Saturday, May 5, 2001
W O R D  P O W E R


To shadow someone: To follow someone keenly and closely, keep someone under observation.

— The police had to shadow Vikas for a month before they could finally catch him red-handed.

Without a shadow of doubt: Without a trace of doubt.

— Without a shadow of doubt I can say that he is not guilty.

Cast a shadow: Make one sad

— The bad news cast a shadow on the wedding celebrations.

Chasing shadows: Chasing things that are unreal or impossible to get.

— Despite my advice, he’s continuing to waste his time chasing shadows.


To be contented to live in the shadows:
To prefer privacy and obscurity to public life and acclaim.

— Emily Dickinson was contented to live in the shadows.

A shadow of one’s former self: Not having the strength and influence that one earlier had.

— Earlier he was a great writer but now he’s merely a shadow of his former self.

To shadow box: Bo box with an imaginary partner.

— All trainers were made to shadow box for almost a month.

A shadowy reputation: A worthless reputation.

— Keeping his shadowy reputation in mind, I’ve decided to break my friendship with him.


Match the following:

1 Rock pigeon                       a the ibex

2 Rock goat                          b catfish

3 Rock snake                        c a small rock

4 Rock fish                           d wild pigeon

5 Rocklet                             e lowest level

6 Rock bottom                      f a python

7 Rock hewn                        g the hydrax

8 Rock rabbit                        h carved out of rock

Looking Back

Easter Island in the South Pacific was probably discovered by Capt Davis in 1687 but first visited by the Dutch navigator Roggeveen on Easter day in 1722, and later by Captain Cook when it was uninhabited. It is known for its remarkable monolithic statues facing seawards, some of them 20 feet or more in height, erected, according to Roggeveen, for protection from enemies coming from the sea. There were, he says, special priests who served the idols.


Seek happiness not too greedily, and be not fearful of unhappiness — Lao-Tze.

Score Card

1 d, 2 a, 3 f, 4 b, 5 c, 6 e, 7 h, 8 g.

— Illa Vij