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Overspeeding challans violate HC orders
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 17
Though the traffic police personnel are coming down heavily upon those caught for overspeeding, they are not always justified in doing the same. In a substantial number of cases, the police is conveniently challaning overspeeding drivers though there is no signboard indicating the speed limit on the road in question.

Many roads in the city have no signboards with regard to the speed limits. The roads in the southern sectors deserve a special mention in this connection. By not paying attention to installation of signboards before challaning the vehicles for overspeeding, the police is not only violating provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, but also violating the Punjab and Haryana High Court’s judgement with impunity.

Interestingly, while disposing of a petition in this regard on November 20, 1995, the High Court had directed: “Mandatory traffic signboards in this regard are to be installed expeditiously, preferably within three months from the receipt of copy of those order.” In this petition, it was prayed that “a direction should be issued to the Home Secretary, UT, and the Inspector-General of Police, UT, to place signboards pertaining to speed limits as per the prescribed specifications on all the roads of Chandigarh, with minimum of one signboard after a stretch of every 500 metres.” Six years have hence passed, but the police is yet to assume responsible in this matter.

A survey of the city roads by Chandigarh Tribune has indicated that many roads, especially the sector-bisecting roads, have no such signboards. The road bisecting Sectors 33 and 43, leading towards Sector 32, has no speed limit indication; the road bisecting Sectors 34 and 44, leading towards Sector 45, also has none; the road bisecting Sector 38 and Dadu Majra, going towards Sector 25, has no signboard; and most of the roads within sectors lack signboards regarding speed limits.

Among the main roads, the road from the Press Chowk to the Sector 17 bus stand roundabout area has no signboard indicating the limits of speed. Ironically, last week, a Sector 37 resident, Mr Parveen Sharma, was challaned for overspeeding on this very road. When he contested the challan, saying that he was not aware of the speed limit in the absence of the signboard on that road, his plea was not considered at all.

Talking to Chandigarh Tribune, Mr Parveen Sharma said," I also asked them if they had any literature with regard to speed limit rules. They directed me to the Children Traffic Park in Sector 23, but all I procured from there was a pamphlet regarding other road signs. There was nothing about the speed limits. If they cannot spread awareness, they have no right to challan us.” He secured a report of notary public, stating that there was no relevant signboard on the road where he was challaned for overspeeding. He would contest the challan in the court of law.

Subsection 2 of the Motor Vehicle Act provides," The state government or any other authority authorised by the state government in this behalf may, if satisfied that it is necessary to restrict speed on any road, by notification in the official gazette and by causing appropriate signs to be placed or erected at suitable places, fix such maximum or minimum speed limits as it thinks fit for safety of motor vehicles.”


Woman dies in road mishap
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 17
Yet another helmetless woman scooterist who met with a road accident yesterday died this morning due to serious head injuries. Unavailability of a common diagnostic facility at two of the premier government medical institutes in the city is alleged to have resulted in an inordinate delay in the commencement of treatment of the victim which could have saved her life.

Pardeep Virk is the ninth helmetless woman scooterist to have succumbed to head injuries sustained in a road accident this year so far.

Pardeep, a student of Sector 46 Government College, was on way to attend her computer class on a scooter (CH-01N-8090), when she met with an accident in Sector 34 yesterday at about 7 am. However, it was only after a few hours that the proper line of treatment could begin after a CT Scan was performed at a private hospital.

Pardeep had sustained head injuries in the accident, when her scooter skided near the petrol pump in Sector 34. She was picked up by a Police Control Room vehicle and rushed to the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32. Since the CT Scan facility is not available there, she was referred to the PGI. Unluckily, the CT Scan machine at the PGI is out of order for the past couple of days. So, the girl’s family rushed her to INSCOL—a private hospital in Sector 34. Later, the victim was operated upon in INSCOL — but again the family and relatives faced a problem in getting blood.

While two units of blood were made available to them from the GMCH, they had to run from pillar to post in order to get more blood.

The father of the girl, Mr G.S. Virk, said his daughter had the rare O negative blood group. “The General Hospital, Sector 16, refused to give them blood and so did the PGI authorities — inspite of the fact that we had managed quite a few blood donors from amongst our relatives and friends,” he said bitterly. They later managed to get a few units of blood from the Civil Hospital, Sector 6, Panchkula.

Grieving relatives of the deceased, while talking to TNS, said had Pardeep been given prompt treatment, she could have been saved. “The police had been very prompt in rushing her to the hospital. But who had thought that a normal facility like a CT Scan would not be available at two of the premiere health care institutes in the city ,” said a relative of the deceased. 


