20 years or so along the Chandigarh road. Encouraged by these, Manju Verma, an accused in a number of police cases, has also built a mosque-type structure on PUDA land adjoining her residence.

The colony residents have lodged written complaints in this regard with the PUDA authorities which, however, feel helpless to proceed in the matter. After all, religion is involved, you see.

Recently, PUDA went through a massive and expensive exercise of encircling all of its plots in the area with panels of steel mesh including the Dasehra ground with the clear purpose of stopping further encroachments.

It is another matter that at some places where it suited the residents, the panels of steel mesh have been uprooted. One wonders where all this junk will finally land one day.


Last chance to get voters’ I-card
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 2
Mr. G.S. Cheema, Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab, has said that with a view to provide the photo identity cards to every voter in the state, a special campaign would be launched in all the constituencies and this would be the last opportunity for the voters to get their photo identity cards prepared.

Mr Cheema was presiding over a meeting of returning officers and other officers dealing with the election process here today. The meeting organised to review the progress of the work relating to photo identity cards. The CEO said as per the instructions of Chief Election Commissioner, no voter could exercise his right to vote without the photo identity card.

He said the state government was also considering to give maximum importance to the photo identity cards for identification of a person in respect to different kind of works in government offices. He called upon the returning officers to make all out efforts during the coming campaign for issuing cards.

Ms Usha R. Sharma, Additional Chief Electoral Officer, briefed the Returning Officers about the latest instructions of the Chief Election Commissioner and asked them to involve the representatives of the public in the campaign.

Mr S.K. Sandhu, Deputy Commissioner, assured that during the coming campaign each and every voter would be covered by involving the leaders of the political parties and representatives of different sections of society.

He informed that in the district so far, 12,16,688 photo identity cards had been prepared which accounted for 65 per cent of the total 18,17,186 voters.



Abandon search: cops tell family of
abducted woman
Naveen S. Garewal
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 2
Two weeks after the abduction of Kulwant Kaur and her nine-month-old daughter by Kulwant’s estranged husband, her family is running from pillar to post in search of their kin. Despite the intervention of the Deputy Commissioner, Mr S.K. Sandhu, after a written complaint by the family, the Jagraon police refuses to take any action.

Kulwant Kaur and her daughter were abducted from Bhutta village in the Jagraon police district by Darshan Singh and his three bothers before a number of persons. On April 19, after her family members were beaten up, Kulwant and her daughter were thrown into a Tata Sumo and taken to an unidentified destination. Kulwant’s sister, Baljinder, and the other family members said Darshan had been forcing Kulwant to give her land to her in-laws.

After about three years of marriage, Kulwant filed a divorce petition before the District Judge of Ludhiana on April 9. On the same day, she also told the Dehlon police that she feared that her husband might abduct or kill her. However, allegedly, a Cabinet minister made the local police ignore the complaint. On April 19, Kulwant’s fears turned true. Her family fears that Darshan might tortured her to get her property.

Baljinder Kaur, elder sister of Kulwant Kaur, met the DC here on April 24 in this regard, following which, he told the Senior Superintendent of Police at Jagraon to take up the case.

A former MLA of the area, Mr Tarsem Jodhan, alleged that the Dehlon police was acting on the orders of a Punjab minister. “The ASI at the Delon police station told me that there was a lot of political pressure on him, so, he could not help us,” Mr Jodhan said.

The family has sent telegrams to the Chief Justice of India, the Chairman of the Punjab Human Rights Commission, the Director General of the Punjab police and the DIG of Ludhiana to tell them about the case. The family fears that the mother and the child might be killed if an action is not taken soon.

Kulwant, youngest of the three daughters of Major Singh, owns about 24 kanals in Bhutta that Darshan allegedly wants to grab. Though the Jagraon police has not registered any DDR or FIR in this case, the SHO of the Delon police station has appointed an investigating officer for this case, who is now persuading Kulwant’s family to abandon the search.

Though the Jagraon police has done nothing to trace the mother and the child, the Samrala police has promised to locate them, but at a price. The helpless family has already paid it Rs 5,000 as an advance for this purpose. Darshan’s village, Bondli, falls under the jurisdiction of the Samrala police.


