Saturday, May 5, 2001

My cricket dream

Last night, I saw a dream,

I was selected in the cricket team.

I was to open, in a one day encounter,

Thank God! I would face no bouncer.

I wished myself best of luck,

Hopefully I would not be out for a duck.

With my partner, I entered the ground,

"India! India" cheered every sound.

To the first ball, I offered defence,

Next ball was sent to the fence.


In the very next over, I hit a six,

Then reached my fifty with numerous flicks.

Also from my partner, I received admire,

To be man of the match was my desire.

The opposition team was in a mire,

The reason was clear, I was on fire.

I got a bit slow but still it was fine,

That was because, I was on ninety nine.

I felt a sudden quake, and saw my mother.

She was astonished much confused rather.

"Oh! it was a dream", I shouted with a grin,

In my mind, I was still facing a spin.

Let’s hope this dream comes true,

If it happen, I will tell you.........

Him-eesh Madaan, Class IX, SGHP School, Amritsar


Ah! Exams are over

Thank god, the exams are over.

But fear, still is not over.

Because result also remains to be declared,

God knows, in which odd hour.

But for the time being one can be happy,

As the need for burning the mid-night oil is over.

Never ending lessons of history and maddening

Maths, is to be compensated with atleast

20 films and a spicy treat each hour.

Sports, gossips and picnics will

Now become the day’s order.

Burgers and pizzas shall recompense

The stanzas to learn which were spent

endless hours.

All this will be done with each passing hour.

But god knows what our parents shall

Do when the result is out and over

But for the time being

Thank god, the exams are over.

— Nisha Verma, +2 Bathinda