Mohali expansion takes off
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, May 17
The Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA) today declared that at least 96 per cent of the land in Sohana and Mauli Baidwan villages, acquired under the Land Acquisition Act for further expansion of SAS Nagar, was free from legal encumbrances.

Talking to mediapersons here, the Chief Administrator of PUDA, Mr K.B.S. Sidhu, said the authority had the utmost regard for the orders of the Punjab and Haryana High Court. Legal opinion sought from the Advocate-General of Punjab and senior legal luminaries in connection with the 12 writ petitions filed by land owners in Sohana and Mauli Baidwan states that there was no stay on announcing awards for the land in question.

He said PUDA would file a reply in the high court for early hearing in the cases as the interest of around 4,000 successful allottees was attached to the housing project.

Barring the land on which the status quo on possession had been stayed, the possession of land in Sohana and Mauli Baidwan villages had been taken over by the Land Acquisition Collector (LAC) on May 7 and May 17, respectively.

Citing the Land Acquisition Act, he said from the day the government announced land awards, its ownership vested with the state even if the owners did not accept the compensation amount. The cheques were deposited in the court.

Assuring the allottees about the future of the project, Mr Sidhu said for their benefit, the Housing and Urban Development Minister had decided to extend the last date to deposit the 15 per cent amount to June 8. Earlier, the date was May 28. For the convenience of the public, PUDA and tied up with the HDFC to allow the allottees to deposit 15 per cent amount at the branches of the bank in Chandigarh, Punjab and Delhi.

He said PUDA had arranged Rs 50 crore from the HDFC, Rs 20 crore from Corporation Bank and Rs 33 crore from the earnest money of the successful allottees to pay from the land compensation.

When asked about the objection to the land rates recommended by the District Land Price Fixation Committee, he said the rates were reasonably good. “If the evacuees went for enhanced compensation in the court, the enhancement would be distributed among the allottees”, he said, but did not rule out possibility of PUDA paying the entire enhanced compensation from its pocket.

Meanwhile, the Land Acquisition Collector (LAC) today disbursed a compensation of around Rs 15.crore for acquiring land in Sohana village on the first day after announcing the awards.

In the evening, Mr Hazara Singh and his wife, who own 63 kanals and 11 marlas of land in Sohana filed an affidavit with the court that some persons of the village had fraudulently obtained their signatures to file a writ petition in the high court against which a status quo had been granted.

The complainant said he being an illiterate was told by the persons that the case was being filed to get more compensation. 


Plan to make Mohali less noisy
Kulwinder Sangha

Ambient air quality standards in respect of noise
Area/zone  Limits in decibels

Night time

Industrial area 75 70
Commercial area 65 55
Residential area  55 45
Silence zone 50 40

SAS Nagar, May 17
Even though some measures have been taken earlier to reduce noise pollution in the town, the administration will now be implementing the law more strictly following the receipt of orders to enforce a notification in this regard issued by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests.

The orders, issued by the State Transport Commissioner, Punjab, were received by the office of the SDM here last week.

The ministry notification, containing the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000, says “the increase in ambient noise levels in public places from various sources, inter alia, industrial activity, construction activity, generator sets, loudspeakers, public address systems, music systems, vehicular horns and other mechanical devices have deleterious effects on human health and the psychological well-being of the people and it was necessary to regulate and control noise producing and generating sources with the objective of maintaining the ambient air quality standards in respect of noise.”

The SDM, Mr Jai Pal Singh, said today that he would hold a meeting with the representatives of the police and Municipal Council officials soon to work out the modalities for implementing the latest rules of the union ministry.

He said silence zones would be created near educational institutions and hospitals. Heads of these institutions would also be asked to inform the authorities in the case of problems regarding noise levels. The police and officials like junior engineers and inspectors of the Municipal Council would be put on the job to check noise pollution.

The SDM said he had already written twice to the police to challan offenders under Section 188, IPC, but had not received any information so far on what action the police had taken in this respect.

He said sound from loudspeakers should remain within the premises on which these were being used. This direction would apply to, among others, places of worship, venues where weddings or other functions were being held and music shops. The rule would be enforced throughout the year and not merely at the time of university or other such examinations.

However, the required equipment to measure the noise levels was not yet available with his office. But he said the equipment to check violations of rules on noise pollution could be acquired after studying the cost factor.

Under the new rules notified by the union ministry, the ambient air quality standards in respect of noise for different areas/zones should be as specified under the rules.

According to the rules, the state government will categorise the areas into industrial, commercial, residential or silence zones for the purpose of implementation of noise standards for different areas.

The state government will also take measures for abatement of noise, including noise emanating from vehicular movements, and ensure that the existing noise levels did not exceed the ambient air quality standards specified under the rules.