‘Power cuts are affecting industrial production’
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 30
As power cuts having become a routine here, residents and local industries are having a tough time. Production in local industrial units has come down because these units are dependent on power supply from the Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB).

While a number of domestic consumers said unscheduled power cuts had become a routine, some industrialists said there were more than 12 power cuts in a day, usually.

Mr Inderjeet Gill, a resident, said, “The power goes off at least six times a day in my area. Early-morning power cuts are particularly hard to bear because this is the time when water is supplied to the area. With every power cut, the water pressure reduces and the supply does not reach upper floors.”

Mr Jaswant Singh Sagar, who manufactures machine tools here, said, “Power goes off at least 12 times a day, interrupting the work in the factory and affecting production. If the factories are not able to consume a minimum number of units, owners have to pay extra charges.”

Mr Sushil Vohra, who owns a hosiery mill, said, “The PSEB officials are indifferent when the matter is brought to their notice. It is hard for us to meet targets due to power cuts.”

The attitude of the PSEB officials is more annoying than power cuts. Mr Prem Arora of Bombay Cloth House in Chaura Bazar, said, “Officials are either unavailable or unable to improve the situation, as they say. The PSEB is the one department where no one listens to grievances.”

Mr Kawalpreet Singh Basant of Basant Resorts said, “The PSEB needs to be more responsible and accountable. The PSEB officials rarely respond to complaints and impose cuts on their own, without caring to inform the public in advance.”



Extending a helping hand
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 2
A motley group of like-minded people serving mankind decided to form a society in1993. The 250 odd members christened it Bhai Ghanya Ji Sewa Sansthan with its office at Haibowal Khurd. All members were greatly motivated by the services of Bhai Ghanya, a devout follower of Guru Gobind Singh. He used to serve water to wounded soldiers on the battlefield during wars between Mughals and Sikhs irrespective of caste, colour, creed or religion. When people complained to the Guru, he replied that when he was serving water to the wounded ,he saw the image of Guru in person. Guru Gobind Singh was very pleased with his reply and told him that he had truly understood Guru Nanak’s philosophy of sarbad da bhala.

So members of the society emulate his example and serve water free of cost to members of any community on its religious congregations throughout the year. They also make it a point to be of service when any NGO organises medical camps, or camps for relief work for the victims of natural calamities. The Convenor, Mr Kartar Singh Garib, said,”Our aim is to extend a helping hand to suffering people. So we arrange free medical camps. So far we have arranged 173 medical, eye and dental camps in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and even Maharashtra. We engage the services of two eye surgeons. They perform eye surgeries free of cost. The patients are charged the cost of lens implant only. We are availing free services of two dentists. Not only free dental checkups are offered but free dentures are also fitted.

The Chairman, Mr Balwant Singh, said,” We invite voluntary blood donors. We have their blood groups tested and when need for blood arises, hospitals contact us and we send the donors to give blood. We have saved many lives through our blood donors.”


In service of ailing humanity
Asha Ahuja

Ludhiana, May 2
At the tender age of 16, Pennamma from the lovely backwaters of Kerala journeyed to Punjab to seek admission in the College of Nursing in Ludhiana. She was in a strange land, totally different culture, different environment, yet Pennamma with a deep desire for suffering humanity stuck. After a few months she started enjoying the spicy Punjabi food so different from home and settled in the new environment.

Pennamma had joined general nursing course of three years’ duration and had passed with flying colours and won the Best Bedside Nurse award. She was sponsored by the college on the basis of her good record in clinical as well as studies to do a B.Sc degree in nursing from the PGI, Chandigarh. Armed with her degree, when she returned she was appointed clinical instructer cum ward sister in CMC&H.

Her track record was so good that the college again selected her for an M.Sc degree in nursing. This time the institute chosen for her was Rajkumari Amrit Kaur College Of Nursing in Delhi as the CMC had not yet started postgraduation courses. By this time she was married and had two school-going children. Those two years were the toughest years of her life as by some quirk of fate her husband, after waiting for 10 years, got an opportunity to go for the postgraduation studies in biochemistry almost simultaneously.

She says,” We had to leave the children with our close family members. The children did miss us and it was a traumatic experience for them. But when I returned I did my best to take away their insecurities and now thankfully both of them are doing well in their careers. We are a deeply religious family and my husband is a pastor of methodist church and faith in God did see us through in trying times.”

