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Monday, May 7, 2001

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Not skill alone, but total involvement

of its engineers is what the dominant software company is looking for, 
Fred Ebrahimi, President and CEO, Quark, tells Roopinder Singh

QUARK has dominated the publishing software market for long. Founded in 1981, in Denver, Colorado, USA, the company set up a software development centre in India in November, 1998. Farhad F. (Fred) Ebrahimi, President and CEO, Quark Incorporated, has a slightly rumpled and casual look that bespeaks more of an academic rather a businessman. He was in Chandigarh recently and the following are excerpts from an exclusive interview:


Save your PC from heat, dust and humidity
by Vipul Verma
OMPUTER could be the best investment option if it is put to some useful purpose. However if it is not put to some useful purpose and is also not taken care of, well then it could be the worst investment too. Computers like other electronic items are subject to a lot of wear and tear besides getting technically obsolete.

Doing surgery in Chandigarh from USA
by Sumesh Raizada
TV commercial of a telecom company currently being aired shows a woman delivering a baby girl in the middle of a stadium on the guidance provided by her doctor. Though the advertisement is meant for publicising business operations of that company yet it highlights an important application of Information Technology (IT) that is telemedicine. 

Choose your own hound
by Leyla Swan
love cats. Sadly, my one-bedroom apartment in a six storey building precludes a feline flatmate. In my book it would be cruel, not to mention dangerous, to keep a cat programmed to roam and jump at will in such a lofty and confined space.

How are hackers different from crackers?
by H.S. Jatana
NCIDENTS can broadly be classified into several kinds — The probe, scan, account compromise, root compromise, packet sniffer, denial of service, exploitation of trust, malicious code and the Internet-infrastructure attacks.

Teaching or cheating?
by Peeyush Agnihotri
INGY stairs leading to ply-partitioned cubicles, less than 10 computers, smooth-talking counsellors and faculty members who have just stepped out of teens. Welcome to the hottest commercial trend — computer-training institutes that have grown faster than water hyacinth and exist cheek by jowl in Chandigarh and its vicinity (conservative estimates put the number of such "shops" at 60 in Sector 34, Chandigarh, alone).

Deepa Sahi to visit Chandigarh
OTED Bollywood personalities, Ketan Mehta and Deepa Sahi, will be in Chandigarh on May 11 to participate in a conference at the Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC), Sector 34, Chandigarh.

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