All development authorities, local bodies and other authorities concerned, while planning development activity or carrying out functions relating to town and country planning will take into consideration all aspects of noise pollution as a parameter of quality of life to avoid noise nuisance and to achieve the objective of maintaining the ambient air quality standards in respect of noise.

An area comprising not less than 100 metres around hospitals, educational institutions and courts may be declared as silence zones for the purpose of these rules.

The notification also specified that a loudspeaker or a public address system will not be used except after obtaining written permission from the authority. A loudspeaker or a public address system will also not be used at night between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. except in closed premises for communication within e.g auditoria, conference rooms, community cells and banquet halls.

According to the notification, whoever, in any place covered under the silence zone/area, violates the specified rules shall be liable for penalty under the provisions of the Act. It also specifies that a “person may, if the noise level exceeds the ambient noise standards specified for any area/zone, make a complaint to the authority.”

The authority will act on the complaint and take action against the violator in accordance with the provisions of the rules and any other law in force.



Jhuggis, encroachments removed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 17
Overlooking a notification by the Chandigarh Administration, the enforcement staff of the Estate Office today showed that they could act at their own whim and fancy, besides being choosy in selecting targets.

A team of the enforcement staff today swooped down upon a Sector 9 showroom along the Madhya Marg. The team starting breaking tiles on the outer wall of the showroom and also on the pillars to beautify the exteriors.

The showroom houses the retail outlet of an electronic goods company. Company officials told Chandigarh Tribune that they virtually begged that the demolition be stopped, while showing a copy of a March 30, 2000, notification which allowed the owner of the building to use a material of his discretion on the facade inside the verandah. The enforcement team did not bother to read the notification and carried on with their task.

When it was pointed out that other showrooms along the Madhya Marg also had similar tile work to beautify their exteriors, the inspectors said they had come to demolish the tiles of only this showroom and not of the other ones. Company officials said they would contest the actions of the staff before the authorities. Sources said the staff told protesting company officials that there was a complaint against the showroom.

The Enforcement staff also removed four unauthorised jhuggis from milk colony, Dhanas, and two others from shooting range area in Sector 25, situated on the MC land.

The MC Enforcement wing issued as many as 117 challans including 53 in Sector 22 Apni Mandi. The idea behind this drive is to ensure that only the authorised vendors sell their wares from the area. The others, who come from outside have a tendency to push the genuine sellers out and sell the stuff at comparatively cheaper rates. The farmers have of late been complaining about the problems they face in selling their produce.

While 36 challans were handed out to the violators in Mani Majra, 28 challans were issued in Sectors 17, 18, 19, 23, 34 and 35 and given to shopkeepers or rehri-phari vendors for encroaching upon MC land.

Meanwhile, the enforcement staff of the UT Administration and the Municipal Corporation, in an anti-encroachment drive yesterday, demolished 17 kiosks from Raipur Khurd, which were built on public land. After clearing the site, the plot was handed over to the Engineering Department of the Administration.

In addition to this, four jhuggis were removed from Vijay Colony and six rickshaws were impounded.

As part of the routine drive by the MC, as many as 127 challans were issued in different parts of the city. Nearly 31 challans were issued in Mani Majra, 63 in the northern Sectors such as 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 23, including some challans in Punjab and Haryana Secretariat. About 33 challans were issued in the drive in the markets of all southern sectors. 


City doctors, engineers shine in IAS exam
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh/Patiala May 17
Doctors and engineers from the city have achieved top positions in the civil services examinations this year. Most of the 20 odd successful IAS candidates from the city, have graduated as doctors or engineers, but have had non-science subjects for the civil services examinations.

Shahla Nigar, a resident of Sector 34, working as Assistant Manager, NABARD here, has stood second. She hails from Patna, and has done her M.Phil. in political science from Delhi University. She appeared in the civil services examinations with political science and sociology as optional subjects.

Gurkirat Kirpal Singh, third in the all-India list, also hails from the city. A resident of Sector 27, he did his engineering from Punjab Engineering College.

Dr Anu Aggarwal, a resident of Sector 15, has secured 14th rank. Last year, she was ranked 157th. She is currently undergoing training in Baroda in the Indian Railway Traffic Service. Her mother is the headmistress of a government school at Khuda Lahora and her father works in the Punjab National Bank. Anu had appeared in the examination with medical science and anthropology as her subjects. Her elder sister is a dentist doctor and younger sister is completing her MBBS at AIIMS in Delhi. Her younger brother is studying in IIT, Delhi.