After the completion of courses she was given dual charge of lecturer and appointed as supervisor. She slowly and steadily climbed the rung and her dedicated work was recognised by the authorities. She became a professor in 1993. Later the dual responsibility of Additional Nursinng Superintendent and acting Nursing Superintendent was shouldered by her with ease.

Finally her efficiency , hard work and organisational qualities were recognised by the authorities and she was appointed the Principal of the College Of Nursing, CMC, in 1998. Not the one to rest on her laurels, she set to bring about improvement in the college. She said, “My main concern was to get recognition of degrees of both M.Sc and B.Sc by accreditation body. To make studies more enjoyable , I asked the college authorities to provide teaching aids. Now the college has overhead projectors ,screens and other learning materials plus new and latest books are facilitating the learning process.”

Being an extremely meticulous person, she is particular about cleanliness on the college campus. A visitor is delighted to see manicured lawns and well-maintained gardens. Ms Pennamma Rana Dive reached the post of the principal after tireless efforts. She has been awarded for her excellence in nursing several times. She says,” I had a calling to serve sick and suffering, I feel happy and satisfied that to some degree I have fulfilled my dreams. I thank God and am grateful to CMC that gave me an opportunity to reliase my dreams.”


Swimming session starts
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 2
Swimming sessions have started in swimming pools of the city. The municipal corporation swimming pool at Rakh Bagh, Lodhi Club and Satluj Club swimming pools have already been opened for the general public to beat the heat. About 110 swimmers come daily to the pool while in the Satluj Club the figure has gone above 50.

It is evident from the existence of the King George swimming pool, which was opened in April, 1938, that citizens of the mega-city have been in love with the sport for the past 63 years. However, the swimming pool has not been opened for this season so far. This swimming pool also attracts a good number of swimmers every year. The other swimming pool in Punjab Agricultural University has also not been opened for this session but it would be opened very soon.

Ludhiana has produced many national-level swimmers. Jas Lavleen Sekhon is one of them. Madhav Sund, a student of Government College of Boys, is the other name. He was the best swimmer of Panjab University last year. Madhav had also represented the university in the All-India Inter-University Swimming Championship.

The mega city lacks an all-season swimming pool. Madhav Sund was of the view that to produce professional swimmer to compete at international level, the city must have all season swimming pool. He said professionals in the city could practise in summers only. 



YC alleges rampant corruption
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 2
The District Youth Congress (DYC) has flayed rampant corruption in various government departments and harassment meted out to members of public in their day to day dealings in the government offices. The DYC President, Mr Parminder Mehta, while addressing a public meeting in ward no 10 in the city, observed that all sections of society were finding it difficult to make both ends meet.

The meeting was organised by the area councillor, Ms Asha Garg, under the mass contact programme of the party to listen to the public complaints and to take up the matter at appropriate levels for redressal of these complaints.

The anti-people policies, coupled with the rural bias of the SAD-led coalition government, had led to a spurt in prices of essential items. Problems like poverty and unemployment had assumed alarming proportions and the government was least concerned with the welfare of the common man. He made special mention of the functioning of the Punjab State Electricity Board and the Social Welfare Department, which left much to be desired and had become permanent sources of harassment.

Ms Garg, while speaking at the occasion, informed that several development works were undertaken in the colonies of the ward. A big overhead water tank was under construction in Baba Namdev Colony, which would improve the availability of clean drinking water to the area residents. She was sore at the pathetic and indifferent attitude of the PSEB and the increasing number of complaints relating to power supply in the area.

Other speakers, including Mr Pankaj Sood, Mr Ravinder Syan, Ms Kusum Kumari and Mr Kewal Arora focussed on lack of basic amenities in the area and urged the MC administration to allocate adequate funds for development works in the wards covering outer areas.

Addressing another meeting in Janakpuri locality, Mr Mehta deplored the brazen commercialisation of education and exploitation of the students and the parents by public schools in the city. He said the managements of public schools were virtually looting the public in the name of ‘donations and various funds’ at the time of new admissions while the district administration appeared to be totally clueless in tackling the menace.