Vineet Brijlal, ranked 22nd, is from Kulu in Himachal Pradesh. His father is into farming and his mother is a bank clerk. An electronics engineer from PEC, he had appeared in the examination with History and geography as his subjects.

Ekroop Caur, resident of Sector 4, has improved her position from 108th to 24th this year. Her optional subjects were psychology and sociology. She has been undergoing training at Faridabad, in Customs and Excise service.

Dr Nipun Vinayak, from Panchkula is ranked 25th. This was his second attempt. He improved his position from 169th in his last attempt, which got him a position in the Indian Railway Traffic Service. Appearing with medical science and zoology, this graduate of GMCH, Sector 32, says he cannot believe his luck.

Nipun’s father teaches in DAV College Sector 10, while his mother teaches zoology at Dayal Singh College, Karnal. ‘‘My mother helped me with zoology. Since medical science is a subject and there is no coaching centre for it, it has been an all self study effort.’’ he says.

Dr Akun Sabharwal, son of retired Wing Commander D.P. Sabharwal, another resident of the city, has been placed 33. He is a dentist from Patiala. ‘‘I put in almost 14 hours a day for studies for a year. I was also working three days a week in a dental college, but religiously stuck to my schedule,’’ he says.

Tarun Gauba is an electronics and electrical communication engineer from PEC and is working as a research engineer in C-DOT. Ranked 64th in the examination, he had physics and mathematics as his optional subjects.

Dr Atul Handa, a resident of Sector 32, has secured 98th position in his second attempt. A medical graduate from GMCH, he is currently working in a clinic in Ropar after having joined the Punjab Civil Medical Service. He opted for history and anthropology as optional subjects. Manoj Kaushik has been placed 52nd, Amit Singla is 66th, Nitin Bansal has been ranked 120th and Manoj Kumar has bagged the 161st position they are all from Patiala. Amneet Kaur, daughter of the Commissioner of Income Tax, Patiala, ranks 144th, but is placed 7th in the reserved category list. Pradeep Kumar, a graduate from IIT, Delhi, who resides in Patiala is 144th . His father is working as XEN with the BBMB.

Mukul Kumar from Bathinda has been placed 54th, Rajesh Kumar and Anil Kumar, both hailing from in Ranchi, Jharkhand, have been ranked 185th and 383rd respectively. Upkar Singh from Amritsar has been placed 370th.

The other students from Chandigarh to have cleared the examination this time include Sanjay Bansal, who has been placed 51st, Munisha Dhiman, who is ranked 239th, and Kusum, ranked 283rd.

Kusum says she will improve on her position next year.


GCM: defence alleges command failure
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 17
Documents submitted by the defence before the general court martial trying Maj Maneesh Bhatnagar for alleged dereliction of duty during the Kargil conflict today indicated that enemy intrusions along the Line of Control may have been observed by Army patrols as early as January, 1999.

The Army has all along maintained that it learnt of the intrusions in Kargil in mid-May, 1999 from local shepherds. While the intrusions by Pakistan have been attributed as an intelligence failure, Major Bhatnagar’s submission contends that it had been a failure of command and reporting on the Army’s part.

Copies of several daily situation reports (SITREPS) filed by Major Bhatnagar after patrolling parts of the southern Siachen Glacier have been attached to the submission. The southern glacier lies on the eastern end of the Batalik-Turtuk Axis in the Hanifuddin sub-sector.

The SITREPS pertaining to the Gulab Complex, Point 5770, Pimple Saddle and adjoining posts had reported enemy movement in that area and Indian patrols coming under machinegun fire on several occasions.

A SITREP initiated on February 9 stated that at 11 am on that day, a patrol led by Major Bhatnagar had sighted an enemy trooper and a bunker on Point 5770 and the matter was reported to the battalion’s Commanding Officer, Col A.K. Srivastava.

It was the same point on which 27 Rajput had launched an assault on June 26 to evict the enemy, killing a Pakistani Captain and 13 other personnel. In his submission, Major Bhatnagar maintained that the assault had been wrongly shown by the Army authorities to be a defensive operation to repulse the enemy whereas it had been an offensive operation launched to evict intruders and recapture the post.

Major Bhatnagar also contended that during the recording of the summary of evidence, Colonel Srivastava had admitted that there had been enemy activity in the area of Point 5770 and had been reported by the accused, and that he had also reported that a track had been made leading to the top of the point. The CO had reported the matter to the Commander, 102 Infantry Brigade, verbally, but had not made any written report.

The submission added that while enemy activity had been reported by the junior officer, the Army high command denied receiving any such reports, which indicated lapses on the part of the intermediary authorities. This led to the enemy getting four months to consolidate its positions.

The submission added that had the appropriate action been taken, the Kargil episode would not have occurred, thereby preventing the enormous loss of life and resources. Major Bhatnagar added that when he tried to bring the enemy intrusions to the notice of his superiors, he was implicated.

Earlier, during his cross-examination, Colonel Srivastava testified that he had initiated an adverse Confidential Report (CR) against the accused for events on June 15 and 16, 1999.He added that it was correct to suggest that he had written in the CR that the accused had tried to instigate mass insubordination.

The defence counsel drew the attention of the witness to his earlier statement that he had spoken to the troops and had found no case of insubordination. The witness replied that remarks in the CR were incorrect because when he had issued the warning letter to the accused and initiated the CR, the complete facts were not available with him and he was only aware of the details given to him by his senior officers.

On being asked the names of the senior officers, Colonel Srivastava said that his inputs had been from the GOC, 3 Division, Major Gen V.S. Budhwar, the Deputy GOC, 3 Division, Brig A.K. Duggal, the Commander, 70 Infantry Brigade, Brig Devinder Singh, and the Commander, 102 Infantry Brigade, Brig P.C. Katoch.

While the court disallowed several questions by the defence pertaining to events from January to March when the accused was serving in Siachen, the court brought on record that it had not issued any warning to the defence counsel.

Meanwhile, in the other ongoing trial of Maj V.K. Madhan, the defence received a major boost when the prosecution witness, Lt-Col S.M. Bhatnagar, a classified surgeon, deposed in favour of the accused.

Colonel Bhatnagar stated before the court that on the basis of clinical tests, the accused had been operated on for an “ACL tear” in the knee in October, 1999, at the Command Hospital, Chandimandir, after being referred by 153 General Hospital in Leh.

He testified that an examination on September 21 had revealed an ACL tear in the accused knee and another similar injury was also suspected in the knee joint. The medical specialist stated that at the time of the examination, the injury was neither fresh nor acute. The injury must have been one or two months old or even more, he added.

The witness stated that an ACL tear was a permanent disability and it does not heal. If it healed, it produced some disability and it was difficult to carry out strenuous physical activity, including walking on uneven ground or negotiating slopes, he added.

Colonel Bhatnagar also testified that an X-ray could not have revealed an ACL tear. He added that it was correct to suggest that tests carried out by a person who was not well-versed with this disorder might result in a faulty diagnosis.



MC work suffering due to Mayor: Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 16
BJP councillor and former Mayor of the Municipal Corporation, Mr Gian Chand Gupta, in response to a letter sent by the Mayor, Mr Raj Kumar Goyal, seeking co-operation to conduct the business of the House, has pointed out that the work of the Municipal Corporation has come to a stand still due to his style of functioning and differences within the party.

With a view to resolve the issue, Mr Gupta has requested the Mayor to call two separate meetings of the House immediately so that the public works do not suffer any longer. He said in one meeting the Mayor should try and clarify the allegations levelled against him and in the other, the business of the House can be transacted.

The letter further states that even though the names of the members of the nine MC sub-committees were finalised recently by a five-member committee of the House in the presence of the Mayor for the smooth functioning of the MC , he had refused to give his consent to the same.

“Further, the postponement of the vital Finance and Contract meetings at least four times during the past two months only indicates lack of interest on your part for public works and the development work”. Mr Gupta further added, “whereas your own party councillors boycott the business meetings of the MC, you are looking for co-operation from the opposition party. Your differences with the Senior Deputy Mayor, Mr Gurcharan Dass Kala, are also well known”.

Recently, the Congress members gheraoed the Mayor as well as Senior Deputy Mayor’s house for not performing their duties and for ignoring public interest.

Mr Gupta also mentioned that the Mayor had publicly alleged that the Commissioner and Chief Engineer were not co-operating with him . Besides this, general public has levelled many serious allegations against him and his style of working. But instead of clarifying his position he had levelled many serious but baseless allegations against three previous Mayors the letter stated.

Meanwhile, the special meeting of the local unit of the BJP, which had been called to chalk out a strategy about the functioning of the BJP councillors in the MC house could not be held due to lack of quorum. According to sources only four BJP councillors — Mr Des Raj Tandon, who is also the leader of the opposition in the House; Mr Gian Chand Gupta, Mr Kanhya lal and Ms Ranjana Shahi had come for the said meeting at the party office, Kamlam. They were likely to decide the date of the special meeting, in which the Mayor was to clarify the allegations levelled against him.


MC chief urged to complete pending works in colonies
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 17
The Congress councillor, Ms Kamlesh today met the MC Commissioner, Mr M.P Singh, and pointed out that even though estimates had been prepared for strengthening, carpeting and construction of roads in rehabilitation colonies of Karsan, Ram Darbar, Industrial Area, Phase-II, the same had not been sent to the Finance and Contract Committee for its approval.