Mr Mehta lambasted the state government for its failure to bring about any improvement in the system of education and facilities in the government schools, which was the main reason that the public had to depend on public schools, which had, more or less, become shops and fleecing centres. He said on one hand the education in public schools had almost become prohibitive but on the other hand these schools continued to enjoy all types of concession in local and other government taxes.


Bovine nuisance on city roads
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 2
The ill maintained Ludhiana roads, and lack of awareness about traffic rules coupled with encroachments by the shopkeepers and hawkers have made driving on Ludhiana streets a nightmare. Telephone and electricity poles on the roadside also contribute to the road congestion. To make the matters worse, there are cyclists, cycle rickshaws and bullock carts that slow the traffic considerably.

A study recently conducted by Department of Health Education and Family Welfare, CMC, shows that the road accidents counted for 40 per cent of the total deaths. To add to traffic woes, cattle sprawl comfortably on busy roads. They are seen trooping in large numbers when these move from one busy street to another.

The Municipal Corporation has to make an effort to check the menace of stray cattle. Why can’t the busy roads be made safe for the commuters? We hold them sacred, then why allow these animals to become victims of rash drivers? They are at equal risk of being maimed when hit by a vehicle. Who is going to take care of the injured animal? 


Akali leader accused of harassment
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 2
A resident of Baba Deep Nagar on the Gill road, Kuldeep Kaur, today accused a local leader of the Shiromani Akali Dal of trying to cast aspersions about her character and also instigating police against her. Accompanied by about 40 residents of the locality, she appeared before the Deputy Commissioner at the special sangat darshan and sought action against the leader. She alleged that the said Akali leader had got the street raised in front of his house. With the result the water instead of going into the drain, runs into the houses of the residents.

Kuldeep Kaur, whose husband is working in Delhi, resisted the leader’s move. In order to make her defensive, he allegedly instigated the local police to harass her. He also allegedly spread rumours about her character. The residents urged the DC to take action against the accused.

In another case Baba Ram Swarup of Khanna alleged that despite the High Court orders in 1996, no action had been taken regarding the sanitation problems in their locality. He said, the Punjab and Haryana High Court had directed the then secretary local bodies, Mr N.K. Arora, who is now the Chief Secretary to visit the spot within 15 days and pass appropriate orders for the proper upkeep and sanitation of the area. Although four years have already been passed, but the secretary never visited. However, the Deputy Commissioner, Mr Sandhu, assured that he would be personally visiting the area on May 9.



Virtual deathtrap near hospital
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 2
A nullah near the roundabout of Gurdwara Chhevi Patshahi and Christian Medical College has become a virtual death trap for passersby and residents of the area.

Residents have approached the authorities concerned several times with this grievance, but have received only verbal assurances every time.

The site has turned into an eyesore due to non-maintenance and indifferent attitude of the authorities concerned. The road here is in a bad condition and residents of the area and sweepers dump garbage on it.

Mr Manjit Singh, who visits the gurdwara every day, said, “It is difficult to cross the road because of an unbearable smell that emanates from the garbage. Sometimes in rains, the road gets blocked due to this garbage. Religious places are supposed to be clean, but the filth on the road outside the gurdwara is affecting the cleanliness on the premises as well. The Municipal Corporation is responsible for this mess.”

Residents said the nullah was a virtual deathtrap. Mr Anil Anand, who lives nearby, said, “If some child falls into this nullah, he or she cannot survive. The nullah has killed several stray dogs and we are fed up of its foul smell.”

Garbage dumps on the road are breeding grounds for flies and mosquitoes. Such insanitation can lead to epidemics. “We have approached the officials concerned many times, but they don’t care,” says Mr J. Batra, another resident of the locality.

Some of the residents of the area have piled up gravel outside their houses, which has narrowed the road to the discomfort of passersby.



Punjab Congress Sewa Dal dissolved
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 2
The chief organiser of the Punjab Congress Sewa Dal, Mr Sushil Parashar, after taking charge of the state unit, has dissolved the state executive with immediate effect. In a press release here today, it was stated that the step has been taken on the instructions of Mr Chander Parkash Joshi, Organising Secretary of the All-India Congress Sewa Dal and in charge of the Punjab affairs.