Ms Kamlesh also gave him a memorandum, urging him to undertake various long pending works in the rehabilitation colonies of Ram Darbar. The pending works listed by her, which await approval are RCE for providing and laying 25 mm semi-dense bitumenious concrete on V-6 roads in rehabilitation colony, Karsan, phase-I; estimates of Rs 5.28 lakh for recarpetting V-6 roads in front of H No: 1 to 442, 1405 to 1482, 1428 to 2064 in rehabilitation colony, Phase-II; PCC tiles payment of Rs 3.38 lakh in the market of Karsan colony, Phase-II, Ram Darbar; RCE of Rs 11, 26,000 for constructing 24” wide road in the south of Ram Darbar, Karsan colony, Phase-I, and shelter at a cost of Rs 2.37 lakh in the rehabilitation colony, Ram Darbar.

Besides the above mentioned estimates, several estimates worth Rs 2.5 crore regarding carpeting of roads in Industrial Area-II are still lying pending with the Road Wing. Further, despite the decision taken on the floor of the House that the V-6 ( internal roads) of the city will be recarpetted, several V-6 roads in her ward (No 18) are still lying unattended, even as work on the V-3 roads has begun in some sectors, the memorandum stated.


Dhawan flays administration
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 17
The former Union Minister, Mr Harmohan Dhawan, today criticised the Chandigarh administration for withdrawing permission to use loud- speaker during the ongoing “gherao” of councillors of the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh (MCC) by members of the Chandigarh Vikas Manch.

Addressing a press conference here, Mr Dhawan alleged that the permission to use loudspeaker, which was granted on May 4 was withdrawn by the District Magistrate on May 10 under pressure from the BJP. Terming order as “highly undemocratic and dictatorial”, he alleged that this showed that the administration was insensitive to the people’s problems.

“What to talk of solving the problems of water, electricity and cleanliness, the administration was not prepared to even listen to the grivances, which the manch was highlighting by the “gherao” of the councillors” he said. He announced that he would flout the order of the Administration by using loudspeaker when the manch “gheraoed” the councillors on May 19.

Mr Dhawan also announced that four of his supporters, who were suspended by the CTCC chief, Mr B.B. Bahl, would not reply to the show-cause notices issued to them. After the “jan jagran abhiyan” of the manch was over on May 27, the manch would organise a “big sammelan” to show off its strength, he added.



Power dept told to be consumer-friendly
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 17
Directing officials of the power utilities to check line losses and trippings in the district, the Administrative Secretary and Chairperson of the Haryana Power Utilities, Ms Meenakshi Anand Chaudhary, said area-wise responsibility should be fixed in this regard.

Ms Chaudhary reviewed the progress of development works relating to announcements made by the Haryana Chief Minister during the `Sarkar Aapke Dwar programme organised in the district at a review meeting here.

She urged officials of the electricity department to be consumer-friendly and committed towards providing better services to the consumers. Directing them to guide consumers to submit self-declaration forms and attach the receipts of power bills along with these, she said the practice of taking no-objection certificates from consumers should be done away with.

Ms Chaudhary stated that officers in each department should be well-versed with the various schemes to enable their implementation in a systematic and efficient manner.

She reviewed various works being carried out in the district regarding the announcements concerning departments of Public Health, Public Works, Transport, Agricultural and Marketing Board and Shivalik Development Board, among others.

Earlier, the Deputy Commissioner, Ms Jyoti Arora, presented a detailed report on the power and water situation. She added that arrangements to provide water, especially in hilly areas of the district, had been made to meet the shortfall.

Meanwhile, Ms Chaudhary pulled up a senior official of the district for coming unprepared for the meeting, stating that meetings were not limited to picking up files and walking into the meeting. 


BJP workers gherao party office
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 17
BJP workers today “gheraoed” the party office in Sector 33 against the failure of the party leadership to get residents of Kabari Market Labour Colony in the Industrial Area, Phase I, rehabilitated.

They raised slogans against the party chief, Mr Dharam Paul Gupta, a former MP, Mr Satya Pal Jain, and a former Mayor, Mr Gian Chand Gupta.

Earlier, party workers gathered at the site of the Kabari Market and marched to the BJP office, where they “gheraoed” the office for over three hours.

Mr Dharam Paul Gupta, who met the UT Administrator and the Adviser, said the authorities had assured that those residents of the colony who had the proof of resident of 1996 would be rehabilitated immediately and letters would handed over to them in a day or two.

The protesters threatened to stage a dharna in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office if the administration failed to rehabilitate the colony residents by May 21.



Toilet doors

TOILETS are considered very inauspicious in Feng Shui. In early times, people had their toilets at the end of the house, a little distance away. Nowadays, houses have rooms with toilets attached. Modern architecture and human craving for comfort have resulted in a severe imbalance in homes. This imbalance has resulted in ever-increasing problems in human life.

Feng Shui is very deep and toilets in different directions have different rectifications. There are certain guidelines that everybody should follow.

Toilets and bathrooms should always have their doors closed. This is essential as toilets and bathrooms emit Yin energies. Also, no tap or shower should leak. Toilets, as they are placed, suppress the luck of that particular corner. Leaking taps and showers would further drain them away.

It is advisable to flush the toilet after covering the pot. This is in fact contradictory to the western ideology. But it is really very effective once you start implementing it.


Address your Feng Shui queries to:
Postal address: C/o F.S. TIPS
The Tribune, Sector-29, Chandigarh-160020.



MC panel to discuss water meter issue
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 17
A special meeting of the Finance and Contract Committee ( F and CC) has been called tomorrow to consider and formulate a policy regarding the replacement of defective water meters in the light of the advice given by the Punjab and Haryana High Court recently.

To avoid harassment to consumers, a Division Bench of the HC had recently advised the MC to provide meters after getting them tested. The court had also asked the respondents to install the same after accepting the charges. It was also suggested that the defective meters should be repaired after taking due charges.

The deadline for getting the meters replaced has already been extended by two months till July 31. The members of the F and CC under the chairmanship of the Mayor, Mr Raj Kumar Goyal, will deliberate on various policy suggestions to formulate the revised policy.

Meanwhile, the Mayor will also formally induct a tractor-trailed vacuum sweeper (T-2100) used for cleaning and sweeping of roads by formally flagging it off from the MC building tomorrow evening.


Rain cools region
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh May 17
Overcast conditions and light showers in the city and surrounding areas in the past 48 hours have brought down day time temperatures to 29.4°C, which is 9 degrees below the normal average for this time of the year. The local Met office has predicted light showers for tomorrow also.

Today was the sixth day in running when the day time temperature was below the normal average. The Director of the Met office, Mr S.C. Bhan, explained that the rain and overcast conditions were prevailing in the region due to upper air cyclonic circulation over Haryana and adjoining western UP. This is in confluence of another such system over Pakistan and adjoining area of Rajasthan and Punjab.


Importance of road safety highlighted
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, May 17
Road safety day to highlight the importance of road safety was organised by DAV School, Sector 15, here today. The recent spate of road accidents motivated students to take a step in this direction and contribute their mite.

Mr Ajay Kashyap, DIG was the chief guest. During the function inter-house competitions including slogan writing, poster making and essay writing were held. Mr Subhash Mehta, sub inspector, and Mr Desh Raj, head constable with the Chandigarh Police, talked about the traffic rules and other safety measures while driving. A data of recent road accidents was also presented.

Karanjot, a student, also spoke on the occasion followed by a poem by Monali of Class XII. 


One killed, four hurt in mishap
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 17
One person was killed and four others were injured when their car was crushed under a CTU bus near the Mohali barrier in Sector 39 at about 5 p.m. today.

Manjit Singh, a resident of Maloya, was killed when his Maruti car (DBA- 3852) was crushed under a CTU bus, after the car driver, Harbhajan Singh, failed to control the speed of the car. The car rammed into the bus (CH-01G-5586) when a long line of vehicles in front of the bus had slowed down to pass through the barrier.

The wife of the deceased, Kuldeep Kaur, her mother Lajwanti, neighbour Nachchattar Kaur and the car driver, Harbhajan Singh, were seriously injured. They were all rushed to the PGI, where Manjit Singh was declared brought dead.

According to the police, the passengers of the ill-fated car were headed for Jalandhar to get treatment for Kuldeep Kaur. 



Plea to quash land notification
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 17
After fighting terrorism in Punjab, Deputy Inspector General of Police Sumedh Singh Saini is fighting yet another battle. In his petition before the Punjab and Haryana High Court, he, along with two other petitioners, today sought the quashing of notifications issued under the Land Acquisition Act for the extension of SAS Nagar.

Taking up his petition against state of Punjab and the Punjab Urban Development Authority, Mr Justice Jawahar Lal Gupta, and Mr Justice N.K. Sud of the High Court, ordered the maintenance of status quo regarding possession after issuing notice of motion to the respondents for September 24.