Mr Parashar said Mr Joshi will be on his maiden visit to the city after taking over as in charge of the Punjab affairs on May 5. He will tour the entire state and address several functions in the state. The new state executive, he added, will be announced during the next few days.


Man dies in accident; cops on lookout for driver
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 2
The Focal Point police is on the lookout for a Nepali truck driver, Tine Lal, who while driving a tanker ( PB 10-F 2097) hit a scooterist, Raghuvir Singh, on Daba Lohara road yesterday morning killing him on the spot.

The police has registered a case under Sections 304 A and 427 of the IPC on the statement of Mr. Kamal Kumar, son of Mr. Bodhi Singh, resident of Daba Lohara road.

In another road accident case, the Focal Point police has registered a case under Sections 279,338 and 427 of the IPC against the driver of Maruti car ( PB-36 2417) who fled the scene after hitting Dalbir Singh at about 9.30 pm on the night of April 30. The complainant stated that he was returning on his scooter from duty to his house in Police Colony when the accused hit him and fled away. He had to be admitted to Oswal Hospital and his scooter was also damaged. The police is yet to make an arrest.

The Sadar police also registered a case of hit and run under Sections 279 and 338 of the IPC against Bachhittar Singh Kalsi, driver, for hitting and injuring Sharad Sharma, daughter of Mr Ram Niwas Sharma, with his vehicle. Sharad, a resident of ITBP Camp, Baddowal, was waiting for a bus at Baddowal bus stop yesterday when she was injured. The absconding driver, who belongs to Malout, is yet to be arrested. Meanwhile, an injured Sharad is undergoing treatment at the DMC Hospital.

Another case of accident under Sections 279, 338 and 427 of the IPC was registered at the Haibowal police station on the statement of Mr Surinder Singh, son of Mr Sharan Singh Arora, resident of Ranjodh Park, Haibowal, against the driver of a truck (PB08C 4939), Charan Singh, son of Mr Udham singh, resident of Goraya, who allegedly hit the complainant’s servant, Rattan Kumar, at about 11.30 pm on April 30 and sped away from the scene of the accident.The injured servant has been admitted to the DMC Hospital while the police is trying to arrest the truck driver.

Girl kidnapped

The Jodhewal police has registered a case of kidnapping under Sections 363 and 336 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Hardev Singh, son of Mr Bhagat Singh Arora, resident of Meharban village on the Rahon road against Harminder Singh alias Bittu, son of Mr Avtar Singh Arora of the same village. The complainant stated that on April 30, the accused kidnapped his 15-year-old daughter , Inderjeet Kaur, at around 11.30 a.m. No arrest has been made so far.

Dowry cases

The city police yesterday registered three cases of dowry harassment at different police stations.

The division number one police registered a case under Sections 406 and 498 A of the IPC on application dated April 26 from Nittu Sharma, daughter of Mr Rajinder Kumar, resident of Railway Colony, Ludhiana, against her husband Suresh Kumar alias Rocky, son of Mr. Sat Pal Sharma, resident of Jagraon , Agya Rani, mother-in-law, Tirath Ram, brother of her husband, and his wife. According to the complainant, the accused tormented her frequently for bringing insufficient dowry. No arrest has, however, been made so far.

The division number five police also registered a case under Sections 406, 498A, 506 and 34 of the IPC against Rupinder Pal Singh, son of Narinder Singh, Narinder Singh, son of Shiv Singh, Narinder Kaur, wife of Surinder Singh, Preeto, daughter of Narinder Singh,, Surinder Kaur, wife of Karamjit Singh and Rani, all residents of Jalandhar. The complainant, Mr. Paramjit Singh, son of Mr. Kartar Singh, resident of Ranjit Nagar, had alleged that the accused beat up his daughter Gurmeet Kaur and threatened her for bringing inadequate dowry. In this case too, no arrest has been made so far.

The division number six police also registered a case under Sections 406 and 498 A of the IPC on the statement of Manjit Kaur, daughter of Mr Partap Singh, resident of New Janta Nagar, Ludhiana, against her husband Daljit Singh, son of Nachhattar Singh, resident of Kala Majra village near Khammano, who stated that she was being harassed by the accused who demanded more dowry. The accused has not been arrested so far.


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