Seeking directions to the state of Punjab and others against implementing the scheme for extension or development of the area in violation of the Punjab New Capital (Periphery) Control Act, the petitioners stated that the respondents should not proceed without specifically considering the individual objections.

The petitioners added that he and his family members were facing threats and had planned to settle down at Sohana but “it would be difficult for them to find an alternate place for the family as also for the security staff” if the land was acquired.

Giving details, counsel for the petitioners stated that in 1991, three security personnel were killed and Mr Saini sustained injuries after vehicles were blown up by the terrorist. He added that several other attempts were also made on the DIG’s life.


Colonies’ residents stage dharna
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 17
Over 100 persons from Rajiv and Indira Colony staged a dharna in Sector 17 to protest against the laying of PVC-coated cables and removal of kundi connections here today. In the two colonies, the electricity department had worked out a plan costing around Rs 6 lakh to check the menace of kundi connections and electricity theft by the residents, which was causing financial losses to the department. The Executive Engineer was handed over a representation and a charter of demands, which included allotment of regular power connections.


Cash, gold jewellery stolen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 17
Cash and gold jewellery worth thousands of rupees was stolen in a daylight burglary in Sector 22.

According to the information available from the police, cash worth Rs. 18,000 and four tolas of gold jewellery was stolen from the house of Dr O.P. Verma this morning. The miscreant (s) had reportedly forced their entry in the house by breaking open the front door lock.

At the time of the incident, all family members were out for work. It is learnt that they had left home at 9:30 am and it was only at 1:30 pm when Dr Verma returned home that he found the house ransacked and the valuables and cash missing.



7 Estate Office officials booked
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 17
Seven officials of the Estate Office and about 19 other persons were booked by the Vigilance Department of the Chandigarh Administration here tonight for having allegedly issued fake allotment letters of dwelling units to unsuspecting persons.

The Vigilance Department first conducted an inquiry into the case and found that seven officials of the Estate Office were guilty of issuing fake slips on behalf of the Deputy Commissioner and the Tehsildar.


Household goods gutted
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 17
Property worth Rs 10,000 including furniture and household goods were gutted in a fire which broke out in H No: 1943, Sector 52, in the early hours today. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. However, no casualty was reported.

According to reports, fire was reported from the house of Mr Sohan Lal at 2.15 am. The wife of the owner was in the house at the time of the incident. Two fire tenders from Sector 17 and 32 were rushed to the spot immediately and the fire was controlled in about an hour’s time. 


One held for gambling
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 17
The Crime Branch of the Chandigarh police has arrested Shiv Charan Dass, a resident of Ram Darbar, on charges of gambling at a public place.

The accused was booked under Sections 13, 3 and 67 of the Gambling Act and Rs 510 was recovered from him.

It is alleged that the accused was playing satta in front of his house late last night.

Eve-teasers held
Two youths from Bapu Dham Colony — Arshad and Shauqeen — were arrested by the police on charges of eve-teasing in Sector 20- C yesterday.

Both of them have been booked under Section 294 of the IPC.

One held
Shiv Pujan was arrested by the police from the Transport Area on charges of selling liquor illegally.

Half a bottle of whisky was seized from him. A case under Sections 61, 1 and 14 of the Excise Act has been registered.

Hurt in accidents
A woman was injured when the scooter she was riding was hit by a Contessa car near the Cricket Stadium chowk yesterday. Renu was injured and was admitted to the GMCH, Sector 32.

The accused car driver, Pardeep Kumar, has been arrested.

Two other women riders — Sushma Bala and Rama Rani — were injured when their scooter( CH-01X-9919) was hit by a Maruti car (CH-01D-7211) near Sector 40.

The car driver fled from the spot.

In both the cases, the police has registered FIRs under Sections 279 and 337 of the IPC.


Super Bazars start functioning again
Tribune News Service

One of the Super Bazars in Sector 22, Chandigarh, which reopened after remaining closed for several months here on Thursday.
One of the Super Bazars in Sector 22, Chandigarh, which reopened after remaining closed for several months here on Thursday. — Tribune photo by Manoj Mahajan

Chandigarh, May 17
After remaining closed for several months, Super Bazars in certain parts of the city have reopened.

According to sources, a Super Bazar in the Government Medical College Hospital, Sector 32, and two in Sector 22 have started functioning again. The Super Bazars located in the Sector 16 General Hospital and the PGI will start functioning soon.

Meanwhile, Mr Surinder Bhardwaj, president of the local unit of the Janata Dal, has demanded appointment of a government official as the administrator.

He also demanded early elections of the Central Cooperative Store Limited under the Punjab Cooperative Act, 1952 and the formation of a purchase committee. He further demanded the formation of a Super Bazar Advisory Committee having public representation.

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